Ally and Jade had stayed with Kale and Bane for a single year before running again. It might have been cruel of them to leave after having Kale finally relaxing but Ally had noticed little things starting to happen. Black clothed figures had been appearing more and more frequently and the hut they had been staying in had burst into flames.

Kale had chalked it up to leaving the stove on but Ally knew better. It had been deliberate. So after more and more incidents each one getting much closer to hurting Kale she had finally decided to leave. Jade had protested at first but after listening to Ally's explanations she had finally consented because if Kale was in danger that meant that Bane could be in danger too. And she didn't want that.

Ally ducked into a corner and shared a look with Jade. The last time she had been Shanghai it had been the third time that Kale had caught up to her.


Ducking through the stalls, apprehension seized Ally. Kale was getting closer. She could feel it in her bones. But she couldn't let him get close. She had made the wrong people mad here and if they saw Kale and her together he could get hurt.

She didn't want that.

Ducking into a corner, Ally paused catching her breath. Kale didn't know of the danger that he was putting them both in but that didn't mean that she wanted him to find her.

She leaned against the wall, closing her eyes and put her hand to heart. She had just barely escaped, Kale.

"Nín bùnéng yùnxíng cóng wǒ zài zhōngguó, Alarina. Nǐ wàngle, wǒ huāle gèng duō de shíjiān, nàme nǐ bìxū zài zhōngguó." Kale's familiar accented voice broke through the silence that accompanied her harsh breathing.

She knew that Kale had spent a lot of time in China before they had met. He knew the area and the language better than she did herself. Ally stared stunned as Kale stepped out of the shadows the light falling on his face, accenting the swirling silver in his eyes.

"Did you honestly think that I wouldn't find you here in Shanghai?" Kale purred, stepping closer and Ally tensed before relaxing as he got closer and suckled on the side of her neck.

His teeth grazed her skin and almost against her will Ally moaned. Kale made a satisfied sound in his throat before kissing his way up her neck and to the corner of her neck before turning his head and brushing his lips over hers.

Ally made a small noise in the back of her throat before wrapping her arms around his neck; tangling her fingers in his hair as she parted her mouth. Their lips moved together smoothly. Warmth coiled in her stomach and Ally moaned tilting her back and Kale trailed kisses down to the column of her throat and back up to her lips, restarting the kiss.

His hands stroked her arms before moving to her bare waist. The touch of his skin on hers electrified her, made her want him even more. Ally arched up towards him, groaning into the kiss. Kale pulled away reluctantly, staring at her through lust filled silver eyes.

Ally's hair was slightly disheveled and her lips were swollen and red from kissing. Kale's hair was sticking up all over the place, his lips were swollen and his cheeks were flushed.

"Wǒ ài nǐ, Alarina." He murmured, nuzzling her and Ally's already flushed cheeks turned a darker shade of red.

"Wǒ ài nǐ, Kale." Ally whispered back shyly, peeking back at him through her lashes before whispering, "This doesn't mean I'll stop running from you though…There are things you just don't understand yet, but in the future you might. At least I hope you will."

Kale's anger spiked and he glared at her before asking, "What do you mean by that Alarina? You running not only hurts Jade and you but Bane and I too! What exactly are you running from if it isn't me?"

"Kale, please trust me…I can't explain everything to you not now; you'll figure it out in time. Just not now." Ally answered her voice soft as she reached up to cup Kale's cheek.

He closed his eyes, leaning into her hand before whispering, "You should know by now though that I'm a possessive bastard."

"Yes but you are my possessive bastard."'

He opened his eyes smiling at her and whispering, "Thank God for that…"

Kale bent his head, nipping at her ear and Ally shivered before ducking under his arms and standing behind him.

"You're going to run again aren't you?" Kale asked, his voice pained and Ally bit her lip.

"If I stay longer than this will it hurt you more when I leave?" Ally asked, and Kale nodded his head to which Ally replied, "Then I'll leave… Wǒ ài nǐ, Kale. I really do love you."

"I know you do. I love you too, Alarina." Kale whispered and Alarina with a strangled cry launched herself at him, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

Kale spun, wrapping his arms around her, closing his eyes. Savoring the feel of her in his arms. He inhaled deeply, her scent drifting to his nostrils. He buried his face in her hair inhaling deeply once more and Ally stirred against him, squirming. With a sigh he let her go, pressing one last kiss to her lips.

