Assassin of yesterday, Angel of today

Chapter 1

Lost… Kai had lost everything…Again. He closed his eyes as a sickening wave of nausea hit him and he tethered on the edge of unconsciousness. He took a deep breath trying to steady himself but it didn't work. He leaned his aching head against the wall and looked below at the gruesome scene. Eventually the parents would return… They would see their precious daughter's dead body and… Then what? They'd scream and cry but in the end it was him who the guilt would return to…For the murder of a five year old child, whose life had never begun… and now thanks to him, never would… He shook his head. What was happening to him? Why should he care? He had ended the girl's life and his part in all this was over. He climbed to the roof using the ivy that was crawling up the wall like a rope. He pulled himself up and stared down. Out of all the people he had killed, why did this girl's death bother him? He straightened up and took out his cell, he speed-dialed the company.
"Hello?" asked a raspy voice.
"Job completed." He answered calmly, snapping the phone shut. He looked down for the last time and imagined the child's body. He shuddered and then jumped from the edge of the roof. He caught the edge of the window sill using his left hand and then climbed on that and stepped onto the awning of the house. Looking around he decided that no one could see him and leaped off the awning. He snapped out his wings and flapped, gathering height and speed. Looking back at the castle-like house he winced guiltily. A man with wings… An angel… But he was a murderer.