Here I am, back to square one,

Experiencing an ongoing frustration that I've never won.

It's always been caused because too much I care,

Whenever I needed you, you were never there.

I can't believe I thought you were my friend,

I should have seen what would happen in the end.

To think that I used to forgive so easily,

Looking back now, I was so naïve.

And then there was him, the one who broke my heart,

Yet he always said that it was my fault since the start.

What can one do, when the person they loved has changed?

For me, he's a stranger now; indeed so strange.

To me, your pleas of apologies and forgiveness are all just sound,

Because what goes up must come down.

Do you not like me? Is that it?

Well then, get in line with all the other bitches waiting for me to give a shit!