This is something like a translation of my greek poem "Άγνοια". It has some minor changes, to not lose its effect. I personally prefer the greek version, But I like this one too~


-Maria Z.

What is better?

To not know?

To not speak?

Or the absolute, sweet ignorance?

Because ignorance does not hurt you.

It's not painful.

Because, the truth always hurts,

and will always hurt.

"Do you love me?"

I take that back.

I don't want to know.

This ignorance of mine,

gives me hope.

Fake, disgusting hope.

But I love it.

This hope I mean.

I want it forever with me.

Forever and always.

But maybe there will come the day,

When I'll get lost in the 'maybes' and 'I wish's'

Because there always comes the time, when you want to know the truth.

Ignorance will make you tired.

It will make you crazy.

It will destroy you.

Everything will seem like the truth,

and everything will be lies.

And this will make you crazy, mad.

Because the 'maybes' and the 'I wish's', will make you snap.

So leave ignorance to the ones that are capable,

of not getting lost,

of not snapping.