Anthony's Home, Orlando, FL, Planet Earth (Designated Planet Tarareth IV as of 2110 Planetary Reassignment by the Zentennolist Collective), 01/01/2115, 1500

Kilo yawns as he awakes from his nap. He stands from his bed and takes to the window of his room. He sighs at the sight before him. A yellow fog hovers over the neighborhood as a wasp waiting for its prey. He's never seen such a color hovering across the entire neighborhood. What he doesn't know is this fog has grown to encompass the entire planet as a blanket covering a sleeping child. He turns from the window and heads across the hall toward his father's room. A quick glance around the room rewards him with no sight of his father. Kilo walks toward the dresser in his direct eyesight and finds a picture of himself, his mother, and father smiling. He sighs as he takes in the features of his father. A tree bark skinned man, golden eyes filled with care and concern, encased in the blue armored shirt and pants of a Zentennolist warrior. He averts his gaze to his mother, an angelic face toned honey, encased in an ocean blue dress that swept the floor she stood on. He turns from the picture to the empty bed as he is lost in thought.

"Where could he be? He wouldn't have just disappeared without giving notice of me or my mother. What's going on?"

Fear soars through him as he remembers the Iscariot-Zentennolist Conflict five years ago….as he remembered his father and mother's deaths. He flashes his eyes at the thought. His father wasn't dead, nothing happened to him. He…just wasn't in the house at the moment. His fears cease as his body is shrouded by a white aura. He inhales deep as the energy of the Consummate Master State surges through his body. He steps back in shock when he realizes that his father is not only not at home, but not on the planet! His aura fades as he notices his father's biosignature green and secure surrounded by the, at times, overprotective Imperial Swordsman. He exhales as the aura of C.M.S. fades. He flashes around to find his mother standing behind him smiling. She flashes her blue pools as she walks over to her son. She kneels down to his height and stares into his purple orbs.

"Kilo, I can take you to him, don't worry, he's fine."

Kilo nods as he grabs his mother's hand. Straightaway, a golden light winks into existence. When it fades, the two are nowhere to be seen.

A moment later in the void of space, a golden light winks into being. A rainbow of color fills the dark void as Kilo and his mother emerge from it. Kilo hovers in front of the moon of Earth. He tilts his head to one side, as he eyed the curious blue aura encompassing it. He turns to his mother.

"Mama, what's going on, why is the moon surrounded by a blue orb?"

Victoria speaks as she floats in front of her son.

"Kilo, there's something you must know. The Planet Earth is being destroyed by a plague of golden mist known as the Foremythic Promenance. As you can see, the moon has a blue aura enshrouding it. The moon will be a safe haven for all Zentennolists and those that wish to leave Earth before it is destroyed by the mist. As of now, the moon is the new capital city of a new empire, the Zentennolist Empire."

The boy faces the moon in awe. His eyes widen as blue light shimmers around the satellite. As the light fades, golden, diamond shaped vessels appear from it. When the light fully dissipates, fifty of the diamond vessels are surrounding the celestial body, ready to attack should the need arise. He trained his eyes on his mother.

"Take me to my Dad, Mama, please! I need to know what's going on!"

Victoria exhales as a white light enshrouds them both. Kilo's heart drops into his stomach as they begin roaring toward the moon at light speed. In an instant, they halt in front of a building, grey as the surface of the moon it sits on. Victoria turns to her son.

"Welcome to the Zentennolist Empire's Imperial Court Building. This one of the many buildings on this new world of ours, son."

Kilo nods as he and his mother enter the building. He smiles as his eyes scan the walls, finding green dove crested flags decorating the walls. Kilo glows white and the aura fades straightaway. He breaks into a run as he speeds down the hall and makes a sharp right turn. He halts in front of a golden door. He opens it and sighs in relief finding the Imperial Court clad in blue armored clothing. He spots his father and runs toward him only to embrace him a hug a moment later.

