This story contains lots of sex. Don't like don't read! One of my first few smutty stories. Message me on that you think and i'll even take requests. Not appropriate for people under 18, but who am I to stop you? hope you enjoy:)

Welcome to Orgy high.

Chloe was the slut of her school, her and all her friends. Orgy high was a joke of a school the only reason kids went there was to get laid and the only teaching the teachers did was on how to fuck someone. Their uniforms were short grey plaid skirts with a high knot tight shirt that stopped under the breast. It was optional to wear underwear, oh and you can't wear anything that covers your tits. They want to be able to see our nipples get hard and our asses need to be showing when we walk.

When Chloe got to class she undid the knot of her shirt letting her perfect c-cup breast fall down. She smirked when her class mates blatantly stared at her chest running their eyes all over her hot body, some even followed her leave by taking off their shirts or showing their bare pussies. When her friends arrived to class they all quickly untied their shirts and grabbed each other's tits pulling and sucking getting their nipples hard. One of the guys in the back put his finger in Chloe's pussy as she moaned.

"You make my cock go all hard for you." He said sending a chill down her spine, before returning to his seat.

Chloe leaned over and whispered into her friend's ear, "I need a hard dick in me right now," as she rubbed her hand over her own bare pussy.

"How about the teacher Chlo?" suggested Mary

Chloe looked the teacher up and down he wasn't bad looking. She had heard the other teachers talking about the size of his member, apparently he was 10 inches. Chloe and her friend strut to the front of the class smiling. He was looking right at her tits.

"Can I help you Chloe? Mary?" he asked

"Yah Mr. Parker, you see…" Chloe said as she sat down on his desk spreading her legs, "I am really horny right now and I really want your hard dick nailing me. NOW!"

He shed all his clothes and stood before her naked.

"Wait" she said "Eat me out while Mary sucks you off."

The other students where now pleasing themselves to this sight. Mary got on her knees and took him into her mouth. She licked his head as her hands lightly squeezed his balls. Mr. Parker (Jim) rubbed his hand on her wet core, causing her to buck her hips. He squeezed her clit. Mary sucked harder on Jim's cock, running her teeth against his length. Jim stuck his tongue deep into Chloe loving how she tasted, feeling her walls going deep. Jim came in Mary's mouth. Chloe came with a loud scream and he licked her clean. Chloe didn't have much time to relax before Jim started fucking her. Mary came and sat on her face as Jim fuckes her harder. Mary starts grinding onto her face and Chloe licks her g-spot.

"Oh fuck Chlo, right there I'm going to cum." Mary screamed out

"That's right you girls are such whores."

Mary got off of Chloe and left to go clean herself up. Jim pulled out of Chloe and flipped her onto her stomach. He started slapping her ass turning it bright red. He went into her tight ass, feeling her streach to fit him.

"Uh so fucking tight" he said pounding into her

"Fuck harder" she begged

"I'm going to cum slut" he went harder and harder into her, shooting his load into her ass.

Just then the bell rang dismissing them for this class and off to the next.

"Alright class, don't forget to read the next few pages of the Kama Sutra so we can have a discussion tomorrow." He said pulling out of Chloe

"I don't know Hector" Abby said a little nervous

"Please babe this is the only way for me to make the team" he said giving his girl friend a peck on the cheek

"Alright I'll do it."

She walked into the boy's locker room holding Hectors hand. Six boys circled around them.

"So who's this that you've brought us?" asked one of the boys he had just a towel around his waist

"She's pretty, can't wait to see what's under this" another boy said pulling at her dress.

"So hector this is how it works you leave and she stays. For a while at least." The first boy says

"Alright, then I'm on the team?" asks hector.

"Only if she's good" a different boy says

"Ok then I'm off" he kisses Abby goodbye and walks out the door. The second boy goes over and locks the door.

"What's your name sweet heart?" the first boy says

"Abby, my names Abby"

"Take off your clothes Abby, lay down on the bench."

She did as told. One by one their boners sprang up. Hungry eyes pierced through her. The six boys started roaming their hands over her naked body. Suddenly Abby started feeling aroused. She needed to cum, she needed relief. The boys brought their rock hard dicks to her. One of the jocks sat down by her wet cunt. He brought his shaft up to her asshole and inserted it deeply. Another one roughly shoved his dick into her pussy. The one who she guessed was the captain turned her head so she faced his length. She opened her mouth willingly.

He let out a deep chuckle before saying "Guess she was me to fuck that pretty little mouth of hers" he stuck his cock in her mouth and she began deep throating him.

She felt someone on her torso and turned slightly to see. One of the guys was pushing her boobs together and started fucking them. The other two jocks started masturbating using her hand as they watched. Suddenly everyone stopped, and then started trusting in unison. Abby's cries of pleasure where drowned out by the six voices around her. She felt the dicks inside of her tense up and the two in her hand also. The six boys gasped loudly and began shooting their loads inside of her and on her. They stated to pull away from her.

"Wait" she cried "I haven't cum yet"

"I'll take care of that" said the leader. He dismissed all the other boys.

"Ugggg… yeah right their….don't stop" Abby exclaimed

"Fuck, bet your boyfriend never nails you this good."

"Faster…Faster" she said between breaths.

"Cum in me" she begged. And he did

"My names Jake by the way" Jake said.

"Nice to meet you, now fuck me in the ass"

Jake pulled out of her and rammed his dick into her tight ass.

"Your such a cock slut. You love having me fuck you fast and hard"

"Yes! I'm such a whore I'm you whore." Abby said making a deep throat moan

"Good now take all of my fucking cock" Jake slammed into her with all his might"

"Ohh god. I fucking love you fucking me. Your cock is so big and fills me up so much"

With one last thrust that sent them both over the edge calling each other's names.