I'm so tired, I'm so restless,
I'm so broken, I'm so new,
I'm so empty, I'm so full,
help me understand, why is it
that I'm not?

No physical damage, no wounds to heal,
no scars that mark me, no prove to render
to those who seek the cause, the cause of
what makes me strange, what makes me blurry
through their eyes.

But why should I?

Why do I have to prove them what makes me who I am?
I'm tired, oh, so tired of their judgement,
of their acid words and sharp looks,
I'm tired of seeing them detonate without consequence,
there is never a consequence, and the river flows
deep in lies and pretense.

I'm tired, and I wish everything could slow down,
just a minute everyday, let me breathe,
let me think, I'm not asking for much,
not much compared to what you ask us and
they don't do.

What's the difference?

If I stumble I make the foundation crack,
if they stumble no one notices, but I'm still
one to blame, defenseless against their
minds, I am left to look out for my own being.
Should I let them tear me down?
Walk all over me as long as they like?

I can't. Not anymore.
I'm so tired. I'm so broken.
I'm so new. I'm so flawed.
I'm so criticized. I'm no one.
And you are not prepared for my truth.