July 5th, 2004

Fort Worth, Texas

5:30 PM

A small group of kids walked down the street all laughing and talking to one another as they licked their ice cream cones. Lichtenberg, the oldest and current leader of their group talked to Serenity the quietest, but smartest of the group. "How can you say the fireworks weren't cool?" he asked licking his vanilla ice cream.

"I just don't see how lighting a fire in the sky is cool." she shrugged.

"Your joking right?" Scarlet, Serenity's best friend, asked. "What could be cooler than watching the sky burst into flames?"

Erin, the youngest and most shy of the group, giggled, "Serenity just doesn't think like us." she mumbled smiling softly.

"I agree with Serenity they should think of something cooler." Tyler, Erin's best friend and self appointed guarding, smiled.

"Like maybe a big air show with jets." Erin nodded, "That might make Serenity smile." she giggled poking her emotionless friends cheek while liking her mint ice cream.

"An air show would be awesome!" Aaron grinned thinking about watching jets fly over their heads.

"Oh, shut it Iron." Scarlet smirked seeing Aaron blush at the old nickname.

"Kids!" Their mothers yelled in unison, "Time to come home!" The kids all groaned and hugged saying their goodbyes then went to their respective mothers and home all looking saddened to be leaving their friends. "Are you packed?" Their mothers asked each nodding and went up to their rooms.