Anthony turns to kneel down at his son.

"Hi, son, I'm glad you could make it."

Kilo buries his head in his father's armored shirt and sighs in contentment. "I'm so glad I found you."

Anthony returns his son's hug and kneels down to him. "Well, son, what did you think happened to me?"

The boy shakes his head as he trains his eyes on his father. "Nothing, Daddy, I'm just glad you're okay. Now, can you tell me what's going on?"

Anthony faces his Imperial Swordsmen. They nod and he turns to his son. "Son, here's what's going on…one we are now our own nation, the Zentennolist Empire. Two, the Earth is dying, it is being poisoned by the yellow fog that you saw. Three, because of this, I have gathered all the Zentennolists of this world and everyone else that believed the message that I sent down to Earth of its impending death. Four, due to this, the humans that caused this casualty will make war on us. Finally, when we win the fight against the humans, we will escape with the Imperial Fleet of Righteous Cause to the neutral system of Ozralia to come in orbit around a more peaceful planet."

Kilo hugs his father again as he speaks,

"I'm just glad you're safe!"

Anthony returns his son's hug and pulls him out to his eyes.

"You worry too much about me son. Now, let us prepare for the upcoming battle."

Kilo nods as his body is enshrouded by a white aura. He screams forth as spikes protrude from his arms and chest. He grins as his father unsheathes his sword and charges toward him. Anthony chuckles as he dodges the spines that fly toward him with the blade of his sword. Kilo fades into nothing and reappears behind his father. He scoffs as the pitch black spines roar from his right arm, striking his father in the back. A blue aura enshrouds Anthony and breaks away in a particle shower. He regards son as a blue light winks into existence in front of them. He grinned as the man clad in a grey military uniform flashes his teal eyes and speaks,

"Kaiser Premier Executor, Anthony Centriany, I am Emperor Akahia Gorvanus of the Imperial States and Nations of Earth. You Zentennolists are in direct violation of our agreement! Lower your shields and power down your weapon systems. Your ships will be commandeered by officers of I.S.N.E."

Anthony's eyes glow a red-blue hue and return to their normal hue the moment he speaks.

"Listen here, human, you and your unenlightened ilk have destroyed this planet. Right now, it is shrouded in a veil of yellow smog known to us now as the Foremythic Promenance. We have evacuated as many humans as we could that would listen to my message of the fall of this world. Now, if you don't wish to listen we will simply leave this system and you to your fate."

Akahia chuckles as ten ships ascend from the planet and hover in front of the Zentennolist Imperial Homeworld and its fleet. He throws his head back as he cackles, evil resonating in his voice.

"You don't seem to understand, Zentennolist, I'm not giving you a choice. Surrender now, or I destroy everyone on your planetoid."

Anthony steps back in anger and shock. He sighs as he faces the Emperor.

"Do you realize by destroying my Imperial Homeworld you would kill over half a million innocent men, women, and children?! What is wrong with you? You would kill us simply because we don't wish to reside on a planet that's dying?"

The man smirked, indicating the horrid truth of Anthony's question.

"Yes, I wish to control this planet and you will not stop me. Your people have spacefaring capabilities that humans could only wish for."

Anthony sighs as he turns to his son. He faces the image.

"Listen, I've got a proposition. A battle between the two of us. I win, we leave. If not, I'll simply wipe out your ships and leave to a remote system."

The man scoffs as his image fades into nothing. Kilo growls as he falls to the floor of the building. He trains his eyes on his father who turns to his Imperial Swordsmen.

"What's going on, General Sarahia?"

"The humans are attacking us, Kaiser, we need to get the Imperial Homeworld out of the system."

"Very well, but first, I'm going to destroy those human ships."

Kilo grabs his father's hand before he walks out the building.

"Not without me."

Anthony nods as he and his son are encased in a blue aura. When it fades, the Imperial Swordsmen turn to the ship controls.

