Day 10 Year1

"Ok now give it a try said J.T"" J.T, Matthew, and Mikey were working on a backhoe the school had.

It roared to life once Mikey turned it on this time"" alright J.T you ready" "go ahead this bitch got nothing on me"" he saids that now said Matthew buttoning up his purple shirt.

"Dude all I am saying is that Rock would lose to Brock Lesnar said Bishop"" you think am weird"" little bit"" is it cause am black" "no Christian it is not because of that reason. "Do you think I am a nerd"" little bit"" is it because I am white"" no ok not all. "Look out he's coming through said Mikey as he stretched over them and J.T jumping over them.

"Through the forest came Matthew driving a backhoe" "time to run" " most definitely yes" "run away from me fill my evil backhoe now fusion. Matthew put his hand on the machine and it transformed on his prosthetic two tires were up at the shoulders both shovels were his hands.

"So now what is he going to do try to hit me with the shovel said Mikey. "Best thing about my power I can transform anything and my imagination is pretty good to" the shovels opened up and started spinning around and fired a blast at them.

"Woah nice ok I give up nice design" "thanks man said Matthew as the creation turned back to normal.

"So what do you have in this arm like this I mean when it is in normal mode asked Mikey?

"Usual a blade, rockets, shuriekns, jet pack thruster" "I am sorry what was that last one"" yeah um apparently Brook made jet pack so I asked her to make me one and I intergrated it into my arm and I have a grappling hand.

"We'll let's go see if anyone else is training harder today.

Christian P.O.V

"(Ever since the hive mission we all agreed that building trust and getting in tune with our own and each others powers is a good idea. "Bryson and Sakura have sorta been the strategist in case any of us don't have a plan things seem to have been getting better for us actually.

Regular P.O.V

"Haaaarhh" "ROOOOARRR" Bryson and Harpoon were sparring with each other Bryson taking the abilities of the wolf on the beach.

"In front of the building was Brook and Nico sparring with kendo sticks" "ok good but you have to be quicker ok come on now again.

Nico and Brook both assumed a kendo stance, Nico attacked the side of Brook face but with barely moving a finger blocked it, Brook using her shocked expression swepped her under the legs and pointed the stick at her throat.

"Get yer ass up ok you've actually improved now"" what do you mean actually"" what it sounds when I first met you, you sucked ass now you only suck one ass cheek"" geez thanks B. "You're welcome" "ugh*whistle*""Harpoon turned back to his other self and ran towards Nico.

"You look like you worked up a sweat today Bryson said Brook" "I*cough* did not do such*cough* such thing said Bryson coughing and breathing heavy.

"Whoo I want a nice shower" "I can handle that"" hey everyone"" Matthew everyone how'd it go asked Brook. "Pleasant real pleasant"" anyway go in it is hot out here said Mikey. "So, Nico any progress"" nope nothing new me and Harpoon are still the same" "who wants to here my idea"" what is it said Bryson? I think I can surf"" surf what come follow me said J.T" " see these power lines well I think that I can walk slide you name it anything on them.

"Ok try one to surf power line action said Christian" " yo J.T let's do it" J.T started running in place building up momentum in his feet, his feet started to give off electricity. "Am not dead"" his eyes still closed he didn't notice he was standing perfectly still on the power line"" alright cowabunga" " he started running on the lines as if he was skating.

"I'll be damned he's actually doing it" " what you didn't have faith in him said Brook? "It is not that I didn't have faith it seemed elogical but ever since coming here nothing has never made since said Bryson.

On the third floor in a classroom was Reika and Sakura" " ok on your mark get set.. go"" Reika threw a desk at Sakuras wings hitting them not hurting her or the wings at all.

"My turn hiyahhhh" "this time Sakura threw desk at Reika she turned her hands in to spiked maces smashing them to pieces.

"Ok am tired five minute break" "yeah sure thing" "you know who angel is" " if your not talking about the thing from TNT I don't know? "Angel as in X-men he could fire metal shards from his wings.

"Maybe I can do something like that"" Sakura looked to her friend to see she had already fallen asleep.

"Thaks Reika really helpful am gonna let you have your moment of sleep ok, ok then.

