"Heaven high school no one really knows much about it the rumor started 10 years ago they say if you graduate from there you become famous, you become rich, your dreams come true.

"Only thing is no one really knows much about only that those who get accepted get a letter in the mail and you report to the location inside and you end up. "Another strange thing is it's a boarding school and I got a letter today?

The boy arrived a yacht model Strand craft 122 it looked as if it was from the future the boy had brown skin his hair was silver it stopped at the base of his neck but was tied in a short ponytail. His attire was a red short sleeved shirt, with black hoodie tied around his waist, black jeans, and black combat boots. The guard at the entrance of the boat asked him for his letter after scanning it he let him on. "Excuse me um where do I put my bag"" give it to me.

"So, far it's a pretty cool place so far I mean air conditioning"" if you would follow me please the other students are waiting for you"" other students?

The man in the tuxedo took him to the room where the other students are. He was met with 14 other faces" "oh another one exciting said the girl with auburn hair tied in a high ponytail.

"Wow I am happy am not the only ,but is this everyone" don't ask stupid questions said the man with glasses.

The boat started to move to the destination, the ride so far was a silent and weird one due to the fact that no one knew anyone on this boat well almost anyone.

"Hey Reika is it me or is it to deathly quiet for some reason"" Reika had the auburn hair ,and brown skin she was dressed in blue jean skirt, a white t shirt ,and a red jacket over it.

"I know Sakura it all seems scary" Sakura had long blonde hair that went to the middle of her back, her attire was a dress that was baby blue and white high heels.

"Ok everyone maybe we should get to know each other since it doesn't seem like we'll be arriving anytime soon so the two of us we'll introduce ourselves.

"I am Sakura Minawa said the blonde"" I am Reika jinguji said the girl with auburn hair" the room was still pretty quiet.

"I am Christian Adams said the boy with silver hair"" I am Bryson Johnson said the man with glasses"" he wore a white suit under it was a black shirt with a black tie, and white dress shoes.

"Oy where the hell are we going and when the hell are we gonna get there. "Hey your being to damn loud"" HAAAAA! "You trying to tell me what to do"" no but if you need someone to walk you just let me get you a leash dog.

The man with the brown crew cut looked real perturbed, his purple shirt looked even tighter because his veins were popping out he also wore black pants and white shoes. The other guy with a smug smile and frohawk is red ,wearing blue jeaned sleeved torn jacket blue faded jeans and a red sleeveless shirt.

"Woah woah hey I know we all don't know each other but let's try to calm down and relax ok. "I mean we're all going to the same school and we are going to be seeing each others faces anyway so can we all just get along said Christian. "HE IS RIGHT IT IS NOT PRODUCTIVE IF WE ACT LIKE THIS I SHALL INTRODUCE MYSELF I AM SOSUKE KONZO! Sosuke attire is brown buzz cut and a white marching band suit.

"Why are you yelling anyway am Bishop Galloway said the boy with the red frohawk.

"Me just call me J.T short for Justin Thompson said the boy with the crew cut.

"We'll since everyone introducing themselves my turn names Matthew Masters. Matthew had silver hair that was gelled back, he is wearing a red polo shirt and black sweats with two lines going on the side, but what got everyone attention was that he had a left prosthetic arm.

"My turn I am Catherine Gracia"" Catherine had long light brown hair she wore a moss green shirt that exposed her shoulders and her bellybutton, she wore a blue jeaned mini skirt.

The man in the corner with black emo hair and bangs that covered his eyebrow is wearing a black trench coat over a black leathered jacket ,and a white shirt with a black skull on it a black torn jeans and black combat boots and black leather gloves.

"Names LaMarcus Helstrom nice to meet you.

"Oh hi this is my sister Mandy Mosley"" and this is my twin Andy Mosley ""and together we are the Mosley. Mandy wore red shirt blue jeans had red hair ,and Andy wore a blue shirt, red pants and has blue hair.

"Twins this is so a first said the girl with red hair and purple bangs"" am Brook Destiny Brook has brown skin she was wearing a black and green pokka dot shirt and black shorts and and black tennis shoes

"Hi hi am Nico Amane" Nico hair was blonde and cut short her attire gray buttoned up shirt and a gray mini skirt she also wore two rings on her fingers.

The final Person was a tall man hair is green in a blaze, he was wearing black basketball shorts a blue polo shirt. "Ok since I am the last one name is Mike Nikoali just call me Mikey"" we'll now that introduction are over.. um Nico did your shirt just bounce,"" we,ve only just met and already your starting to stare at my d cup breast.