"Take this into account though. This is the one time I will willingly let you leave." Kale murmured his voice low and husky.

Ally nodded before turning around and going back into the packed streets. Kale watched her go. She was an expert at this.

She weaved in and out of the throng, barely brushing against the people and ducking expertly into alleys or behind stalls.

But Kale wouldn't let her go that easily next time and Ally knew that. She was actually looking forward to it.

*End Flashback*

Ally crossed her arms, studying the city that lay sprawled before them. The wind whipped at her hair and Jade paced restlessly by her feet, weaving in and out of her ankles. The feeling of Jade's fur rubbing against her ankles brought some comfort to Ally.

"Is Kale on his way?" Ally whispered breaking the silence, the wind nearly carrying her voice away and Jade's body paused in its motions before she resumed her circling.

"I'm not sure…He may have gotten better at hiding his energy from us…It's been four years since we last some in '41." Jade answered and Ally huffed.

"I can't be prepared if I don't know if he is near us." Ally grumbled.

"Focus on the commotion going on below us…It seems that our dear friend Morgan has found us. I wouldn't recommend using magic or teleporting." Jade advised and Ally looked down, her eyes scanning the havoc that was taking place below.

Smoke was billowing up in clouds and Ally could faintly see the colors of a fire. The flames were flickering in the distance. Men clad in black leather went among the locals, speaking rapidly in Chinese. From what she could hear they were looking for someone who resembled her and Jade.

The door that led to the roof opened with a bang and Ally whirled around, dragging her gaze from the city below. Her eyes connected with a pair of brown eyes that glimmered with hope and relief.

A slender body followed by a more masculine one walked out from behind the door. The man stepped in front of the girl, his stance protective and Ally took that opportunity to study him. He had nice chiseled features, dark brown hair and equally dark brown eyes.

The girl behind him from what Ally could see was a tiny little thing with round emerald eyes; Ally could tell that she had slightly tanned skin and wispy blonde hair. Her figure was clad in a tunic and pants, along with her pants being tucked into a pair of boots.

The man smiled and said, "I'm Oliver and this is Virginia…You're one of us aren't you?"

Confusion struck Ally and she whispered, "One of what?"

"An Immortal." He murmured, and Ally's eyes widened before she nodded, "Yes…I am one of you."

Virginia beamed and whispered, "We must hurry. If we do not we might get caught."

"Caught by who?" Ally asked, curiosity taking hold of her and Virginia smiled.

"All in good time dear." Virginia murmured and Oliver said, "We need to hurry and get out of Shanghai though."

Ally nodded before her eyes widened. What would happen to Kale if he arrived here? He was an Immortal too; would he get hurt? Virginia must have noticed the worry in Ally's expression.

"You have…Have accepted one of the Immortals?" Virginia asked, stumbling over her words slightly and upon Ally's nod she said, "Well then link with his. You can talk via the link. Just concentrate on it and let the words flow. Warn him, whoever you Accepted."

Ally nodded before doing as Virginia said. She focused on the link; the essence that connected her to Kale. He wasn't blocking her and she found that to be a good thing. Pure, unfiltered emotions slammed into her hard and she gasped from the force probing at the link gently.

"Kale?" She asked.

Kale – Outskirts of Shangai, China 1950

Kale froze mid-step, hardly daring to believe that he had heard Ally's voice in his mind. He knew that she enjoyed him not being around sometimes. When she didn't know he was around she was more relaxed and that revelation had killed Kale. He had attempted to give up chasing her but he couldn't.

She was his and he was hers. He tapped into the link and probed gently feeling her emotions filtering through. She was worried and scared and terror struck him. He wanted to get to wherever she was as soon as possible.

"Alarina?" He asked tentatively, hardly daring to believe that she had actually tapped into the link.

"Kale?" Her beautiful voice asked and Kale's lips twitched into a smile which Bane noticed and sent him a curious look. He merely shook his head.

"What's wrong? Are you okay? Where are you?" Kale fired off those questions in rapid succession.

"Um...There's kind of a fight happening below me and it's because people are looking for me…I'm fine and I'm in Shanghai. But Kale you can't come here!" Ally answered hesitantly and Kale's anger flared.

