People go swimming all the time. Some people, when swimming, think it'll be fun to make up games to play like Mermaids or Penguins. That's what my sibilings and I played the night before my strange dream. So listen close... AND pay attention!... :3

It's fun swimming in an indoor pool with a slide, 10 ft pool, kid area with a bucket of water dropping everytime it fills up, and also a lazy river with people randomley floating by. But what isn't fun is when the lifeguards see you and your friends haanging out in a hot tub with out an adult. See I was underage at the time, but now I am old enough to go in by myself.

I've begged my dad to come with us so we wouldn't get in trouble again. He came. But after five to ten minutes his eyes turned white and pink and told my friends and I ,"Hey! Lets go to The Candyland!" Everyone of my friends were confused. But for some reason I knew what he was talking about so I blurted out, "YAH! LETS GO!" So he told us, "Go under the water, hold youe breathe, and count to ten." My friend said," But the water is to hot," my dad then said," It's okay it won't hurt." So we all went under the water and held our breathes for ten seconds. When we all opened our eyes we saw a puff of smoke come at our faces and we were all falling. Thankfully we all landed safe on a huge gum drop. When I looked back at the sky I noticed that the clouds were made of pink cotton candy. I then looked around and saw trampoliens made out of candy and I told my friends," Hey look! Lets go play!" But my dad stopped us and said," Don't jump to high!"

My friends listened but for some reason I felt I should rebel against him and i jumped SUPER high. When I then realized that I was back in the hot tub. I tried like a hundered times going back into The Candyland but I couldn't. I realized my dad was magical and he could send us there. But I can't do it by myself. But then my dad and my friends came out of the water and asked me," Hey why did you jump so high?!" They told my dad that they wanted to go back. He took them back. I told him," HEY WHAT ABOUT ME!?" He told me no and then I tried again to go back. There felt a hand on my head. I realized it was my dad's. He was drowning me...

Then I woke up

The End :3