"That is not it"" I know am just bullshitting come on out harpoon " from Nico shirt popped out a baby wolf. Almost everyone in the room congregated to the wolf.

"Is it a boy or a girl asked Mandy,"" boy" he is so cute Said Reika.

The tension in the room was finally dialing down until the butler came in with some drinks.

"Everyone I have brought you all some beverages please do enjoy. Everyone grabbed a glass of the liquid"" no need to worry it is sprite"" we'll everyone a toast to high school life said Bishop.

Everyone drunked the drink and enjoyed it, ""Exscuse me when shall we meet our destination asked Bryson?

"Very soon have a good sleep"" what are you talking ab"" MANDY what did you do to my sister"" do not worry it is merely a sedative to knock you out.

Soon everyone started to fall asleep until only LaMarcus,Bryson,Christian,and Nico were left. "You bastard what going on here"" no need to worry Master LaMarcus it will be over soon"" damn you. "Oh the dog I will have to sedate it to" he grabbed a needle and stick it. "As for you Christian rest all of you will need it.

"Um um um aw where am the boat said Christian. The scenery was a gymnasium a wide one with a stage and two basketball goals,"" ok what happened...GUYS!

Christian walked down from the bleachers and saw the same people on the boat with him were sprawled all over the gym"" hello somebody wake up, wake up.

"Come on wake ufff ...ow why did you hit"" because you were being loud while I was sleeping said LaMarcus. Soon everyone started to wake up from there slumber all confused and worried.

"The ell happened to us"" last I remember was that butler making me pass out said Mandy"" where is he first thing am going to do is punch him?

"He is here to help you said a voice that came up on the giant screen in the room.

"What is going on here and where is harpoon? "He, is on top of the roof inside the observatory I think you should all go up there it'd be better if we talk up there"" the screen now turned off and everyone proceeded to the rooftop.

"Harpoon honey can you hear say something anything yelled Nico! "Observatory over here come on," Nico,Brook, and Christian were trying to pry the door open after many failed attempts the three were able to ram the door down.

"Harpoon I won't let go of you again"" am happy that you found him but...what?

The sight everyone was be holding was that they could see there school and barley standing ruined buildings.

"As you all are wondering you are no longer in your world said the man on the projector. "Do not fear at least not right now this world is very different from your own and,"" why are you doing this why is there just a void and only us. "Do not worry the school and the buildings shall be transported back to the island once you finish your assignment"" what is are assignment asked Mikey?

"Easy survive"" come out of the shadows right now show your face said Reika"" my butler shall be your caretaker and teach you to survive, but besides that you can do whatever you want.

"Don't screw with us what is this place really how long do we have to be here anyway asked J.T.?

"I believe even you know that answer you are all freshmen" everyone face went into a shock"" no way four years here said Brook. "Indeed you will stay here until you graduate no need to fear either once you learn how to use your powers you be ok bye bye.

"Hey wait a minute what is he talking about"" allow me to explain"" Gahhhh shouted everyone.

"The environment we are in will awaken your abilities and will to fight as soon as you stepped outside your bodies were evolving and getting accustomed to your powers I will also train you how to use them and... oh my looks like it's about to start.

"What's about to start asked Sosuke?

"Your assignment since this is your first one I will not help you but if you are injured I shall heal u and help you note if I was you I wouldn't let those get into the school.

The sky that was red started to pour down purple lighting and as it hit something's came from where the lighting struck.

What came from them was a weird creature, it stood on two legs and was at least 7feet tall one arm took up most of its body that it was slanting over the other arm was a piercer, the color of it was a purple pale bluish color and a red eye came from their big arms. "Ok this is just a dream I am going to wake up now right now come on said Bishop as he smacked himself a few times. "What do we do? "Hide everyone we need to hide and run if we do have powers we could learn how to use them later said Christian.


"What was that? "There in the building"" run!

The creatures quickly took over the building destroying anything to find there pray.

Inside the observatory was, Nico, Christian, Andy, and Mandy hiding from the ones that already taken the roof. "So, does anyone know how we should activate these powers or something"" everyone nodded no"" Andy am hot"" your hot am cold.

"Listen I'll go draw there attention you three stay here an( Bang ) " the door to the observatory was being knocked down by the creature until one of it's arms went through the door and dragged Christian out.

"Woah uff ok that wow said Christian as he barely dodged the piercer hand,"" he ducked again as it extended it's other arm trying to grab his head. Looking over to his friends the creatures friends were trying to hurt them as well"" AHHHHHH! "Mandy uff said Andy as he got hit with the extended arm"" (no I have to get up get up come on And get your sorry ass...) UPPP!

