I had no opinions to ponder about what just happened because the time was 2 A.M. and I couldn't remember a thing. I texted Elaine thinking I was at home, 'Elaine can I move out?' She came running in from nowhere. "Why? You know I will care you as my own daughter, I will protect you, where do you want to go?" Elaine said. I told her the wreck house, and how I could get $5000 and where I will learn to survive.

She walked out, with her phone. For the next 10 minutes she was calling my dad and when he picked up, she said "Finally you picked up your damn phone". She looked back at me, grinned, and moved few paces forward. I couldn't hear anything except sometimes, wreck house, suicide, and Alzheimer. I looked around noticing to find brain diagrams, list of diseases and a box that said emergency shots. Did I try to suicide or was it my mom, who has Alzheimer's my mom? Was that freak Elaine lying? I started to shout and then I was knocked out by a sharp pain my leg.

I woke up and my dad was sobbing in front of me, I barely could open my eyes. "Daddy, where is mom?" I asked him. "She went to visit her mom ok? But you're going to have to move out, ok? I believe in you" then he walked out. I called out and asked out where is Elaine, my mom's neighbor and best friend. But I could see him attending his phone for another. A police officer came inside and locked my wrist with a metal, what was it called? He gave me a paper and the headlines were, 'Girl became danger hazard is shunned by government to the wreck house'. I asked the police what exactly the 'wreck house' was.

"A house in the middle of the pacific sea found, not built, to place shunned people, and it said no one normal could arrive there. You killed Elaine and her baby, plus used the medical shots at doctors, those were custom poisons made for you. Your dad was brought by the police. And I don't know why you were shouting, who has Alzheimer's and who is suicide, all I need to tell you is we don't know what your condition is". I went blink blink. I explained her about the text I got and the police asked for the sender. I just noticed it said 'Body203'. The police said she would investigate the address.

Next day. The same police came. She gave me a hot breakfast which I gobbled up in fury. "Where's my mom, officer". "Sweetie, she went to visit her mom ok?" she said with a smile. But it turned down when she remembered something at took a paper. "Here, I took this as a private investigation and found the address, I have no idea if this is true or not". She came closer and whispered, "Your moving out today, forget about the text, the address and most of all, your mom". I hastily said, "You freak, get out! My mom will talk to me". She gave me the paper and when she was about to get out, "You will find peace, may Christ be with you always". I looked at the paper, '45 degrees middle Pacific Ocean Wreck Knight House, 203'.