Dreams are common. My dreams aren't. I don't fly or walk dogs. I have very weird ones. I don't even know what they mean but I always end up dieing, killing someone, or getting hurt. These are my real dreams.

I went to an ordinary elementary school with a play ground. I was in 2nd grade. The dream was in black and white except for one thing, my light purple/ lavender pants. They were my favorite sweat pants that I had. I was on top of the play set when I looked at the school where the gym door should be and saw a brick wall running up pretty high. I kept starring at it when i felt this urg to look around. When I did where all the kids should be there was nothing. I went back to starring at the wall when it exploded and this guy who was extremely fat showed up which was being carried by these really skinny girls and they looked like they weren't fed or even bathed. He pulled out a huge gun and then shot me. Everything was white then i woke up and i was in my parents bed. I don't even remember going in there.

The End :3