Justice is a word for those that are trusting.

I find this word disgusting. A word used by those with might.

I thought we were past the days of might makes right.

Justice is more of the con man's word.

Give the desperate hope, something to rally behind.

So they won't go and lose "their mind" and seek out their own justice.

They say for this system to work, you need to trust it.

A system based on belief? How could it be flawed?

When there are so many that believe in God, how can they rage

when they feel betrayed by their laws?

Is this why people are so accepting of this thing called justice?

Even if they feel it is wrong, why they don't feel so strongly about it?

Justice is for the trusting. A decree made by the strong.

That alone makes me feel that it is wrong, that it is disgusting.