Eddie Isaac Scott, he was a normal 23 year old. He enjoyed swimming, death metal, cooking, comic books, playing guitar. When you look at him, you would picture you're normal young adult rebel, with his long, flowing black hair that makes its way to his elbows, his growing bear that covers his upper lip and curves down like a shield around his mouth and form into his chin strap. He was a fairly fit young man, he swam each day for thirty minutes, did his 200 push and sit ups each day, and lifted his weights. He always dressed in band shirts and blue, black and denim jeans.

He enjoyed having dirt on his hands, oil from cars on his clothes, and being on his motor cycle, escpeically whole on the run. He enjoyed large breasts, mainly on redheads, and he loved to be flirted with. He hated beer, drinking, and all things drugs. Just you're young adult right? WRONG!

Eddie and his friend Wayne led secret double lives, they would go to school at day, party and be friends, then, when night falls, they put on ski masks, jump into their large, bulky pick up truck, the sides laced with bullets holes and robbed banks, corner stores, and sometimes even stole cars. Police had no idea how to find these men, but one night, on their biggest heist ever, they would run into a large problem.

Reunited:A Dark Past

Chapter 1: Another Day, Another Dollar

The sun was falling, fast. The sky was being painted orange as the sun fell behind the mountains and trees. Eddie had fixed his hair so that it was in a bun, and had his pitch black ski mask in one hand, M16 in the other. He sighed, looking out the window.

"Whats got you so upset?" Wayne asked, already dressed in his black ski mask and all black clothes. He hardly looked away from the road, he didn't want to be an irresponsible driver.

"I just want to quit being a thief, I want to settle down with a woman, hopefully with red hair but that's probably not likely to happen." Eddie sighed, looking over at the emotionless Wayne.

"You can't quit being a robber, but you are going up to your cottage with your father, right? Spend the three weeks you have up there relaxing, search for a woman to spend the time with." Wayne was not much for romance, money was worth more than any girl did to him. "Now," He began. "We pull up in front of the bank, while you take the C4 and blow the vault, I will take out all of the cops that are headed for us." Wayne smirked. "Big bang boom, we are rich." They were going for the biggest bank in San Lo' Diamos. The two were on a two week vacation, they would load up all their new hard earned cash in their camper RV and drive back to London Ontario, as if nothing ever happened.

The boys pulled up to the large building, it was a huge, but circular shaped building. Eddie jumped out, wearing his black trench coat and black tank top and jeans, and walked into the building, M16 in one hand and a hockey bag filled with C4. With a deep breath, Eddie opened the door. luckily, there was nobody there but the bank teller, who was already on the ground with a bloody hole in his chest.

Eddie woke up on the bed of his camper, which was in the back of the camper. He was surrounded with thousands, upon thousand of dollars, the wads of bills piling up to his bed, filling his closet and even spilling out of his drawers. They did it!

"Yippee!" Eddie shouted, jumping off the bed and swimming into the dinning area. He was about to go to the drivers area, where Wayne was, but was stopped by a large man, dressed in a black tux holding a 45. magnum.

"You didn't think you could get away with my money, did you boys?" He asked, lighting a smoke. How badly Eddie wanted to snap his neck already. he would be beating this guy to death, if it weren't for the gun being held to his chest. "I have a deal, you can keep my money, as long as...you give me a place to stay, food to eat, and enough hookers and coke to last me."

Eddie was torn. He wanted the money, but he couldnt have an addict living with him. But, while he is on vacation, he would have enough time to figure out what to do with him. Eddie nodded, looking back at the money.

Three days later