Before the creature could finish him off Andy ducked under it and without him knowing it blasted a beam of ice at the creature pushing it over the rail and freezing it solid to where it could not stop it fall.

"How did I do that Mandy" seeing what her brother did Mandy tried the same thing only when she tried to punch the creature fire gobbled up her whole arm and it went through the thing. "Sis did you"" did you bro"" woah said the twins at the same time come we got to get rid of these other ones ,but that seemed hard with the remaining ones surrounding them.

"Nico you alright did you see that"" yeah I did but what's my power though Achuuu"".." two of the creatures turned around and made there way to Nico and Christian"" aw shit this is"" bargggg" harpoon no don't," the baby wolf ran to the creature growling at Nico hurrying to the baby. "(Please don't take him away too please he is all I have left we promised each other we'd protect each other) HARPOOON.

The little wolf started to shine emitting a bright light that was blinding everything on the roof"" Harpoo wwwwwhaaattttt!

Harpoon was now a wolfman that stood at 9feet it skin was still gray and it had a muscle build, along with that it was wearing pants and he still had his earring in his left ear. "Harpoon is that you"" the wolfman walked over to her glaring at here and smelling her after what felt like minutes of this interrogation Harpoon hugged her"" it is you"" Uuuuwwww" the monster extended arm hit Harpoon in the back"" Harpoon HARPOON WIP THAT THINGS ASS.

"Before she could even blink Harpoon was already in front of thing and punched it into the wall of the observatory, it tried getting back up but Harpoon put both of his hands in the things chest and tore it in half.

"Man I can't keep dodging this thing forever"" Christian dodge an attack on his head but it's other hand scratched the side of his ribs. "It, hurts it hurts I don't want to die I don't wanna die"" Christian shot a blast of red energy through the things eye and killed the remaining two on the roof.

"Ok am sleepy"" Christian yelled Mandy!


Bishop, Matthew, Catherine, and and J.T were battling in the auditorium

"Move it red"" my yugioh cards"" ha what you a nerd that show is lame and the cards suck to come on we have to fight these things"" it does not suckkkkk!

Bishop form started to change into one of his cards J.T. looked at him and seen he became elemental hero flame wingman.


"What huh what's going on why my hands my hand, when did I get this tall wait that guy said powers so maybe I transformed into my favorite yugioh fusion wow this is awesome said Bishop in his mind.


"Oy what the hell is up what happened to you? Bishop bent down to where he was in J.T. face"" yugioh is not lame you hick! "What did you say to me why nobody I" all of a sudden J.T hands started to generate electricity"" wow now who's got power now call me a hick one more(CRASH). An extendable arm came between the two arguing and 4 of the monsters were coming towards them," oy oy can't you see"" that we were"" in the middle of talking said the two as the punched them through their eyes.

"I'll take left you take the right said Bishop"" don't tell me what the hell to do.

J.T smacked his hands together and more electricity came from them he rushed into one of the creature and attacked with a volley of attacks."1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 HHHUUUAARA" on the final attack he put his hands together and brought them down on it's eye electrocuting it in the process.

Bishop grabbed one by its extendable arm and through it up and with the mouth that was on his other hand shot a blast" NOVA BLAST!

Catherine now finding what her power is her hair stretched out to one and crushed it with ease. Matthew was on the stage by 5 steel chairs all of which he threw at the thing. "(Ok power think power what is your power)"" while he was pondering it extended arm grabbed his prosthetic arm barely handling the strain of it his arm broke.

"Damn damn damn" as soon as he touched the chair all of the ones that he already touched were absorbed into his arm and came out as a new silver one that a blade protruding out of the elbow.

"Oh yeah yelled Matthew while he speared the beast of the stage"" off the stage he kept hitting the thing with his new arm swepping it under it's legs he stabbed it in the eye with his elbow.

"Wow we were amazing"" I know right"" hey I was pretty spectacular myself"" what is that outside?


LaMarcus, Brook, and Reika were dealing with three LaMarcus however was getting thrown through the classroom door.

"Uff bastard you are ugly you know that mean real ugly almost ugly as me. What LaMarcus didn't see was that something was rising from his shadow"" I mean you make me seem nor..mal.

Two scythes appeared from his shadow but he could actually hold them"" hey monster let me ask you a question do you feel lucky"" the creature answered by charging at him but before it got there it was cut in 4.

"Brook" yeah" what are we gonna do"" do keep running"" well I am gonna try something ok yahoo! As Reika ran toward it she could feel every thing about her body change she was right her body became clear diamond and apparently she could control her new body into different shape.