"In the gym was Sosuke meeting all who had trained outside" "sup Sosu" "please just say my full name" "ok sorry Sosuke.

"Now it is time for everyone to do a little yoga said Catherine" really? "Yes now we first start out slow with this move.


"It is time for the assignment said Princeton from behind Catherine.

Everyone was now outside Christian had a green short sleeved shirt on and black shorts. "Bishop had a black muscle ti black pants and a black bandana with red clouds on it ( he must be an akatsuki member). Nico wearing some sweats and a cut shirt top. Matthew was wearing a long sleeved burgendy shirt with kakie pants.

Mikey is wearing a blue sleeveless shirt, and black cargo pants. J.T attire is a black leather opened jacket with no shirt and black jeans. Brook has a jeaned skirt on and a white ti. Reika has a yellow shirt with black short sleeves, and yellow pants.

Sakura is wearing a long sleeved black and yellow shirt with blue jeans, LaMarcus was wearing a dark blue ti shirt and black jeans with a chain sticking out from his pocket. Sosuke was wearing a brown jacket over a brown shirt with a dragon design and black jeans with the legs rolled up.

Andy wore a black shirt that said live for the moment ,and had Matt Hardy's symbol on it brown shorts, and black and blue fingerless gloves. Mandy wore a long white shirt and jeaned shorts. Bryson had a black blazer with blue lines runnig all over the jacket, a buttoned up periwinkle shirt and black pants with the same design as the blazer.

"Glad to have you all here today so do I have to" "just bring the damn wheel already said Sosuke" with a snip of his fingers the wheel appeared behind Prniceton.

"Now who will spin it today" "can I go said Brook raising her hand" "go ahead Brook"" ahead here I go"" it kept spinning around and around until it stopped" " today you will be playing game.

"So now what" " the five panels on the wheel started to change in to a bunch of other panels. "What happened" "when you it lands on a game you have to choose which game to play and Bryson since you asked the question you will spin it" " huh, why?

"Don't answer fine here it goes" " the spunned for the second time landing on a panel"" save the base said Bryson with a confused look? The wheel became a portal again" " from it's name you can deduce that you are protecting something if your base is destroyed you lose and we will not bring you back, the time limit is 1 hour the time limit will increase every time you play a game, if the base is still standing and you have survived you can come back said Princeton.

The teens stepped through the portal and appeared in front of a shamrock gas station ,but all around they could see tall yellow grass at least five of four feet. A time appeared inside the gas station it was counting descending from 60 minutes.

"So this is our base , huh? "Yep seems so" "now what do we do.

"What in the... Mandy you see that? Something was moving through the grass making a trial" "guys there something moving in the grass said Mandy on top of the roof"" Sakura"" am on it said Sakura as she spread her wings there really is something in the grass.

"Everybody get ready" "the noise of the bushes got closer until it jumped out" "ROAARRRR!

"Woah a tiger" "a fucking tiger said Matthew"" the teens looked at it with an odd look, it's left eye had three claw marks over it and scratches over the body.

"Do we attack it asked LaMarcus? "No I don't think is what we have to fight said Nico"" she stepped closer to it pacing her steps" "Nico come back" "shush"" she was finally close enough that she was staring it in the eye.

"Hey there big fella listen I don't we don't want to hurt you so calm down ok now let me check out your eye. Nico with caution put her hand on the tigers head, everyone waiting to see it jerk away from her instead accepted the gesture with no action.

"There there see he's not a bad guy aren't you said Nico as the tiger rubbed up against her" "first a baby wolf and now" "a FUCKING TIGER!

"Matthew ,Bishop calm down see he's friendly ,see nothing to worry about"" the tiger turned around to the field and it started growling again. "What's wrong? "Even Harpoon"" hey Bryson" "yes" "what can scare a tiger and a baby wolf" "I don't know Bishop but I think we're...about to find out said Bryson as he grew horns on his head. "A bull" "right now I think we need brute strength in this situation.

It jumped out in front of everyone and it had a tigers corpse in it's mouth. It had big claws and arms as big as a gorilla the teeth were staned with the blood of the tiger giving it a menacing look, it was pitch black standing on two legs it looked like the dragons before except this one had glowing red eyes ,and three spikes on its shoulders and a tail.

