The Hell Games

Episode 1; The doors of death

Fellie; It's rumored that their is a small town where people are experiencing paranormal activity every Halloween night. There is supposed to be a tradition were people actually have the power to go to the underworld and meet their dead loved ones souls. I don't understand that tradition, but I want to give it a shot, you see I wish to speak to my dead sister's soul and maybe take her out of that world by force if I have to. Anyone else who would hear me talk like this would think I was crazy, maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I'm desperate you know, I need to find answers, one is why did my sister die and how to save her, the other is why do I have this weird skull charm that I have in my hair? Hopefully I will find the answers tonight, wish me luck because I know I'll need it.

Fellie was making her way to the site, feeling very nervous. She didn't know if the rumors about this site were true but she wanted to see if it was or if it was a load of crap. Fellie walked to the site and saw that there was a huge set of double doors made of rock covered with ruins all around it. The doors were decorated in red and black skulls and the knobs were made of bronze, making it look grayish blue. It was pretty beautiful in a demonic sort of way. When she looked harder at it Fellie's head started to ache and her vision started to blur with red circles, She looked away and the pain stopped. As she walked towards the door, Fellie noticed that she wasn't alone because their was a boy sitting on a rock right near the door.

The boy's appearence made Felle gasp, he looked like a street punk with a black jacket and hoodie and dark blue jeans. The jacket and hoodie had a skull icon engraved into them, making him look like a total punk. The boy had hair jelled down bowled style with pale skin and sharp black eyes, the strangest thing was that the pupils were very yellow, almost demonic. Fellie however thought the boy looked pretty handsome, in a troublemaker-playboy way. Fellie wondered if he was going in as well, she thought the boy was dangerous and she didn't want to mess with him but his eyes were sad and made her want to befriend him.

Boy; Hey, you go'n in or what?


Boy; I asked if you were going through the doors?

Fellie,wondering;Is this the way to the underworld?

Boy; Duh, this is the Doors Of Death after all.

Fellie;Doors of Death?

Boy,irritated; Do I have to really explain, this is the way to the underworld you know the place where people go when they die. The Doors are the only way to get there, anyone who stares at them will be get their souls absorbed by them.

Fellie; Wow, so your saying that I would have died if I stared at them any longer?


Fellie,horrified; Good thing I stopped, are you the gatekeeper or something?

Boy; Hell yeah, I have to take all people through. Make sure your ready to go because you can't leave for sometime.

Fellie prepared herself physically and mentally, she was ready to find out the truth about herself, even if she had to go through Hell itself.

Fellie; Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go

The boy got off the rock and touched the door. The huge door opened with a loud creak and they walked through the Doors to the Underworld itself. One way or another Fellie was going to find answers, even if she must die trying.