AU: Oliver is head cheerleader and one of the most popular kids in school, it just so happens that Neil, resident bad boy, has his sights set on him. Advice? Join the cheer squad.

Badboy- Neil

Cheerleader- Oliver

(Feat.) Punk- Ashley

Neil leaned against a row of lockers, talking about nothing of real importance with Ashley, when he saw none other than Oliver Miller walk past, Violetta and Tiana walking with him. He let out a low whistle as the cheerleader strolled by.

It may have been his imagination, but he could've sworn he saw Oliver smirk a little bit before he rolled his eyes, continuing to chat aimlessly with his friends.

Ashley snorted, "You really think you've got a chance with Bambi-Eyes?"

Neil shrugged, looking back to the dark-eyed girl beside him, "I don't know, he's hot, I'd like to take him out on a date sometime."

"He's not going to go for you, you realize."

Neil quirked an eyebrow, "And why not?"

"Because, you're not popular. You're the school badboy, that doesn't rank very high compared to the cheerleaders and jocks," Ashley said firmly, crossing her arms.

Neil rolled his eyes with a quiet scoff, "Well, what do you suggest? Start following the rules and join the football team? Not gonna happen, Horvitz."

"Shut up and call me Ashley. See, I think you need to join the cheer squad."

Neil looked disbelieving, "Run that by me again? The cheer squad? Yeah, no, I'm not a cheerleader, I don't dance."

"Hear me out, idiot," She snapped. "You can join the vocal portion, you won't have to dance. Besides, Porcelain is on the vocal and dance isn't he?"

"I guess..."

Ashley nodded, "Trust me, once you join, it's 'Hello, Miller'."

"You'd better be right about this..."

Neil Praetor emerged from the office of Coach Mallory Sherrod later that same day, tugging at the collar of a cheerleader's uniform. "I feel like an idiot..."

Ashley couldn't help but laugh when she saw her friend clad in the white and blue nylon top and pants with the initials 'PHS'.

Neil glared at her, "You're not helping."

She shook her head, flicking a electric blue piece of hair away from her eyes, "Sorry. You just look weird without that leather jacket of yours."

Neil rolled his eyes, "Whatever. If you were messing with me about this, I swear to God, Ashley-"

"Relax, I wasn't messing with you." Ashley glanced over Neil's shoulder, and a smirk tugged at her lips, "Well, just in time."

Neil furrowed his eyebrows, turning around and seeing a select few cheerleader standing a ways down the hall; Oliver was among them.

"What are you waiting for? Go get him!"

"But I-"


Neil sighed, beginning to move toward the group of students, eyeing Oliver in particular. He stopped behind them, tapping his shoulder lightly.

Oliver turned around, eyes going a little wider, sucking in a breath through his nose and giving a smile.

"I, um...Do you know me?" Neil asked, crossing his arms.

Oliver nodded quickly, "Yes, you're Neil Praetor, the badboy who for some reason, decided to join the cheer squad." His eyes trailed up and down Neil's form as he finished his sentence.

Neil couldn't help but smirk. So Oliver had noticed him before this, "Well, you seem to be enjoying the view."

Oliver blinked, looking up and blushing lightly, "What did you want?"

"Well, I wanted to know if you were interested on going on a date with me."

Oliver tilted his head, "Date?"

Neil nodded, "You, me, later tonight, I can take you out for dinner or a movie. Maybe to a little bakery I know."

The girls around Oliver giggled and whispered quietly amongst themselves as Oliver tried to come up with a reply. "I...Uhm...Okay."

Neil smirked, maybe joining the cheer squad wasn't such a bad idea, "Good. I can pick you up later tonight, say...Five o'clock?"

"Sounds great."

"Great." Neil started to walk away, but then he paused, turning back to Oliver, "Oh, and would you wear those skintight jeans of yours? When you've got an ass like that, it's a shame not to flaunt it."

The girls broke into a fit of laughter as Oliver blushed furiously, stammering.

Neil chuckled, giving a wink and turning to walk back down the hall.

Ashley stood nearby his locker with a victorious smirk, "What did I tell you? Joining the cheer squad was a great idea."

"Shut up."