Just another emo love story

There's a girl

Hiding behind her beautiful curls,

She's sitting in the corner.

Thinking about the lies they told her,

She isn't beautiful on the outside,

She isn't worth finding out what's on the inside

That's what she believes

Because that's what they see

She has so many scars,

They're a bleeding sign on her arm.

That she isn't worth the fight

That there is no reason to live her life.

She always wears a smile

But she hasn't been happy in a while...

There's this guy,

That believes love is only a lie.

He's sitting in his room,

Thinking about what everyone assumes.

He is just a fag on the outside

Who cares what's on the inside?

He doesn't believe,

Because She is all he can see.

They both are scarred

He sees her disregard

He's willing to fight,

To see her life filed with light.

She sees past that plastered on smile

He wants to be the reason she laughed in such a long while...

After a while

He stopped seeing her struggle for a smile.

She gave up the fight

She wanted to end her life.

She started to cut a little bit deeper,

She didn't try to cover.

He couldn't believe,

That she's ready to leave.

He sees how amazing she is on the inside,

How beautiful she is one the outside.

He told the truth, for once no lies, to her.

He lifted her frail body from the corner,

Pushed away the beautiful curls,

And asked, Will you be my girl?