Prologue: Welcome to Aka Village, home of the…Kenji

Kenji's the name, Kenji Hatsune, and I am a freshmen at Aka Village's Academy of Senshi! I had recently been enrolled over the Winter Homecoming, I had unfortunately forced my parents to as I had been expelled from Aka Village's Academy of Economy & Welfare. My parents wanted me to become some upper middle class banker in the centre of Aka Village, the kind that would tremble at the feet of what an ultimate warrior I am! I was expelled because of a fight with some jerk who thought he was better than everyone! My parents aren't the richest and worked their butt off to send me there, so when some preppy boy, Haruto, comes waltzing through waving his cash about and insulting the working class someone has to beat a lesson into him, it all goes back to the last semester when I was 14.

I was carrying my books through the centre of the Academy, a water fountain was stationed in the centre of park benches and patterned cement. Suddenly a palm is placed on my right shoulder, and whoever dares touch me without permission is already looking for a kick in the ass, then it goes on to Haruto standing straight next to me, ignoring all personal borders I have created against douches. Who stares me in the eye, a large smirk across his face as he propers his thick glasses.
"How are you doing? I saw you at the ramen shop yesterday, mysteriously I only saw you there at a sale!" Haruto says, implying an insult.
"I wanted something new and wished to keep money in my pockets" I replied, just trying to pass him off.
"Because all you've got in your pockets is ¥12!" He exclaims, now seeing me notice his posse of rich kids following.
"Listen, jackass, a half off sale is a good way for me to keep some money to buy other things, something you seem to be doing every 5 seconds" I explain.
"Ooh, a name, I'm so insulted! You listen here, I'm buying things because my parents aren't slaves and don't exclaim and jump when they find one measly yen in the sewers they dwell in!" He brags, tightening his grip on my shoulder.
"Loosen your grip or I'll break your hand" I mumble.
"Is that too hard for the mummy's boy? What about this!?" He laughs, shoving me to the ground.
My books lay scattered on the ground as he laughs with his posse above. I stand up and dust myself off and he places a hand on my jacket.
"Please, leave the dust on, it shows your place in the class system" He snickers.
I grab his hand and push it back as the pain gets to him.
"I said, hands off" I grumble.
I sucker punch him straight across the gob with my other clenched fist sending him to the ground, his group of wimps backs off. I bend down and grabs his tie as he looks up at me with a bloodied nose and cracked glasses.
"Now, I say it would be best you stuffed your money where it needs to be, your mouth" I inform him.
"Y-y-yes sir!" He cowers.
I pull my head back and release a head butt, knocking him out and to the ground as I release his tie. I stand up and rub my head when I turn to my right to see the Vice Principal steaming, seeing only my retaliation to Haruto's snarky comments.
"Mr. Hatsune! How dare you attack a fellow student, this behaviour is unacceptable under all codes of conducts. Don't say sorry to me young boy, YOU'RE EXPELLED!" He screams.

Now it's time for me to go to a school where I belong, a school of fighting and no snarky comments, this is my academy! Boy am I going to kick ass!