Her arms became a mace and she started pounding them into the thing," holy what the hell"" Brook body sprouted out a shotgun and she shot it at the two creatures taking ones leg and ones arm with the eye. "Hey you could have took my head off"" I didn't even know I could shoot I mean this is my first time holding a gun.

(SLASH) "the two looked to see LaMarcus finished them off,"" wow that's your power um um"" the shadows man and it looks like theres a big one coming for us.


Bryson, Sakura, Mikey, and Sosuke were fighting some in the cafeteria only Mikey had found his power.

He stretched over to the other side of the room and banged the creatures body all around the room.

Sosuke was dodging the attacks of one with ease, "my body has never been like this my speed has never been faster, and my strength never stronger". Sosuke rapidly punched the beast so hard it hit the wall and made an imprint he then speared it through the wall making cushen his landing.

Sakura grew wings from her back but these wings were as hard as titanium the thing tried to pierce her but it broke in half, she then twirled her wings around and cut it in half.

Bryson was about to be eaten by the thing but with speed he never thought of moved out of the way he looked at the cheetah poster and apparently he had a cheetah physiology. Along with it enhanced his strength hitting it with all it strength it fell on Sakura which was bad since she stabbed it.

Everyone we got a very big problem exclamied Sosuke!

Outside Sosuke could see that the remaing enemies were crawling to one another and the deformed bodies started to make one big whole body.

The creature now had two extendable arms and six pincers on its back the beast now stood at 20feet tall.

What scared Sosuke already red eyes was that a giant red eyeball appeared where the head should be.

"Guys help it's looking at me"" looking was only half of there problem as the thing shot a beam of energy from it's eye that was following Sosuke. The beam kept traveling towards him inching towards him. "Ok you want to fight come uff"" before he could finish his sentence he was knocked into an abandoned convenience store.

The monster was getting closer towards him but stopped because felt a prick at his back"" HEY MONSTER HOW ABOUT YOU MESS US HUH said Brook!

The pincers extended to where Brook, LaMarcus, and Reika were, going through the wall and glass. "Great any more bright ideas genius"" um no not really though"" we'll I'll take him downnnn" hey wait for us.

LaMarcus jumped out from the building running towards the things feet while Brook ran onto the things pincers and Reika was coming to run out the front door.

"Hang on guys am wow said Reika as she barely dodged Matthew"" you guys we need your help fighting that thing. "We know that's what we were coming to do we saw Sosuke get thrown so we'll save him you guys hold it off.

On the roof Christian was waking up from passing out he looked to see his friends scared and shocked he looked to where the were looking and saw the beast.

"Ow," Christian don't stand"" we have to fight it I have to fight it come on there risking there lives come on together we mustn't lose.

"Hey freak up here hey come here the creature looked at Christian and the gesture he was pointing at him. "I give you the people's finger you one eyed sucker.

The monsters eye started to glow up and of red light was forming in front of his eye"" crap run"" shit.

The thing fired the blast at the rooftop and it was heading straight towards the group Christian saw that they wouldn't make it so he jumped into the blast.

Waiting to see the impact or at least hear an explosion Christian was floating down and absorbing the blast into his body. "Wow,"" what was his name"" that was awesome.

"You don't scare me I do not fear you guys if we work together we can beat this guy work together please let's put are differences aside and survive. "While his back was turned the things left arm and pincer were coming at him but the left arm was frozen by Andy and the pincer was grabbed by Bishop with his arm with the mouth.

"What you need us to do man just tell us"" Andy you and you're sister hit him from up there Matthew and Catherine check if Sosuke is ok. "Everyone attack its legs and destroy it.

Everyone came running out of the building coming to attack the thing using all the might they had. "Oy ugly here comes the lighting"" and the shadow" J.T through a punch that covered his hand and just as LaMarcus was about to cut if the thing jumped in the air. "Move shouted Reika" the creature body slammed the ground creating a shockwave that pushed everyone back and shattering all the glass. "How is it going so far they aren't looking to good said Catherine"" Sosuke you ok"" yeah it's like when he through me it just felt like a splinter.

"Awesome but we got to help them"" EVERYONE THE EYE IS THE WEAK SPOT yelled Matthew! Everyone was now going for the eye Mikey wrapped himself around two palm trees and Catherine wrapped her hair around the things legs. "It tripped over Mikey everyone was moving away from it except Christian.

