First of all, I want to clarify that English is not my first language, and I want to apologize for any mistakes that I may have, and I would like to ask you to point them out for me so I can improve (as long as you are polite about it).

To be honest, this story is product of a homework I had in my fourth year of high school (back in 2009), where in literature we were asked to resume or writhe our own version of "Romeo and Juliet" and from that came the first version of this; and then, after we read the play, we were suppose to re-do what we have done previously, and that's how this came to be.

Disclaimer: "Romeo and Juliet" is an original play of William Shakespeare and all the rights goes to whoever has them now (I have no idea). This story is simply inspired by said famous play of said famous author.

Thank you for reading and hope you like it!

Inspired by:

William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"


Angel "Angy" Whitestar

Andrew "Andy" Starmorris, her best friend

Angel's guards and servants

Alexander "Alex" Allison

Alma Montez, his best friend

Emina, regent of the city

Angelo, Emina's nephew and Angel's 'friend'



Chapter I:

Narrator: Angel was walking down the city's streets alongside her guards.

Angel: (she looks weird at the narrator, but ignores him and goes her way) "Oh, how beautiful is this city where I live, not one compares to it. How cruel would fate be if it thorns me apart from this streets, because my heart is and will always belong to this, my city"

Guard N° 1: What possessed you into speaking like that?

Angel: Hey" Can't a girl get poetic once in a while?

Guard N° 2: Remember that we came to pick up your suit, and we are already late for the tailor.

Angel: It's not my fault the carriage crashed! That old lady came out of nowhere!

Narrator: While saying that, she turns around the corner and comes face to face with her best friend, Andrew.

Andrew: (looks curiously at the narrator, but ignores him and talks to Angel) wouldn't it be because you're irresponsible? I've been waiting for you for a while.

Angel: (sarcastically) I love you too, Andy. Besides it's not THAT late.

Andrew: (between sarcastic and annoyed) oh, right, I'm sorry, I forgot that in your world, 'one hour late' is not that late.

Angel: (changing the subject) do you know if my suit is done?

Andrew: What for? As if a dress would make you look prettier.

Angel: Ha-ha. Why do I stay here listening to you? I have a party to go to.

Narrator: Angel goes her way and Andrew follows behind her.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Alexander's grandparents are preparing him for the party.

Alexander: (ignoring the Narrator) Do I have to go?!

Grandma: Of course! You're not going to leave me alone with your grandfather.

Alexander: But I don't want to…

Grandma: Don't be stubborn, we all go. Besides, look how pretty you are!

Alexander: (sulking) but why?

Grandpa: Remember, grandson, that we are guest of honor. It would be rude, and a waste, not to go.

Grandma: And it's not like we can miss it, we'll be losing a great chance to make friends with the regent Emina.

Alexander: But I don't want to go.

Grandma: Stop complaining, and you're too cute not to go.

Narrator: Grandma tries to hug Alexander, but he backs down and at that moment, Alma, his best friend, walks into the room.

Alma: (looks weird at the narrator, but ignores him and talks to Alexander) I see you're ready for the party, Alex.

Narrator: The grandparents get out of the room, leaving them alone.

Alexander: (looks at the narrator for a second, but continues talking to Alma) I don't want to go to the party.

Alma: Why not?

Alexander: Because everyone there is as old as the wheel, and I'm not in the mood to listen to a conversation about things that happened centuries ago.

Alma: Don't over react! There would be people of our age too.

Alexander: Ugh, only pampered children that only worry about how their hair looks from behind. By the way, how does my hair looks from behind?

Alma: (resisting the urge to laugh) Fine. Would you accompany me to the market? I need some earrings to go with my shoes.

Narrator: And then both leave the room. In the afternoon, Angel meets with Andrew and her 'friend' Angelo.

Angelo: (looks amused at the narrator, but then focuses all his attention on the girl, talking to her with an insinuating tone of voice) Hi, Angy.

Angel: (uncomfortable) Angelo (turns to talk to Andrew) Why did you invited him?

Andrew: He insisted.

Angelo: Oh, I'm hurt by your anger Angy; you know I love you…

Angel: For my money.

Angelo: It's a kind of love.

Angel: Whatever…where are we going?

Andrew: I wanted to go to a pub, but you're underage. So we thought to go to a Church and 'ask' for the communion's wine.

Angel: Why would they give it to us?

Andrew: Dunmass…just follow me.

Narrator: The three start walking and in a few minutes they reach the Church. In front of its doors, Andrew explains the plan to Angel.

Andrew: Ok, it's very simple: you go and talk to the priest to distract him, while Angelo and I steal the wine. Understood?

Angel: But why do I tell them?

Andrew: I don't know. Say something like that you're worry about your immortal soul, that kind of thing. LIE!

Angel: Ok.

Narrator: Angel gets inside the Church, even when she had no idea how to distract the priest.

Angelo: We're gonna get caught.

Andrew: I know…

Narrator: Inside the Church, Angel finds the priest who comes to greet her.

Priest: Good day. What brings you here young lady?

Angel: (surprised) 'lady'? Most people have a hard time noticing it.

Priest: What troubles your mind?

Angel: Ahh… (Hesitating) I was…thinking about…marriage?

Priest: That's very wise for someone your age, there's nothing more important in a young lady's life than to preserve herself for her wedding night.

Angel: Ah, well…the thing is…that…maybe…I'm not…that 'pure'.

Priest: What have you done?

Narrator: Angel nears the priest and whispers on his ear about that night she spend in Angelo's house, of which she didn't wanted to remember.

Angel: (Embarrassed) well…what he said.

Priest: I understand your concern, but believe me that if you pray for forgiveness, the lord in his infinity wisdom shall relieve you of your sins.

Angel: The thing is that…I don't believe.

Priest: (stays quiet for a moment) Oh…

Narrator: In the face of her wrong answer, the priest starts to chase Angel for profaning a sacred place with her lack of faith.

Angel: (nervous) Ehh…I think I should start running.

Priest: You think?

The idea of bringing the 'narrator' as a character originated because in the first version (which I made more like a tale than a script) my teacher got confuse with the particular narrator I used (I have a narrator very, very omniscient, who sometimes interacts with the characters) and told me to find a way to fix it, so when I re-did it, I decided to add the narrator as a character that was there seeing everything and commenting on things (sometimes even before it happened), but who everyone would just simply ignore.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed it.

I would try to update the next and final chapter next week.