How I feel. True feelings.

What if everything around you isn't real. Your friends and family aren't true. They are fake. Not like robots but like they have no emotion to your events. I have no proof but as far as I know I'm the only "real" person out there.

We are a speck of dust compared to the universes and galaxies out there. Think about the smaller things compared. There are so many universes out there and so many types too. This is hoing to be hard to explain but, what if there was a globe/ planet of universes. Instead of them just floating out there they are like trees many types but explained as one thing tree- universe. So what if there is a globe of universes.

What if we can make a stronger human, but of course it won't be called a human. What if we are able to weave someones skin to make it thicker because pratically everything is woven. Shirts, jeans, blankets. Second thought that'll be weird so umm no they would tear to easily...

I don't know how to explain things but one feeliing I do have is that everyone and thing is extremely cool. To be able to try different things compared to dogs who have one type of food and drink unless you wanna spend a lot of money on them but basically they have one type of food. To enjoy things our emotions our feelings amazing. My first thought like this was in second grade. I looked at my hand and moved my fingers and it amazed me so much. Like I am amazed also by languages and how many there are and how we understand and comunicate with each other is amazing and why is there different languages? But you have to understand these things are amazing and believe me we have like 650,000 hours to live our lives from the time we are born till we die. Speaking of death I am interrested in that too. What happens after. What feeling will we have then?

I'll load more when I think of more things... lol


keep calm and don't blink

group of flamingos is called a flamboyence (sp)