"All right big eye fall right here don't got the hang of this yet but hopefully my aim is good here comes my cero. Once the things giant eye was in range with his right arm all the energy in that arm he shot making a clean hole through the thing. It fell making only a little shockwave no one could see Christian all head sank, but they could see the upper body moving what was coming from under it were to big red hands that belonged to Christian.

Getting out from under it he was surprised by what they did"" did we do this and holy since when could I do this asked Christian?

"Yes you all did said the butler"" you where the hell have you been at said Sakura. "Observing and you all passed with flying colors aw now we shall be returning. The red sky started to disappear the buildings except the school were fading away.

Once all of that was gone they students could see that they were on a tropical island and could see there school was undamaged.

"Hey where are we now"" your world technically not this island does not exists so no one will ever find you so please follow me to the infirmary so I can check you all of you.


Everyone was in the infirmary the weird heartless butler apparently had a power to heal which was healing first was Sosuke, and Christian who had serious injuries.

Once everyone was healed he asked all to look at him in the eye"" why are"" shush this is harder than it looks said the butler"" his eyes started to glow after being entranced everyone was knocked back to reality. "Ok everyone what I did was check your powers and body to see what state they are in but still where the bandages please.

"Excuse me what is my power asked Sosuke? "You can increase your physical capabilities to a hundred times.

"LaMarcus your power are the shadows to control and mainupulate.

"Bishop you can shapeshift.

"J.T you generate and control electricity.

"Nico apparently the bond you have with Harpoon allows him to transform.

"Brook you can generate and make weapons and by the looks of it just by touching it you know how to use it.

"Matthew you can transform any object into a weapon.

"Catherine you can control your hair to do many things.

"Michael""Mikey"" sorry you have now become elastic.

"Bryson you can have the physiology and abilities of animals.

"Reika you can turn into a diamond form.

"Andy you can make and control ice.

"Mandy you can make fire and control it.

"Sakura you have generated wings that are hard as titanium.

"Christian we'll this hasn't happened in a while"" what? "You seem to have two powers but I won't tell you you'll have to figure that out later. "Oh you can generate and absorb energy and shoot blast and make energy conduits.

"Anyway eat and rest up your next assignment won't be until Monday"" that's 3 days away. "Yes I know that wait in the cafeteria I show how to get your food.

"The walk to the cafeteria was quiet it felt just like the atmosphere when they all first stepped on the boat.

Once they arrived the four who fought in here were surprised to see it unscratched or nothing destroyed. "Woah everything really is back to normal said Sakura in a depressed tone and her head down. The lunch room was like any regular one 6 circle tables and eight stools at each table.

"Today was...hell"" this was supposed to be a normal high school said Bishop," Heaven high school huh? "I should have never gotten on that boat,"" I don't want this said LaMarcus. "For once I wouldn't mind getting expelled from a school said J.T"" how are we gonna make it out of here in 4 years said Brook.

"Hello everyone why are you all sad?

Everyone in the room looked at him with a perturbed and death glare"" I do not see what the problem is I mean you all did better than last years students"" WHAT!? "Yes last year 30 were accepted only 5 graduated and 15 of them died on the first day.

The teenagers now felt even worse now after hearing that"" your class lost no one though it is pretty impressive now if you would all look at me I have imprinted it to remember all of your vocal patterns. The machine was the size of a slurpee machine at 7/11 times 2 it took up a whole counter. "Now just say the food you want and you shall receive it also the baths are in the gymnasium and your rooms are on the fourth floor. "I shall now leave all of you good day said the butler as he closed the doors.

"Does he really think that's gonna make us fill better said Mandy resting her head on her brothers shoulder. "Who the fuck cares said Matthew"" hey Mat"" yeah Christian"" I like the new arm man"" aw shuck man thanks made it myself.

"However I am really wondering does this thing really give us any food we want ok machine I would like a pepperoni, Canadian bacon pizza with pineapple and a large root beer.

Voice recognized scanning"" the machine started to scan Christian body.

Once it did that within a flash his order was in front of him"" hey let me try I want a burger with no lettuce, onions, fries and a Pepsi" the machine scanned Matthew and within seconds his order was in front of him.

"It's amazing wow said Christian"" mine is to said Matthew with his mouth full. The others looked at them and to we're wondering what would happen with them.

"A ceaser salad please asked Catherine"" hey my turn a sloppy joe with some sweet tea said LaMarcus."Spaghetti with meat sauce said Brook "",lobster please asked Bryson. "The room filled with sadness and depressed faces was now filled with faces of happiness, laughter and delight.

"What you eating J.T"" dumplings they are amazing"" hah aha haa""seriously man it was the funniest I'd ever seen said Bishop.