A white light winks into existence, changing into a reddish-blue as Anthony and his son form from it. They gaze around the void of space, identifying the enemy straightaway. Kilo turns to one of the ships and screams forth as his body is shrouded in the white aura of CMS. He aims his now spiked arm at the ship and smirks as the black spikes soar from his arms and chest, impaling the ship. Straightaway, the ship bursts into flames and flies apart in clumps of metal, decimated by the boy's attack. He turns toward his father who is battling two ships head on. He regards the severity of their fight as the red lasers roar from the ships' side mounted guns and strike his father. Anthony screams as he fades into the depths of space only to reappear behind the severed, burning ship. Kilo sighs as the ship explodes in a ball of green-blue flame. Anthony emits a guttural growl as his body is encased by a blue aura. Kilo rushes to his father's side to find him unconscious. He screams as he places his hands on him, glowing golden. A white light enshrouds Anthony, fading a moment later with him back on the capital city. Kilo sighs as he looks up to the man responsible for dealing the blow to his father. Akahia flashes his teal pools as he hovers over to Kilo, M67 rifle drawn. Kilo trains his eyes on the gun, finding it the shape of a rhombus.

"Kid, so I take it that was your father I immobilized?"

Kilo screams forth his power as his body glows a purplish hue, his eyes glow gold-blue, both a sign of his anger and increased power.

"You…you…you're nothing but a monster."

"So, what, child!"

Kilo winces as the gun's bullets strike his armor. He charges toward Akahia, spines roaring from his chest and arms. Kilo halts behind the man. Akahia coughs as he ceases moving, spikes penetrating from his chest through to his back.

Kilo turned to the body floating in the void of space.

"Good riddance, pathetic human."

He exhales as his body returns to normal. Before he can turn toward the capital world, his body feels heavy. He sighs as he drifts into unconscious.


Sometime later, he awakens in a white walled room. He turns to his right to find his father and mother both smiling as they hover above him. Kilo bounds up, wincing in pain a moment later. He trains his eyes on his father.

"Dad, where are we? Where am I?"

"You're at home, son. Our new home in Imperial District 1 of the Zentennolist Empire."1

"What about the fleet that attacked us?"

"The last ship retreated. Right now, we are on our way to the system of Ozralia. You did a good job taking out the enemy."

Kilo trains his eyes on his father and hugs him as he speaks.

"Dad, I'm glad we're safe and sound. I just….I never thought that humans would be our enemy."

"Don't worry, these humans we've got with us aren't enemies. Don't hate them because they didn't understand why we had to leave."

Kilo nods as he lays down on the bed.

"I'm just glad it's over."

Anthony smiles as he kisses his son's forehead and leaves to the Imperial Court Building. Finally, he and his people, the Zentennolists, can rest in peace, free from the dying world that was once their home.


Upon reaching the Imperial Court Building he finds his brother standing beside two creatures. Upon second glance, Anthony finds the taller of the two sporting pointed ears while the shorter of the two is now hovering beside Thelorus and the pointed eared creature. He scans their clothing to find robes enveloping them both, green and blue on the short creature and solid green on the taller of the two.

They both smile as the shorter man speaks, "I am Afarim of the Kingdom of Faerikidom on the planet Norvas below your Holy City and this," he points to the pointed ear donning creature, "is Alexandreaus, king of the Elves on the planet Norvas. We are here to establish peaceful relations with you Kaiser Centriany of the Zentennolists. We belong to the United Human Directorate and Norvas is their capital world. We are the main representatives of the U.H.D. for now seeing as Admiral Sarah Gorvanus is out of the system on an important mission."

Anthony nods at their affirmation. "I understand. I thank you both, I'm glad we have come across a peaceful planet. I pray that our relations will be peaceful from this point onward."

Afarim and Alexandreaus both nod as Anthony smiles at them. He sighs mentally. Though he is happy to be greeted by peaceful people, he has no idea what's going to come in the coming years.