Act I

Scene I

((Setting: Empty Stage. The Narrator- a girl of around 13 is sitting on the floor writing in a diary))

Narrator: It's never easy to get used to change. They say change is a part of life. They're right about that. My life changed a long time ago. It was wonderful and exciting. It was also in some ways very frightening. But I'm getting far ahead of myself so let
me go back.

((Curtains open to reveal the interior of an orphanage.))

Mrs. Maylex: Girls gather round please. I have an announcement to make.

Narrator: That's Mrs. Maylex. She owns the orphanage that I lived in for six months. My mother passed away when she gave birth to my younger sister Charlotte and father was already dead. We had no family so we were brought here. It was lonely at first but Mrs. Maylex was kind and motherly. I was only three at the time and the other girls were kind as well. Soon enough I felt very much at home.

((22 girls gathered around Mrs. Maylex))

Dianea (age 3): What is it Mrs. Maylex?

Narrator: That was me. I was only a little girl at the time. I was 3.

Mrs. Maylex: Today I need you girls to be on your best behavior. We have the royal prince and his wife and they are coming for a photo shoot. So I need you to be well behaved today.

Act I

Scene II

((Setting: The girls bedroom in the orphanage. Dianea is drawing. A woman, Catherine walks in. She is a beautiful blonde curly haired woman.))

Narrator: This is my mum. It wasn't the woman who gave birth to me. Remember, she passed away having Charlotte. This was the woman that adopted me. She was the wife of the prince- my paappa. Before the photo shoot she decided to meet with everyone.

Catherine: That's a lovely drawing

Dianea: Why thank you madame. I love to draw and paint and do clay.

Catherine: I enjoy that too when I get a few free moments. What's your name child?

Dianea: Dianea "D" "I" "A" "N" "E" "A". I'm 3 and a half. I have a six month old baby sister named Charlotte. I've been here for six months since my mummy passed away giving life to my sister.

Catherine: You know I think I would like my husband to meet you. Wait here for a few moments if you don't mind.

Act I

Scene III

((Setting: The exterior of the orphanage. Billy is speaking with Mrs. Maylex when Catherine enters))

Billy: Hello darling

Catherine: Billy, when you have a moment there's a beautiful little girl I want you to meet. She's 3 1/2. She's adorable. She's been here six months and I've known her for six minutes but I'm already loving this child.

Billy: Well if you love her I have no doubt I too will love her. I'm assuming she has a name

Catherine: Of course she has a name. Her name is Dianea spelled with an e before the a. How funny is that?

Billy: It's a unique spelling for sure. I get the feeling you think we should adopt her?

Catherine: I would love to but I don't think your grandmother would approve or your father

Act I

Scene V

Billy: It is of no consequence to me whether they would approve or not. Here's an interesting fact. They are not the ones adopting the child. So I don't see how they should have a say in that.

Mrs. Maylex: There is one thing to consider however. Dianea has a baby sister. She would be grieved if they were to be split apart

Billy: It's not a problem. There's enough room in our palace for both children

Catherine: Honey what do you think?

Billy: I think at the very least we should meet her. I think we're going to be taking home a child today... excuse me- 2 children today.

Narrator: Paappa never cared what other people thought. He did what he knew was right not what other people wanted him to do.