"So this little guy turned into that thing"" uh huh I am so proud of him my little harpoon said Nico.

"Christian can I have a slice of your pizza"" sure Matthew"" my god I would have never thought of this combination"" when I first tried it was the tastiest mistake I ever tasted. "So what time is it asked LaMarcus? "Hold on let me check my pho.. where's my phone yelled Sakura.

"Yeah where mine at"" what happened to all of our phones"" oh did I forget to mention"" AW! Everyone shouted after seeing the butler appear from out of nowhere"" I forgot that I had to disable them all because the principal told me to. "What else can you said the twins in unison?

"So where are they now"" oh after they were disabled I crushed them to ash and threw them into the sea"" WHAT shouted everyone!

"Ok I am done with surprises so am gonna go take a shower said Nico"" I'll go to"" same here"" we're in"" bye boys said Catherine.

"We'll am headed there to see ya said Christian.

"Yahoo said Brook as she jumped in the water"" the bath was the size of a swimming pool but was only 5 feet at the least. "Man this just right temperature"" yeah it's lukewarm said Mandy as she was getting in. On the other side of a big wall that divided the room was the boys side and all of them could here the girls.

"Wow brook you got a nice set there girlfriend said Catherine"" thank you"" Nico Mandy"" yes what up aww. " Wow Nico there perfect not to big not too small just right wow said Brook. " Please stooo" wow and sensitive too.

"Psst hey I have a plan whispered J.T"" what? "Mikey you stretch up carrying me and we check em out. "I am in,"" ok anyone else"" don't you ogle my sister understand"" sure. "This is nonsense I am leaving said Bryson"" you sure we might see an amazing set"" am out to said LaMarcus"" I don't want to make a bad impression on the first day so am leaving said Christian"" I finished cleaning up so bye bye said Bishop.

The boys bath declined until J.T, Mikey, Sosuke, and Matthew were left"" ok Mikey bring us up. Mikey grabbed the two with his enlarged hands and and stretched up to the little opening above the wall. Peeking through the opening the could see down to their shoulders.

"Come on a little more come on"" hey there boys"" aw said the boys in unison while they fell into the water.

"Nice try boys but not this time ah ha taunted Sakura.

Christian was walking to his room until he ran into a sore looking Matthew"" so how'd it go"" shut up!

Inside his room was his bags, a bed, T.V, air conditioning unit, and a window with a view outside.

"Homey I guess"" after 15 minutes of unpacking Christian changed into some pajama pants and no shirt, he grabbed his remote to see what he could find"" no, no, no, no Friends alright friends.

"Good night! "Just let me wake up tomorrow please I don't know if you can or want to hear me lord but please us all of us get through this thing.


The shine of the morning sun went through into Christian room"" um man that was the weirdest...dream? "Aw crap, oh no so none of that was a dream it actually happened.

*KNOCK KNOCK*" who is it? "The pizza man"" come in" it was Matthew and Bishop who came in greeting him. "What is it what's wrong something happened"" no I came to talk I saw your room and his room next to mine so I thought I come mess with you guys said Matthew.

"I am happy but what time is it? "Oh, it is 8:00am said Matthew"" ok could you guys leave I want to sleep a little longer by the way Matthew you still have your arm like yesterday.

"Oh, yeah I did this to my remaining arms seeing when I came to this Island I had 8 pairs but now I got seven so I beefed them up. "It is awesome but nothing compared to what I can do with my cards"" are those all elemental heroes"" yep and the neo-spacians. "Sweet I can't wait to see you transform into them ,but I can today so get out said Christian as he shoved them out of his room.

This time Christian awoke at 10:00am and looked out his window to see Andy and Mandy practicing their powers and in truth they were getting a little better at using them.

"I guess I better start my day come on Christian get ya but in gear.

"Once he got done with his hygiene his attire was a blue jeans, sandals, and a currently unbuttoned red and purple shirt.

"Lets see get some grub I guess said Christian as he was making his way to the cafeteria" he opened the door to see J.T and Reika still eating.

"Morning said Reika"" morning guys so what are y'all gonna do today? "Probably keep myself in shape really said J.T"" me I am sure I will find something to do who knows.

"Hmmnnn ok"" so did anyone besides me woke up hoping this was a dream asked Reika? "I did I really did said Christian while he ate his grapes.

"Sure I got this power but I have to do things like yesterday for four years what if I"" J.T we all have something we need or must protect that's why there is such a big group, of us so we can work together and save each others asses. "You might be right but it just*BOOM*! "What the hell was that!?

