Slowly backing out of my cabin I took in my appearance for the umpteen time; A Strapless, black dress flowing all the way to mid-thighs with black sandals to match. I hoped it wasn't too over the top for my first performance.

This very night was making me nervous, but it was what I had worked so hard for.

At that very moment, I was snapped out of my thoughts as something or someone decided to bump into me.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Slowly turned around to see who the voice belonged to. I came face to face with a middle-aged man whose smile was getting wider by the second.

"Oh, how beautiful," he purred in a long deep voice.

Never understood, why I only attracted guys like him? Ever since I could remember, the guys that hit on me were either too old or just too clingy. This guy was both. Why couldn't I attract guys my own age or just the ones that didn't look as lustful as this guy was?

Attempting my usual weak smile which I knew barely lifted the corners of my lips. "Thank you!" Hoping I sounded as polite as I could, but this moment was reminding me of the last time someone looked at me like this.

That other guy had made me feel as if he was ready to have his way right there and then; That moment alone had almost put me off men. Until I found someone better and this guy in front of me certainly wasn't.

"Paul, Paul Mann." He introduced himself as he continued to grin at me, like the cat that had gotten the cream. Well, he certainly wasn't going to get what he wanted.

"Rose." I started to introduce myself.

"Oh yes," Paul quickly interrupted me. "You're one of our new singers; your poster certainly doesn't reveal the true you. Rose Carr, isn't it?"

"Rose Cara," I corrected him.

"Yes, that's right. Oh, I can't wait to see you sing."

"I think you meant, hear me sing," I corrected him once again.

Paul's grin grew even wider as he started to lean towards me which made me take a step back until my back collided with the wall. I wished it had been the door; then I could have closed it between us.

He started to raise his hand and it looked like he was going to touch me; This guy was truly freaking me out. I started to slide my backside along the wall, hoping I could slip away from him. To my relief, he decided to place his hand against the wall. Unfortunately stopping me in my tracks.

"No, I most certainly meant to see you sing." Paul continued to purr at me. Why couldn't this guy get the hint and leave me alone?

At that moment, I caught sight of a pair of eyes that moved past my vision. I continued to follow those eyes as they made their way down the corridor; Those wonderful eyes seemed to belong to a guy about my age with short, dark blond hair. His hair lit up a golden colour under the spotlights above. I also noticed how his bright blue eyes and that small hint of a smile lit up his face completely. That was until he disappeared around the corner.

Now that was one guy I would like to attract. But instead, I had to put up with one in front of me.

Taking that moment to turn back to Paul, who was now leaning even closer, was still talking away as if he hadn't noticed my distraction. "So you will join me for a drink after your performance?" Paul was asking.

I truly don't want to spend another minute in his company let alone have a drink with him.

"Is everything all right here?" Another voice interrupted my thoughts.

I turned my head towards that voice and found myself staring into those same blue eyes I saw a moment ago.

"What's it to you, doc?" Paul answered him in an annoying tone.

The two guys turned to face each other. It looked like they were having a staring match. I guess they must know one another - Why wouldn't they? Both of them were wearing the same white shirts with the logo of the ship embroiled in them. so it proved they both worked on the same ship?

"I think you have paid enough attention to this young lady," the Doctor finally added.

"We were just getting started." Paul surely didn't know when to give up.

I could see they were close to fighting and I didn't want that to happen. "Guys!" I interrupted, hoping I could stop whatever was about to happen. They both took that moment to look at me in shock which made me feel like I had grown an extra head. "I really need to get to work," I continued to say.

The Doctor took that moment to take a step back and stretched his arm out to the side of him. "Certainly, Miss Cara," he calmly stated.

"I'll catch up with you, after all, this ends. That's if you're still around?" Paul said as I started to walk away from them both.

What had he meant by that? I guess he meant meeting up after my performance. But why did he state it that way? I could a feel a chill flowing right through me, which quickly made me turn back around, almost colliding with the Doctor.

"Is everything alright, Miss Cara?" The Doctor asked with concern.

