Their eulogies betroth despair
in ignorance and temperance,
fresh lilacs pepper church's air
and tears fall for benevolence.

six days before today in sin,
mysterious and desolate,
damnation brought corruption in
for Cassidy the Revenant.

A murder in the coldest blood
the world could drink in permanence
then permeated God above
to wake the dead, in her defense,

and she is I, as I was lost
for six long days with no repent
from one I chose to bear my cross,
I, Cassidy, the revenant.

The waning phosphorescence
of a frigorific lunacy
cast shadows omnipresent
on the only things held true in me,

bereavement rode the winter winds
with decadent, dark eminence
and washed away my innocence,
I, Cassidy, the revenant.

As maddening new elegance
of thinning veils bequeaths the air
with hallowed frozen elements
to writhe in earthly bound despair,

I fly with angel wings, sublime;
revenge, for me, is imminent.
The night belongs to me and mine,
I, Cassidy, the revenant!

"Sweet Cassidy will rest in peace,"
call superficial clergymen
"In Heaven waits her sweet release,"
But they know not of my intent,

for mine aligned with wrath of God,
to form an earthly covenant
avenging travesty in fraud,
I, Cassidy, the revenant.

I am renewed as spirit flame,
angelic host of fever dreams!
The truth in death I shall reclaim
in echoes of my childhood screams!

I haunt the pastor at my wake,
a righteous vengeance Heaven sent.
My life was never his to take,
I, Cassidy, the Revenant!

I burden all his wicked thoughts,
in blaming flames of hellish dew,
I come before him on the cross,
and scream to flesh the devil's hues.

I beg him to confess his sins
before he spends, like me, the pence
of Heaven's mercy now within
I, Cassidy, the Revenant!

in fever and in fear of death
forsakes his own two eyes to see
a risen sin has come to flesh!

He falls upon his very knees,
in ardent disillusionment,
and then succumbs to what he sees:
I, Cassidy, the revenant.

The patrons draped in blackest robes
now gawk upon the man possessed
that lost himself within the throws
of guilt for long lost evidence.

"I KILLED HER!" screams the sullen father,
He takes a dagger to his collar . . .

May God have mercy on you, Father...
Your greatest sin begot His daughter,

the deity of deficit,
entreaty of the desolate,
avenging all malevolence: