You'll understand that I don't say my name or where I am – it's just too dangerous. Writing this chronicle is dangerous enough. If the women were to find it…

It all started twenty years ago, with the discovery of a way for women to get pregnant without needing a man. Ironically enough it was a man that led the research team; but even he didn't realize the depth of the plot that funded the research. He just thought it was for those women who wouldn't, or couldn't, get a man on their own.

At the time, all the world leaders were men; the world was in turmoil but no more than it had always been. The leaders' wives decided to take action; they filtered millions of dollars to this research. Nobody knows how long the testing period was, but what is known is that nobody opposed it once it was publicly announced. Not even the religious groups, which was a huge step as they opposed most things that science tried to contribute to procreation. The announcement that the process was now glitch free came shortly after pregnancy tests were able to confirm conception hours after the fact.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my Detroit apartment, watching the news unfold. I was talking on the phone to my brother Cecil about how shocked we were about this development.

"You know," he said, "either they'll be making a way for men to make a baby without a real woman, or they're going to kill us all." I know he was joking, but what prophetic powers! I just laughed at what he'd said and commented on how likely it was either of us, men or women, were going to give up sex. Once the announcement was over he said, "Something's up with Tess."

"What," I asked.

"I don't know; she seems to have released all tensions she's had for the last few months…Oh, bro I gotta go; I'm getting 'the look,'" he said with a sudden joy. All I could think of was 'my point exactly.'

The announcement went like this: the leader, a Dr. Christian Naitre, along with a few of the prominent wives, was standing outside the lab, located somewhere in the northern U.S., were publically bringing out the new mothers due to the success. I was astonished that they had succeeded in such a short time. They were saying that the mothers were able to choose traits that possibly could've appeared from the 'father's' donation. I guess that's what 'Okayed' it for the religious. We never realized until it was too late that all the children were female. Another bit of irony comes at the date this happened: Friday June 13th.

In the months that followed is when the true plot was revealed. It started with home invasions that ended in the males being kidnapped. Towns were attacked at a time. Thinking back, I realize we should've seen the truth sooner; the woman who were left behind weren't as concerned as they should've been(well those too young to know what was going on reacted reasonably; but surely they've 'seen the error of their ways' in missing their fathers and brothers and friends). Within the next year it was revealed that the men were being held in prisons and killed by the masses. Some of my Jewish friends thought it was another Holocaust. Sadly, we don't know what happened to those bodies that were killed in the prisons. After five years, we were practically extinct.

It was then that we unleashed an attack. A battle to remind the women of why they acted so inhumanely; a battle that would forever be known as The Last Stand of Man. The women had set up within the United States and had thought they had eliminated us all, so they were unprepared. There were only 5000 of us, but only a third was able to go and fight. We were lucky that they hadn't destroyed the weapons holding areas. We headed to New York, coming from the north, to unleash Hell and try to regain some semblance of what we had called life.

We set loads of dynamite to blow the main apartment buildings; at night, one after the other. This was to draw the remaining out into the open where we would open fire and take the city. Somehow – to this day I still don't know how – they mounted a counter attack and managed to capture about 50 of us, myself included. Ten of us were kept alive for questioning.

For months we were held in a cell at the abandoned police station while they brought in countless of others to find any relatives of ours. Strangely enough, most were under the age of 16. It was my niece that identified me. She recognized me immediately. With a sneer and tone of disgust, she simply said "Hello uncle." I hadn't seen her in five and half years; she was twelve at the time. Now a beautiful woman who believed that women ruled rightfully and justly eradicated mankind.

"Hello, Kimberley. It's been a long time." She gave a nod to a guard and we moved to an interrogation room. "It's nice to see you, Kimberley. Although I wish the circumstances were a bit different."

"Spare me the pleasantries. I'm in charge here! I can kill you and no one would blink! So you'll be answering my questions. How have you managed to stay alive all these years?" Her tone was as ruthless and cold as her words; quite the change from the 12 year old girl I'd watched grow up.

"It hasn't been easy. But once we all found each other it became a lot easier." Her tone was what scared me into talking, even though I'd sworn to myself that I wouldn't.

"I wouldn't think so. So how many are left; how many men are left on Earth? And where are they?"

