Author's Note: I got the inspiration for this from Sugarland's song "Stay". It's a great song, check it out!

I'm Not Gonna Ask You To Stay No More

No matter what I do

How many tears I cry

Or words I use to beg you

You'll always go back to her.

That phone on that beside table

Is gonna ring and she's gonna ask you were you are

You're gonna lie and say goodbye

And I'm gonna have to listen to you tell her

That you love her

When I know that's a lie.

Then I'm gonna ask myself,

Why I ever let you stay.

Why I ever chose to live this way

'Cause whenever I think about it

I can't think of a good answer to the question.

I'm done lying to her, to you, to me

I'm done pretending that whatever this is

Is still working for me

So when I see you around

I'll keep pretending like I barely know you

And that this never happened.

Maybe I'll even start to believe it myself.

I never should've thought that I could call your arms home

Cause she probably does the same damn thing

You promised her forever, but you can't keep a promise like that

Hell, there's probably some other women that she and I both don't know

And I'm tired of what you've been giving me.

'Cause that's nothing, baby, don't you see.

I'm tired of being lonely, and waiting on you.

So I'm not gonna ask you to stay no more.

Maybe this good bye the final one, baby,

'Cause you won't be seeing any more of me.