Ally wrapped her cloak closer to her to body. The warmth insulated her already frozen body. Winter time in Siberia was always the hardest. She had returned here after only a century. The past century she had spent hiding from, Kale. He never stopped looking for her.

She didn't know whether to be flattered or worried. She was leaning towards the former rather than the latter. She didn't know why she was running from Kale but she was.

She wished she wasn't running from him anymore but she couldn't stop now. She remembered when they had spent the centuries together, just the two of them. Back before she started running.


Ally laughed as Kale emerged from the forest, covered in blue. She had set up a trap that would pelt him with blueberries once triggered. It excited her to know that it had worked.

Kale watched her laugh and his heart lifted as joy filled him. She was one of a kind.

Ally who had finally stopped laughing, studied Kale who was studying her. A small smile barely noticeable flitted over Kale's face and Ally smiled in return. He reached toward her and despite the fact that she would be getting the juices of blueberries over her she let him draw her towards him.

His arms wrapped tightly around her and she relaxed into him. The warmth from his body seeped into hers. Her breathing began to slow down and Kale chuckled. Her eyes opened and she peeked up at him.

"Am I so boring that you want to sleep, Alarina?" Kale asked, watching her affectionately.

Ally's cheeks flushed red with heat and she murmured, "No…"

"Then why did it seem like you would go to sleep?" Kale murmured, watching her and Ally hid her face in his chest, tightening her arms around his waist.

"You…You just give me a sense of peace. I'm completely and utterly relaxed when I'm around you." Ally murmured and a smile broke out over Kale's face.

"I'm glad that you are relaxed around me, Alarina." Kale answered and Ally glared up at him before sighing in contentment and laying her head on his chest.

Kale's arms tightened around her and he rested his chin on top of her chest. She enjoyed this. She really did.

*End Flashback*

She still didn't know what had made her run those two to three centuries ago. Maybe she had thought that they were getting to serious but nonetheless she was beginning to regret her decision to leave, Kale behind.

But he wouldn't be left behind for long.

He was always chasing her.