"Okay girls this year for fundraiser we are going to so a bikini car wash.


Well it was the only idea voted through by the faculty.

Oh, well when is it.

Tomorrow and I want all you girls there.


Okay ladies I need three of you on the corner advertising, five of you washing, four drying, and two working money.- Mr Ronald

Mr Ronald walked around supervising the girls. He watched as they soaped up and washed the cars. At break he sat in his black Cadillac and started to jerk off. He imagined the girls where washing his car. He pictures they half naked bodies all wet and soapy pushing their boobs on his windshield trying to reach. He stroked his hard cock as he continued to think of the girls throwing sponges at each other and playfully smacking asses. As he got a nice rhythm he imagined the girls asking if they could wash him. Then they would strip naked and undress him. The would take his cock and polish it with their mouths. Getting him hard. They would get the soppy water and wash him making him cum all over their perfect bodies. Then he would wash them. He could fell the cum start to rise as he stroked his dick to his imagination. He would lick all the girls clean. And they would beg for him to stick his big dick in them. At that thought he came into a tissue. He cleaned up and went to go check the girls progress.


good job girls - mr Ronald

Thanks, hey girls let's give Mr Ronald a free cleaning to thank him

No it's okay

We insist

The girls started to wash his car. And then as if it where unreal. They took off their bikini tops and started to rub each other. Then two girls approached Mr Ronald and made him stand up. The first girl took his hands and rubbed them on her body while the second girl dropped to her knees and took off his pants. He was hard from watching the other girls who where now making out with each other. He could feel the hot mouth of the second girl on his dick as the first girl also got on her knees and started massaging his balls. He started moaning as he watched the other girls start humping each other. He came down the second girls throat. The. The two Gil's started fucking each other. The second girl was laying on the ground as the first girl was eating out her pussy and was shoving fingers up her ass. He got behind the first girl as the others came to join. Another girl with big tits sat on the other girls face. She ground her pussy on the young girl. Mr Ronald stuck his penis in the girl and started fucking her from behind as he got the best view to all the other girls. The other girls where riding and licking eachother. Some where all naked while others still had bottoms on. He trusted harder and evenly came all other the girls. They squealed in delight.