Anthony's Home, Imperial District 1, Zentennolist Empire, 03/29/2398, 0800

"Kilo Centriany, get over here right now!"

Jessica chases the small bot throughout the home. Kilo's face is covered by a space black mask. This, combined with his model lioness class ships, is what he just used to scare Jessica as she woke up.

"Aw come on, Jessica-neechan, it was just a joke!" he wails as he hides under the Front Hall table.

"You knew the consequences if you did that. Now take the retribution like a man." Jessica finishes as she sneaks behind the table.

With light speed, she reaches under and grabs Kilo by the leg. "Gotcha!" She drags him out and holds him upside down by his legs. Jessica carries her defeated little brother to the hoversofa and sits down with him in her lap.

Tossing his mask to the floor, she speaks, "That wasn't nice, Kilo-kun. You really scared me." Jessica smirks as she starts to tickle his belly.

"Ha ha ha ha! I'm ha ha ha s...sorry!"

His words are lost as he laughs at his nee-chan's relentless onslaught. She grabs his foot and continues her assault. "I don't think you're as sorry as you should be."

After removing his sock, she tickles his foot directly. Kilo tears up as he attempts to break free of his nee-chan's hold.

After twenty minutes, Jessica halts her assault and pulls Kilo into a warm hug.

Kilo sighs in contentment as he buries his head in Jessica's pajama top. "Jessica-neechan, I promise I won't prank you anymore. I can't stand to get tickled like that again."

Jessica nods as Kilo turns around and sits in her lap. She tousles his hair and giggles. "That was the point of my tickling you for twenty straight minutes, Kilo-kun."

Kilo sighs, exhaustion evident in his breathing.

Jessica smiles as she lifts Kilo into her arms and holds him high in the air. "How about we play, Quingar, otouto-kun?"

Kilo shakes his head as he faces his nee-chan. "No, I'm worn out from your tickling assault."

"Well, I'll just hold you and we can watch Idiotic Hypercrime, how's that?"

Kilo nods as he is set in his nee-chan's lap and held close as she activates the holoprojector. He smiles at her before watching his favorite show with his nee-chan.

Anthony's Home, Imperial District 1, Zentennolist Empire, 03/30/2398, 1800

"Jessica-neechan! Jessica-neechan!"

Jessica averts her eyes from her book and spots Kilo in her doorway crying. Before she is able to get up, Kilo flies over to her and buries his head in her chest.

"Neechan...I...I saw Mama and Daddy in their room lying flat on their bed. I...I tr...tried to wa...wake them, but...but they didn't get up!"

Jessica rubs Kilo's back as she speaks, "Did you notice anything different about them, Kilo-kun?"

Kilo pulls his head from his sister's chest and trains his teary lavender pools on her. "I...I don't know. I...I got scared! They...they aren't...aren't...WAAAAAH!"

Jessica pulls her distressed brother into her arms and kisses his forehead whilst rubbing his back. "Kilo-kun, I don't think they're what you're thinking they are."

She stands with him in her warm embrace and enters the hall. Her body flashes purple as she enters her parents' room. Upon approaching the bed, she finds her parents' bodies motionless. She examines them close while Kilo's head is still buried in her dress, soaking the garment with fresh tears. Jessica smiles upon finding a "Z" and infinity symbol on their foreheads.

Pulling Kilo out to arm's length, she speaks as he trains his teary eyes on her. "Otouto-kun, they aren't dead. They are exozenobaspacing."

Kilo sniffles as tears well in his eyes. "Wha-what's exozenobaspacing?"

"Xenobaspacing is an ability that allows a person's spirit to leave the body and traverse the galaxy and the spiritual realms."

Kilo nods as he's carried into the living room. Once inside, Jessica sits on the hoversofa with her little brother in her lap.

Kilo sighs in relief as he hugs his nee-chan. When he breaks free from the embrace, he materializes a chess board. Jessica chuckles as she sets Kilo beside her and the chess board hovers in between them. Jessica smiles as they begin playing. She chuckles mentally as she watches Kilo's movements. She takes note that her little brother plays chess or seeks comfort from her when his mind is at its most jumbled.