Mount Fireoch, 3114

Professor Jake Mortensen was diligently working in the lab when something on the ground radar caught his eye. He glanced at it quickly, and did a double take. He quickly turned off the excavator, and sprinted out the door to the foreman's cabin. He quickly knocked on the door.

"What do you want?! blared Peter Bowden. He is one of those foremen, one who the only reason you're knocking on his door is if you have something important.

"Sir, I think we found something," responded Mortensen breathlessly" something important," saying the magic word.

"Important? How important?" Bowden said excitedly.

"It breaks all known science. We found a body, a humanoid body embedded in the side of this glacier sir. He's in the layer that's from two thousand years ago. The thing is sir, he still has a heartbeat. A strong one." Mortensen explained quickly.

"Well then, let's get going." Bowden responded. He quickly grabbed his coat and bolted out the door. He kept running to where the excavation crew was working on digging whatever or whoever this humanoid was. When he got there, he looked down at the body. What he saw, surprised him. The body was humanoid, but was black, with red lines crisscrossing the body leading to where a heart would be. The body appeared to be made of smoke and solid black metal. "Alright boys, Let's get this thing out of that whole and bring him to the lab in the Federation of the States."

"Sir, are you suggesting we put an unknown humanoid object on an enclosed ship and ride with it across an ocean to a lab in the middle of a desert?" objected Mortensen.

"I wasn't suggesting it. I was ordering it. Let's go! Chop-chop, gentlemen!" Bowden shouted "we've got ourselves a rich amount of money here!" What he didn't realize was that this find wouldn't just change his life, it would also end it.

The flight across the Danasia Ocean was fairly uneventful. When the flight landed at the lab, they rushed the body into an examination room. They strapped the body to a gurney to do experiments on it to see how closely it related to humankind. The body was all black, with indentations along the body that were faintly glowing red. The face undefined, but looked vaguely human. When the scientists sent electric shocks coursing throughout this being's body, nothing appeared to happen. Then where a human's heart would be, a brilliant scarlet came out and flowed through the indentations. It flowed up and around the face illuminating the features. The eyes jolted open and were a startling crimson with black irises and pupils. This thing started struggling against the restraining bonds, and finally burned through them. It jumped down from the gurney, then faced the scientists through the one way mirror, and melted it. He stepped through the melted gap.

One of the scientists pressed the alarm and called security. When security arrived they opened fire on the humanoid. One of them had a flamethrower and lit up this being. The being absorbed the flame and grew brighter and brighter until all of a sudden, it exploded. The ensuing fireball and explosion vaporized the entire lab and mountain it was built into. When the smoke had cleared, all that was left was a massive crater, with a black figure at the very bottom. Slowly the black figure turned into a human. A woman stood at the very top of the crater. "Hayden, what did you do this time?" she said shaking your head. She disappeared in a puff of smoke and reappeared next to the man at the bottom of the crater. She picked him up and disappeared. The man was from two thousand years ago and hadn't aged a single day. The last time she had seen him was when she thought he died two thousand years ago...