The tiger cringed looking at the corpse and it looked at the tiger with it's smile showing the bloodied teeth.

"Just looking at you gives me and Harpoon the creeps so Harpoon" the wolf jumped up and transformed into his fighter mode" "let's kick some ass.

Nico and Harpoon charged at the thing ,but it jumped over them as if they weren't even a threat and went after the tiger with full speed. The tiger was running away from it, the monster was about to pounce on it until Bryson dropped kicked it the creature now had a perturbed look.

"Come on you have to put up a better*RUSTLE* fight? "Looks like there is more of them said Matthew. Three more popped out of the grass going for Bryson and the tiger it threw a punch a Bryson hitting him into Bishop, the other creature went after the tiger, but just as it was about to jump on the tiger it was caught mid air by the neck by Hapoon.

"Harpoon lets snap it's neck"" the neck of the creature snapped dropping it on the floor he now ran to the other one and bicycle kicked it that the things head came off.

"We'll that was a little to easy don't you guys think said Bishop being helped up by Bryson"" I agree that was a little to simple. "Oh maybe something like that will do said Mandy pointing towards a herd of whatever moving through the grass.

All around the teenagers could hear the rustling and everyone got scared instantly.

"Everyone surround this place said Christian"" in front was Christian, Bishop, Mandy, and Reika.

Taking the left side of the store was Sosuke, Matthew, Catherine, and J.T.

On top of the station was Andy, Sakura, and Brook.

On the other side is Bryson, and Mikey.

Taking the back was Nico, LaMarcus, and apparently the tiger joined the fight.

The rustling started to get louder and louder until from the front ten came out jumping instantly in front of Christian and company , and they looked really pissed at them.

"Ok I'll take the ugly one" "which one is the ugly one actually asked Bishop?

The creatures lunged at them for that comment Reika elongated her fingers and making them sharp.

"Oh no you don't said Reika as she slashed one of the creatures, another one came up from behind her and threw her up into the air, it jumped into the air and brought both of its hands together and brought them down on her head she fell head first on the ground.

"That doesn't hurt dumbass"" it became angered again and this time both creatures were about to attack her with a double lariat. The one that was going to attack from behind was grabbed by Bishop and stabbed with a drill Reika finished the other one by giving it an uppercut to the jaw with her mace hand.

"Hey who is that said Mandy using a fire fist to the jaw of one of the beast"" this is Elemental Hero Grand Neos said Bishop in a heroic voice.

"LESS TALKING MORE FIGHTING PLEASE said Christian keeping three of them back the entire station was surrounded with enemies attacking from all angles the teens were getting pushed back.

"We're losing ground fast said LaMarcus" " we had ground to begin with said Nico stabbing one in the throat five times with her katana.

"Hey Christian I got a plan" "what" everybody get inside fast! Not wasting time everyone hurried inside except Mandy"" what is your plan Mandy?

"How about we blow the pumps up"" and us and the station with it next idea please said J.T.

"Actually if you think about it, possibly it may work said Christian" HUH?

"Yeah my powers are like green lantern maybe I can make a barrier big enough to protect the station part and leave the pumps out there you know to get blown the hell up.

"We'll do it because here comes some more of them said Brook using her sniper rifle to shoot at them.

"Do it bro said Bishop" "here goes"" closing his eye he concentrated his fist started changing to where they now became a barrier around the station except the front door that was open.

"Hurry up I don't know how long I can do this"" the pumps were in front of them and more started getting closer with a flick of her wrist she shot three fireballs at one of the pumps making them explode Mandy quickly stepped back in the station.

The blast took over the barrier which was making it hard for Christian to concentrate on keeping it together" Christian"" "Christian needs you to shut up he knows said Christian speaking in third person.

"Guys I think we did it their done ""so can I please stop" "yes"" with that one word the barrier crumbled.

"So did we" "don't celebrate yet 50 coming straight ahead said Bryson using his bat sonar.

They came straight towards the group knocking them down or throwing them out of the way"" Bryson gained the traits of a porcupine and shot them at a creature that was about to attack Sakura" "thanks Brys"" Brys?

"Flame shooter"" Mandy's finger started shooting out fire from the tips like a mini machine gun.

