Note: Just to let you know this was supposed to be for fanfiction but they don't seem to have the T.V show category. So I'm uploading it to this site instead. It is an AU to Thunder in Paradise episode 13 'Queen of Hearts'. So I'm using their characters and some of my own. No copyright intended! (Since it's on this site I'm going to change the characters names; these names will be:

Martin Brubaker – Martin 'Mark' Baker

R J Spencer – Robert 'Rob' Baker (I'm going to make them real brothers)

Jessica Spencer – Josie 'Jo' Baker

Shannon Daring – 'Sarah' Darling

Kelly LeRue – 'Sally' Rue

(All names in ' ' will be the names I'll use for them)

Summary: Mark has is an eye on one girl (which isn't that unusual) She is someone new to 'Paradise Beach'. Mark starts to impress her and it seems to be working; they both seem to have the same things in common. But is she who she claims to be and who is this mystery guy she keeps meeting up with?

They both seem to be plotting against Mark and his family, what is it that they really want with the family? And will Mark ever catch on before it's too late and they both destroy Mark's life in Paradise.

Stealing Every Moment of Life

Scene One

Nat: One day in Paradise Mark was out having fun with his niece Jo on the boat speedos. They arrived back to shore to a commotion on the beach; a few people gathered around two guys arguing together.

Jo: It's Daddy!

Mark: What his your father up to this time?

(Jo starts laughing)

Jo: Daddy is so funny sometimes!

(They both stood on the shoreline watching the scene in front of them)

Rob: So you think you can beat me.

Karl: I know I can beat you.

(Rob starts to look towards the crowd gathered around them)

Rob: Who thinks this guy can beat me?

(The crowd started to make a lot of noise shouting all sorts of things)

Karl: Getting the crowd on your side doesn't mean you can beat me.

(Rob turns back to face Karl)

Rob: I can beat you any day, with or without a crowd.

Karl: Prove it!

(Rob looked around the crowd again)

Rob: Who would like to see us race?

(The crowd started cheering and Rob turns back to Karl)

Rob: Name the time and place.

(Mark and Jo were still watching when Mark saw something out the corner of his eye)

Jo: Trying to prove he is still the best.

(Mark turned to look alone the shoreline and saw a young girl in the distance walking towards)

Mark: That's what he does best.

(Mark turned back to watch his brother for a moment then turned back to watch this girl)

Jo: Now he is going to arm wrestle him.

(Mark continued to watch the girl who now had her eye on him as well)

Jo: Uncle Mark!

(Mark turns back to face his niece)

Mark: What was that hunny?

Jo: Daddy is going to arm wrestle that guy?

(Mark turns back to face his brother and saw him arm wrestling Karl)

Mark: It's not the first time!

(Mark smiled back at his niece who continued to watch her father)

Jo: And he always wins!

Mark: That's why everyone wants to challenge him.

(Mark turned back to face the young girl to find her over at another boat speedo and putting on a life jacket Mark turns back to his niece)

Mark: Will you be alright here a moment?

(Jo looks at Mark)

Jo: Sure, I love watching daddy!

Mark: Good….

(Mark turns back to face the other girl and starts to walk towards her)

Mark: …..Because Uncle Mark as to go somewhere.

(Mark walks up closer to the other girl who looks up at him)

Mark: Hi!

Sarah: Hi!

(Sarah finishes doing her life jacket up)

Mark: Have we met before, you look so remarkable.

Sarah: I don't know…..

(The girl sits down on the boat speedo as Mark walks up closer to her)

Sarah: ….. You look so forgettable!

(Mark leans down on the handle bars with his face up close to the girl's face)

Mark: Darling, there is nothing forgettable about me.

(The girl smiles at Mark and he smiles back as the girl starts the engine and starts to move forward and Mark jumps back out the way quickly)

Mark: What did I say?

(Mark watches as the girl makes her way farther out to sea and the girl takes one last look behind her before she disappeared off into the distance)

Mark: Mmm!

(Mark starts to make his way back along the shoreline with his eyes wondering of across the ocean until he makes it back to where he left his niece)

Mark: Now where did you go?

(Mark looks out across the beach where his brother was and his niece was talking to Karl as one of the girls from the crowd was flirting away with Rob)

Mark: You're not the only one for can get the girls!

(Mark turns around to see the other girl was still off in the distance and was just messing around on the boat speedo)

Mark: Two can play that game.

(Mark looks down at his boat speedo and puts his life Jacket on and took off across the ocean)

Jo: Daddy!

(Rob was still flirting away with this girl that was all over him)

Jo: Daddy!

(Jo reaches up and pulls on her father's top)

Jo: Daddy!

(Rob let go off the girl and went down to his daughter's height)

Rob: Yes, My Josie!

(Jo points out across the ocean)

Jo: Where is Uncle Mark going?

(Rob looks to where his daughter was pointing to see his brother riding out across the ocean)

Rob: No idea!

(Rob looks back at his daughter and picks her up into his arms)

Rob: Must be some girl!

(Rob looks back towards his brother and saw he was racing towards a girl on another boat speedo)

Rob: What did I just say?

(Jo starts laughing)

Rob: You remember Yvonne!

(Jo looks at the girl that had been flirting with father)

Yvonne: Hello hunny! My, what a lovely dress you have on today.

(Jo smiles at Yvonne and then turns back to her father)

Jo: Daddy!

Rob: Yes My Josie!

Jo: May I have a glass of water?

Rob: Of course you can hunny.

(Rob looks at Yvonne)

Rob: Catch up with you later Yvonne.

(Yvonne smiles at Rob)

Yvonne: You certainly will!

(Rob smiles at his daughter)

Rob: Let's see if Sally can get you that glass of water.

Kelly: Speaking about me.

(Rob turns around to see Sally)

Rob: Where did you come from?

Jo: Sally!

(Jo reaches her arms out towards Sally)

Sally: Hey there Josie…..

(Sally reaches her arms out towards Jo and takes her into her own arms)

Sally: … Did I hear that you would like a glass of water?

Jo: Yes please.

Sally: Let's go over to the bar then.

(Sally starts making her way to the bar and Rob follows beside her)

Sally: I see your brother has found his new love interest.

(They all look out across the ocean to see Mark and the other girl trying to outdo each other)

Rob: It sure looks that way.

Sally: How long will this one last?

(Rob looks at Sally)

Rob: Do I sense a bit of jealously in that tone?

(Sally stares back at Rob)

Sally: Don't even get me started.

(Rob smiles at Sally)

Jo: Auntie Sally!

(Sally looks at Jo)

Sally: As nice as that sounds Josie, it certainly won't happen with your Uncle Mark.

(Jo looks sad)

Rob: You're breaking my Josie's heart!

Sally: No that would be just Mark's heart, but then again it seems he has someone new to do that now.

Rob: You can be so crawl to Mark sometimes.

(They reach the bar and Sally places Jo on one of the stools and looks at Rob)

Sally: Mark knows I only tease him.

Rob: I know that, I'm only winding you up.

Sally: That's what you and Mark are best at.

(Sally opens the latch on the bar and walks behind the bar and replacing the hatch behind her)

Sally: Now let's see if I can get you that glass of water, shall we Josie.

Jo: Yes Auntie Sally!

(Sally smiles at Jo as she pours some water into a glass and looks at Rob)

Sally: Now look what you have placed into her mind.

(Rob sits down beside Jo)

Rob: Just wait till she tells her Uncle Mark that.

(Sally grins back at Rob)

End of Scene One

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