Oct XX, 20XX

Dear Journal,

I woke this morning in a cold sweat. It's the same nightmare every time. I almost forgot that I don't live with my grandparents anymore.

I'm not bitter about the move. I knew that I was going to be living with my mom's brother and his family. The only reason I didn't move sooner was because of my surgery.

It's been a few days since getting here. Everyone is being nice and understanding, they aren't pushing me to speak. I'm thankful for that. It's too hard for me.

My cousin Stella is great. I start school with her tomorrow, and I'm scared; I don't know what to expect. She told me not to worry about it since she'll be driving me to and from school.

Speaking of Stella, she was the one to suggest using text messages for me to communicate with everyone. Uncle Frank and Aunt Nora were more than happy to get me and Max cell phones with unlimited text messaging.

Max is in the first grade, and he tries his best to distract me from the accident. He sticks to my side all day. I don't mind though. He drug me into the living room today to watch TV, and he fell asleep on me. He is a sweet kid.

Aunt Nora is nice. She treats me different, tries to coddle me. I hope that changes soon. She always gives me a sad smileā€¦

Uncle Frank is better about treating me how he treats Max and Stella. He's also my physical therapist. We hope to get my leg working as well as before.

Everyone is trying there best to make me feel welcome, but it's just not the same. I wish I were back home. I wish I was with Mom, and Dad, hearing them joke with each other. I wish I could fight with Jude again, and kick his butt at Soul Caliber. But most of all, I miss Cecilia. I fell like there is a piece of myself missing without her.

I wish I could be with them, but I know that it's impossibleā€¦

AN: Welcome my lovely readers! i got this idea in my head several days ago, so i started getting the characters and basic plot down, and now it's writing time.

This story is entirely fictional, and straight from my head. if there are any similarities to other stories, it is completely coincidental.

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