Lillian snuck into the target's tent very carefully and quietly. She didn't want to startle him. She was wearing a black robe, turban and face mask. The only visible thing were her startling emerald green eyes. Pulling her knife out, she crept towards the target. He rolled onto his back, and Lillian gasped uncontrollably. He was incredibly handsome and he had the marks of the People.

Her gasp was enough to wake up Tyson. He bolted upright. Seeing the assassin, he unsheathed his sword. He noticed that the assassin was slight of frame. They were incredibly fast, but so was Tyson. The assassin sped in and tried to end it right away. Tyson parried it instantly, and they exchanged blow after blow until the assassin got a cut in on Tyson's arm. He jumped back, glanced at it and then charged the impact knocked the mask off of the assassin. The assassin was actually a woman of Tyson's age. She had alabaster skin and jet black hair. Her emerald green eyes startled Tyson and stopped him in his tracks. A guard, hearing some of the noise, came to the entrance and called to Tyson, "Sir, everything okay in there?"

"Yeah, just a bird. All taken care of." Tyson looked back to the woman. She was gone! He was disturbed by this fact. Deciding to clear his head, he took a walk around the camp. The cool evening and sounds of nature quickly took his mind off of what just happened. relaxed, he went back to his tent and fell asleep, not knowing that it would be his last with this group of people.