The three ran to the sound of the blast and found Brook and Mikey"" what was that? "Brook made a bazooka and shot it at me it did hurt that it did but it ricocheted off my body man said Mikey. "It was fucking awesome man"" what are you guys trying to do?

"What does it look like we're training for next time we have an assignment said Brook putting her shirt over her purple tank top.

Christian walked out the room trying to forget them and just wonder""( where do what do I do? "(If I can't pass these assignments we might die.

"Hey buddy"" GAHHHH! "Oh Nico just you don't scare me like that man gave me a heart attack"" we'll thanks I've been working on my stealth ninjitsu. "Really is that the best joke you can come up with"" come up with no I got a bunch. "Say Nico wanna train or spare with me.

"No Christian I won't"" oh ok th" but harpoon on the other hand will said Nico as harpoon jumped out of her arms and transformed.

"Alright you rea wow"" before he could finish his sentence harpoon grabbed his face and through him up going through the walls and falling up on the roof. "*Roar* aight you wanna go a round then let's go!


"I have to say harpoon your tough and but you got nothing on me said Christian as he was wiping blood from his lip" alright that is enough everyone said Nico coming up the stairs. "Come on harpoon time for a bath"" the wolf switched back to his other form and ran into his masters arms.

"Yo what am I supposed to do? "Just find someone else I guess"" who is in the mood for it though"" I am"" huh who said that? "Me," from his shadow popped out LaMarcus"" how" never mind that besides you need a training partner right. "This should be fun then for both of us HAAA"' AAAAAH!


The roof was covered in imprints of fist slashes from some type of weapon, and the rails that stopped a person from falling over the edge half of them were embedded in the ground. Both Christian and LaMarcus were breathing heavily and barely standing. "Ha ha ,ha well kid you sure can fight and thanks for being my guinea pig I was able to now get a better understanding of my powers"" thanks LaMarcus same goes for me now what do you say we wrap this up"" fine by me. The two were ready to see who would strike first staring each other down both man could see sweat running down the others face the sweat fell and the two rushed at each other. LaMarcus tried to stab Christian but leaned to the side with his fist coming down on LaMarcus head ,but was blocked by a shadow shield.

"Ok I think were done for today agreed"" solid"" come on let's get some food"" yeah am starving that was awesome how you made the shadow into a shield and how you were hiding in mine"" you were good to and sorry about your shoes"" am sorry about giving you a black eye.

The two walked to the gymnasium to use the baths only to find Mikey, J.T, Sakura, and Bishop playing basketball not playing more like, Mikey was beating all of them. "Oh hey there you guys are wanna play 3 on 3 asked J.T? "Naw man I suck at basketball said Christian"" pass me the ball"" sure"" Mikey you me one on one said LaMarcus. "You got nothing come on bring it"" oookkk LaMarcus ducked him nearly getting to the basket but Mikey prevented that by stretching in front of him"" got you"" yeah but no ball"" huh? LaMarcus pointed behind Mikey looked to find a shadow in the form of a hand through the ball into the basket.

"WOAH yeah that's how we do business"" LaMarcus 100 Mikey 0 said Christian as he was enjoying Mikey defeat. "We've been playing him for 2 hours and we barely got a basket in said J.T"" but it only took him"" like half a second we got burned said Bishop.

LaMarcus the new basketball champ was enjoying the bath water it felt even better because he won"" hey man what were you doing before you came here"" me everyone one thought I was emo because of my hair well I was a little, but really I was just trying to be something else"" like what just something man. "Well if there is something you don't like about yourself there is always someone who does"" who told you that"" my dad said Christian as he washed the shampoo out of his head. "All am saying is that if is a past thing ok ,but if you let past shit dictate your life you can't look or move toward the future ,and you can't enjoy the present "..." am not a guru or anything am just giving my friend advice that's all anyway see ya.

"(Past huh just move on huh if only I could be like you Christian if only it was that simple bro if only it was so simple said LaMarcus in his mind.

Christian was walking to his room wearing his clothes to sleep in until he saw Bryson walking to the third floor"" what is Bryson doing? He was following Bryson trying to be as quiet as possible so he would not notice him, he followed him into the library. "Now that I have some food I can continue now where was I.. here the tiger can"" what you doing"" GAAHHHH!

"Hey what'd ya doing"" do not scare me like that again holy cross make noise next time"" ok still what are you doing"" since I can gain the physiology and capabilities of animals I was looking types I don't know to fully well. "Have you been here all day"" no I've only been here since 3 a clock"" of course. "I could also hear you and LaMarcus going at it on the roof"" yea we were holding nothing back. "Do, you really believe we all can survive this"" who knows we just have to trust each other and hope for the best man.

