You said you didn't need me anything

But you here you are

Standing at my door

Saying the words I never thought I'd hear

You say you need me, you say I'm the one

But baby, you're a little too late

I'm a little too far gone,

To fall again.

When you find out you're living in a web of lies

It hurts like hell

And there's that period of time

That you wonder if you'll ever get over it

But you can, and baby I'm gone

I'm done.

It's too bad you didn't realize earlier

What you had all along was just fine

But I'm not anybody's second pick

And I don't give no second chances

So you can beg all you want but Baby you lost me when you told me

That I wasn't good enough

And yeah, I cried, pretty damn hard

I'd thought you were the one

But turns out we were done.

But, baby, let me tell you something

It doesn't hurt anymore

Yeah, I'm moving on just fine

And you'll find a girl,

Who won't see a cheater every time

You look her in the eye.

So, I'm done, yeah I'm gone.

Good luck wherever you go,

I'll wish you the best at whatever you do.

But this is the end, don't come calling again.

Cause, buddy, ya know what?

I'm done, I'm gone, I'm moving on

And I don't need you and I don't want you