After I to0k a quick look behind the doctor, I noticed that Paul had already disappeared. I truly never wanted to see him again anyway.

I looked back at the Doctor and found myself staring into those blue eyes of his... Being this close made his eyes look like the ocean. I quickly looked down and away, finally falling upon his mouth which were slightly parted looking very moist. They looked so inviting!

Wait, what I'm I thinking? I don't even know this guy and was already thinking about kissing him. I quickly shook my head. "I'm fine, thank you." I finally added. Why I'm I still standing here staring at him? What must he think of me? I had to get away from him before I turned into a love-sick puppy myself.

I quickly turned my back on him and continued walking down the corridor. Now I'm being rude, but I still couldn't bring myself to turn back around so I kept walking away determined not to look back over my shoulder.

I slowly made my way through into the lounge where I could see lots of people waiting for me. That sudden feeling that always made me feel like running was slowly making a comeback, but where could I run to this time? I was on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Not this time, though. This was my dream, even though I still couldn't believe I was truly here.

"You're late Miss Cara." An older woman approached me. "One thing you must never do is keep your audience waiting."

This was my boss. (The professor lady of the lounge) Well, that was what she was known as. I could see why; she made you feel like you were back at school again!

"That is my fault, Mrs Keats." Now that voice sounded familiar and it was coming from behind me. I turned around to find the Doctor stepping up beside me. Was he following me, or just coming this way himself? This was one guy I truly didn't want to turn out as a stalker.

"I wanted to make sure she was fit enough to go on stage," the Doctor added after a silent pause.

"Whatever, I don't really care. I just want you on that stage right away." My boss exclaimed before walking away.

"Thank you, once again!"

"No problem. Now on you go," the Doctor said as he gently placed his hand on my back. "I can't wait for you to blow me away with that voice of yours," the Doctor continued to say.

I slowly nodded my head and started to make my way through the crowds as the musicians on stage started to announce my arrival. I would really like to get to know this Doctor; hopefully, he will still be around after my performance.

When the people all around me started clapping, I knew I had to get my head out the clouds and start focusing on my performance.

I stepped up on the stage behind the microphone and slowly lifted my head to face everyone. That feeling started washing over me again. I was trying my best to fight it, but it felt like it was taking over my whole body. This truly frightened me I had never felt as scared as this before.

As the lights in the room started dimming, I took a deep breath and started looking around hoping it would relax me. I then caught sight of those blue eyes again; Even from across the room, I could see how bright they were. They somehow were shining like animals' eyes do in the dark. What was really strange, though. Those eyes were calming me down slowing bring courage back to me.

I started singing and the musicians started joining in with me.

After a moment or two, those blues disappeared completely. I started wondering where he had gone? The pressure in my stomach was starting to raise again. Why couldn't I relax without those ocean blues?

I started looking around the room, hoping to find those eyes again or something else that would help me. I started to realise that everyone I looked at started disappearing one by one.

Why was everyone leaving? These people weren't walking away they were just simple disappearing as if fading from existence. No, this is just my nerves playing tricks on me, I truly hoped it was anyway. Of course, nobody can disappear just like that. Get a grip, will you?

Before I knew it, there was no-one left in the room not that I could see of anyhow and to make things worse the musicians behind me also took that moment to stop playing. I knew this was the end of my career. I never thought my voice would literally blow people away.

I stopped singing and waited for the lights to go back on. But for some reason they didn't. I then waited for my boss to live up to her name. For some reason, no voices came either. What the hell was going on? Where was my boss?

I turned around to face the musicians to see if they could tell me what was going on or at less settle my fears.

What I saw made a shiver go down my spine. I stared wide-eyed at the empty space behind me. (There was no band. They had disappeared along with their instruments) This was all getting very creepy I was really scared now. More than I had ever been in my life.

I slowly turned back around hoping that everything would be back to normal and this had just been my imagination running wild. But no, everything was still the same; no movement or sound except for a soft vibration noise, which I knew was just the engines beneath me.

I couldn't possibly be the only one left. Could I? No, of course not. This was just my mind playing tricks. Either way, where the hell had everyone gone?