In front of the station was Nico, Harpoon LaMarcus, and the tiger fighting the creature crowding the station.

"Harpoon sky cutter"" Harpoons hand started lighten up that it looked like lighting, he swifted in front of two other creatures making his hands as if he was going to chop a block of wood he chopped them in half sending the energy on his hands at two other ones heads.

"Woo hoo nice aagrh"" one of the beast slashed her with it's claws making her drop her sword and turning Harpoon back to normal. "Nico hang on"" before he could even get close LaMarcus path was blocked by 10 of the beast" "damn outta my way s. .

As the creature was going to make the killer move on Nico the tiger grabbed her sword with it's mouth and slashed the things neck open. "Thank you very"" before she could finish using the last of it's strength the beast slashed at the tigers body making it bleed pretty bad.

"Why did you save me why did you save us"" the tiger still having the weapon in it's mouth smiled at Harpoon, and Nico" "please please don't die don't let this happen! Nico screamed and tears falling down her face , she didn't notice a tear fell on the body of the tiger and it started to shine everyone on the battlefield stopped.

"Hey Mandy" "yeah bro" "isn't this just like"" when Harpoon first changed said Christian.

The light quit shinning and the tiger just like Harpoon stood on two legs ,and was now 8ft tall, the arms were just as big as the creatures and the sword became a giant one with a hole in it close to the end the tiger helped Nico up and bowing to her.

"Awesome whip their ass"" with a loud roar he attacked them his arm and overall body strength dominating the creatures in a fight" "looks like things just got easier for us said LaMarcus.

The tiger taking the sword out of its mouth grabbed it an stomped it into the ground, grabbing the handle with both hands he turned it around and made that piece of the earth fly to the creatures in front of him.

"Lighting line said J.T delivering the final blow to the remaning monsters.

"We did it yeah"" and with two minutes to spare as well said Catherine tying her hair up,"" the tiger now transformed back to normal and was rubbing himself against Nico. "Now back to this"" are we really going to keep"" A FUCKING TIGER yelled Bishop and Matthew!

"Actually yeah we are he makes a nice addition to our crazy ass team said Christian"" I agree so long as he doesn't try to eat us in are said Mikey.

"Portal"" come on move out!

"Hey Princeton we played, we saw, we kicked the games ass said LaMarcus, Nico, and Matthew. "I am impressed not only did you protect your base you brought it home ,and you gave it power"" the teens looked at him with a confused look" " what are you talking about. "WAIT A MINUTE ARE YOU SAYING THAT THE TIGER WAS THE BASE!

"Yes Bishop he is" ", but we thought the gas station was" "so I am tired like hell"" I nearly got my hair torn off"" to protect something that we didn't even need to protect in the first place said Christian, Catherine, and J.T.

"Yes that is the simplified version of it said Princeton"" tiger you owe us forever said Matthew.

"Hey everyone I have a name for my ability"" wait we can give them names said Bishop?

"Yep Princeton wanted to catalog our powers and file them now. "I am Nico Amane and my power is taming the power to make animals my friends and make them even badasser.

"Nice name dude mine is shapeshifter said Bishop.

"Fire and Ice said Andy and Mandy.

"I guess we can call mine accelerator said Sosuke.

"Oh me how about weapon meister, or weapon master or just weapon maker said Brook.

"Just maker really said Matthew.

"Rubber band man that's what am going with said Mikey.

"Lighting plain simple easy to remember said J.T.

"Just shadows ok shadows said LaMarcus.

"Angel because of my wings said Sakura.

"Probably mineral seeing how I can take the forms of minerals said Reika.

"Animal kingdom said Bryson.

"Mine is hair beautiful and elegant said Catherine.

"Really I um guess energy kinda explains itself all in all.

"Thank you for the names I shall file them enjoy the rest of your day if you'd please said Princeton walking away from them.

"Now what do we do asked Sosuke? "We can do the yoga now"" oh look me and Mikey have to work on something bye said Christian left with Mikey following him.

LaMarcus hid in the shadow of a tree and left" "hey cat I'll do it said Matthew"" sure why not am in said Sosuke" "oh thank you I love the both of you said Catherine squeezing them with her hair.

"Is it me or do you have a bad feeling about this too" "yes whispered Sosuke and Matthew.