"And why can't I?" He questioned.

"Because…I'm not the only one they are questioning the locals on…They're looking for Immortals." Ally whispered and Kale's fists clenched.

"Ally-" Kale started.

"No Kale! Please just stay away…Please!" Ally pleaded her voice becoming desperate and Kale hunched his shoulders, shutting his eyes briefly.

It was going against every instinct he had to not go after her and see her for himself. And she must have known that because comforting thoughts began filtering through the link. That made him smile bitterly before staring at the ground underneath his boots.

His instincts to protect her were warring with his desire to listen to her and grant her what she wanted. He carefully blocked those thoughts off because God knows that if Ally knew that she would ask him to leave her alone.

"Kale please tell me you aren't coming towards here!" Ally's desperate voice broke into his thoughts, shattering them and he sighed.

"I'm already too close to Shanghai, Ally. If I'm already this close to you don't you think I could do something? I could teleport…" Kale offered up unhelpfully and he felt weariness and frustration filtering through the link along with concern.

"Kale please…" Ally whispered, her voice breaking even in her thoughts and his heart broke for her.

"I'll see what I can do, Ally. You are everything to me. You know that." Kale murmured, making his worry, concern and protectiveness over her clear.

"Thank you so much, Kale!" Ally's gratitude was apparent and it made Kale wish he was there even more just so he could see the expressions on her face.

"Ally please, please be careful. Please Alarina?" Kale said, it was just a whisper a mere plea but he hoped Ally would hear and acknowledge it.

"I'll try…I promise I'll try but getting injured might come with the territory of being near a huge fight." Ally answered before.

"Then I will be coming there, no matter what you say. I can't let you get hurt so I will be coming there." Kale snapped and he felt Ally's horror with what he said along with her apparent worry for him.

Ally – Shanghai China 1950

She couldn't believe that Kale was coming here. She had told him not to and she had expected him to abide by what he had said but instead he was going against that. A tug on her arm brought her attention to Virginia who was tugging on her and looking anxiously towards the door.

Oliver who had been watching silently up until this point placed his hands on Ally's waist and grabbed her, lifting her into the air and walking toward the exit with her. Ally squirmed, kicking her legs and Oliver's grip on her waist tightened as the air shimmered and Kale appeared in front of them.

Virginia cursed and Kale's worried eyes met Ally's before his eyes drifted to how Oliver was holding Ally and where his hands were. His silver eyes darkened with fury and Ally renewed her struggling before Oliver put her down.

"What were you doing to her?" Kale asked, his voice accented and sharp.

"We were trying to save her. We are Immortals too; we were trying to get her out of here safe and unharmed but it looks like that won't happen." Oliver snarled, clenching his fists as Ally stared between them.

Kale stretched out a hand towards her, praying that she would take it. Ally bit her lip before placing her hand tentatively in Kale's. His lips formed a wide grin before he tugged her towards, him wrapping his arms around her and burying his face in her hair inhaling her scent.

"Are you okay, Alarina?" Kale whispered, his breath fanning over her and Ally nodded.

"I'm fine…You should have stayed away though Kale!" Her voice becoming louder and more furious towards the end.

His arms tightened around her before he whispered, "And leave you, when you could possibly be hurt? I don't think so Ally."

"Kale-" Ally started and Kale sent her a look that told her to be quiet.

"I wasn't finished talking, love. As I was saying, it goes against everything in my being to leave you alone when you could be hurt; do you know how much it kills me not knowing if you are in danger or not? Or if you are hurt or not?

"I'm not leaving; after we get out of here we can begin the chase again if that's what you want but I'm not leaving you…Not while we're still in China that is." Kale murmured, his voice dropping to a near whisper before he buried his head in her curls.

"Kale-" Ally whispered and he fixed her with a glare before whispering, "You can't change my mind."

Ally's eyes narrowed before she whirled away from him, saying, "You aren't supposed to be here, Kale. Leave….Now."

"Ally-" he started, enclosing his hand around her wrist and Ally tensed before she winked out of existence with Jade.

Kale cursed.

I screwed up, He thought his eyes showing his sadness and Virginia smiled comfortingly at him. But nothing would make him feel better; nothing other than having Ally back in his arms like old times.

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