"What's left of us is what you saw that night. As to where they are I don't know, we didn't think you would be able to launch a counter attack, let alone take prisoners."

She laughed a hard, cold laugh to this. "You're lying; I was always able to tell when you were. Surely there are some old and young back at this old settlement, which is most likely where those that ran went back to."

"You think that the young and old made it through the first year?" I knew some had, but the women had thought us all dead. I gave a fake snort of contempt to emphasise my point. "If any did escape the raids, they surely wouldn't have lasted long. You women must've known some of us escaped and I bet that was your reasoning for not looking for us – you didn't think we'd last that long."

Her smirk told me that I had guessed right. "Do you know how they died in the prisons? Do you know how we were able to bring them to their death without being over powered? Can you guess at what transpired in those prisons as they were killed one by one by one?" She was taunting me now; I had to remind myself that attacking her would solve nothing and probably get me killed.

"No, I don't know the answers to those questions. I try not to think about what befell those innocents at the hands of the 'gentler' sex; the people they trusted and loved."

"Innocents?! Men have never been innocent. They kill without cause; they wreak havoc for the mere fun of it; they cause harm everywhere they go! Only women are innocent! Only women can bring life and peace and love into this world! Women alone hold the right to live!" Kimberley screamed these words at me, the words that had been their slogan as the raids and prison killings had taken place. Every woman knew those words by heart, supposedly being taught them from birth nowadays. She stood up and walked over to me and slapped me across the face with all her force (which, by the way, was a lot). "I killed my bastard father! My mother put the gun in my hand and said 'Go on baby, you can do it.'" I looked at her and she gave me a warm smile and nodded her head. "The scum that was my father just stood there whimpering that I shouldn't see this, let alone do it. But I wanted to do it, so I did. I screamed at him to look at me and placed three rounds into his chest once he had. Once he was dead I shot his crotch and spat in his blank face. His eyes were still open. Afterwards my mother took me out for ice cream as a way to celebrate what I had accomplished. And three months ago she was killed in her apartment as it fell to the ground. I found her in her bed like she never knew what happened!" A tear had formed as she mentioned her mother's body.

I glared at her for the first time in pure hatred at hearing how she'd killed my brother, mutilated his corpse and then went out to celebrate. I was so enraged that I could've strangled her right there.

Seeing me seethe with my hatred she laughed. "Does it bother you; make you furious to find out how your brother Cecil died. Do you want to hurt me, kill me for revenge? You see, man need to be destroyed for that exact reason. You have-"

"You tell me how it feels. I was the one that pushed the plungers to set off the bombs. It was I that killed all those women in their beds. So, do you want to kill me? Do you want revenge?" She was absolutely livid. "Looks like I'm not the only one that needs to be destroyed, Kimberley." She lunged at me and wrapped her hands around my throat.

"Go to Hell and when you get there you can tell all the men that the rest of their fucking brethren will be joining them soon enough." She spat in my face and left the room.

For the next few weeks the remaining three men's relatives came. Then the word came that we were to be publically executed for our crimes against nature. That was to take place in a week. During this time they calculated the total number of women we killed in the battle. Most of us had killed a hundred after the fall of the towers. One guy had killed triple that.

When the day of the executions arrived our crimes were read to the gathered mass. There must've been at least two thousand of them. A ten man gallows had been built in Central Park that was to let all see what had become of man. With the nooses tied around our necks, we were offered the chance to say our last words. We all spoke words like: 'Down With Women' or 'Long Live Man' and the like.

Just as I thought we were about to die, chaos broke out. Our comrades had returned for us! The women went after those that had attacked from the back and went searching for more throughout the city; the screams of those being killed was like music to our ears. From behind we were set free and given the opportunity to join in and add to the madness.

The operation was a success as we escaped with minimal causalities. Those few captured took the easy way out. This time I only killed one woman before I fled; my brother was avenged. When we returned to our camp we found out that our numbers had been reduced to 4000. We'd had more men die than we had thought.

Nearly fifteen years has passed since then. We've had to change our locations almost every two months. We engage the women at random, taking some hostage so as to rejuvenate our losses. I can't say our exact numbers just in case. If any of our lost brothers finds this I plead with him to use his head, for it will keep him alive and possibly lead him to us.

Good luck brothers,

Slac Hino