Christian walked out of the library heading back to his room"" that man is something else he not bad so far said Bryson as he took a sip from his coffee.


HUUUAH yawned Christian as he woke up he looked to his clock to see it was 12:00"" see what the guys are doing said Christian"" while putting on his orange shirt with black jean shorts he looked outside his window to see Matthew, Bishop, LaMarcus, Andy, and Mandy playing on the beach"" yea I can barely swim might as well try playing in the sand.

Christian arrived and started playing volleyball with his friend his side was winning do Matthew making some further adjustment to his arm.

"So, no training today asked Mandy? "I think this is training were building up teamwork so?* RIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGTG*

"Gah what is that said Christian"" Sakura chan what's that noise"" don't know but it's so loud""where is this coming from? "The hell is up with sound.

Soon the butler appeared not fazed at all his corporate haircut didn't even jump up.

"Hello everyone that bell means it is time for your next assignment"" the people on the beach were shocked and flabbergasted. "Wait you said we had until tomorrow"" the principal thinks you all have rested quite enough now that the ringing has stopped everyone should becoming out.

In seconds everyone was outside staring the butler down.

"You better start explaining"" before we start breaking said J.T and Sosuke"" you to might want to move away from me"" oh yeah why? "The butler pointed up to the sky the two looked up to see something coming down from the sky.

"Look out! What fell from the sky was a giant spinning wheel all looked at it confused. "This wheel will determine what type of assignment you will have there are five categories"" before that what is your name asked Brook? "You all may call me Princeton"" ok Princeton I just have one question WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LIE TO US!?

"I did not lie I am just surprised as you are I merely told you what I was told if the person who told me changes their mind does that answer your question Brook.

"Now then the categories are Army, Game, Lottery, Hive, and War the one you experienced yesterday was Army it is unlikely you will get the same one now who will spin the wheel of fortune. "So, who's gonna take it asked Andy"" if I measure the wheel I can probably get it to spin back on army said Bryson.

"Ok here we go"" CHRISTIAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING shouted everyone as they saw him spin the wheel! It seemed like hours watching the wheel spin until finally it stopped on Hive"" today will be everyone's first Hive assignment. The wheel started spinning again only this time by itself at incredible speeds that it became a pink portal of light"" now then everyone please step into the portal please. "Yeah right that ain't happening anytime soon"" hey J.T you scared said"" what glared J.T! "I'll show you scared here we go COWAABUNNGA" J.T jumped right into the portal"" what happens if we don't partciapate"" oh if you don't whatever enemy is in there will come through the portal kill all of you and probably destroy the world said Princeton in a calm tone.

"Hang on J.T am coming said Christian he jumped in"" Yahoo shouted Matthew"" woah said Bishop"" soon everyone was on the other side of the portal and it closed up behind them.

The sight before them was a city that looked like something from an apocalypse movie the buildings had grass growing on them, cars with window broken and not in the best shape everything else was in ruin. "This place has seen better days said Mandy"" I know so how do we complete or get out of here"" well Sosuke Princeton gave me this in case we need to make a quick escape"" Sosuke looked at the ball to see a silver cage surrounded the pink energy the portal was made of. "He didn't tell me what we have to do thou said Brook?

"Ok let's all look around everyone stay together said Reika"" the teens walked on an abandoned highway that was litered with automobiles and even blood"" what happened here asked Matthew with some anxiety in his voice. "I don't know but whatever happened it wasn't nice at all said J.T"' what the world?

"Bryson what's up asked Sosuke? Harpoon jumped out of Nico arm and started growling everyone stopped moving to look at the two"" you know my power is the abilities of animals I just assembled hearing of a bat, rabbit, and kangaroo"" and what said Bishop" Brsyon whispered to where everyone could hear"" there are currently 32 heartbeats watching us from these building.

All looked at the buildings seeing which one contained whatever was in it"" also there is one big heart beat over there said Bryson as he pointed North West,"" what do we do brother"" don't know sis maybe we. "Oy oy fuckers come out here and MESS WITH ME THE LIGHTNIG KING shouted J.T.

There was an odd silence until one of the unbroken windows broke, the group looked to see something jump from the building three buildings in front of them the thing skin was a complete blue it had no eyes but arms, legs, and a tail it looked as if it was a dragon. Soon more of the things started to jump out of the buildings surrounding all 15 of the teenagers.

"Well J.T you got your wish now said Bryson"" now what? " What else it's either do or die!