Here's the ending of this little play, hope you'll like it and thanks for reading!

Chapter II:

Narrator: Angel, escaping from the priest, runs through the streets till she crash against someone on the road and she knocks that person on the floor, who happens to be Alexander's grandmother.

Angel: I'm sorry!

Grandma: Look what you've done! My new dress is all dirty with mood!

Angel: I'm sorry, let me help you up.

Grandma: No! Don't come near me.

Angel: Please lady, let me help you.

Narrator: Angel and Grandma struggle with such force for the pour dress that it ended to break and Angel get a big part of its skirt on her hands.

Angel: (looks with hatred at the narrator) I'm…sorry?

Grandma: (does not move for a while) my…dress.

Angel: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Narrator: Regardless of her apologies, the history would never witness a more savage punishment as the one Angel suffered on Grandma's hands.

Angel: (looks scare at the narrator) Goodbye (leaves running).

Grandma: Come back here! Don't think you've free yourself! I would chase you to the very deeps of Hell if I have to!

Narrator: In that moment Alma comes, startled by Grandma's yells.

Alma: Grandma! What happened?

Grandma: My dress, my beautiful dress! When I catch that bastard, I'm gonna make him wish he was dead!

Alma: I think…Her name's Angel, and she is the heir of the Whitestar's fortune.

Grandma: (puzzled) She?

Alma: Yes, she.

Grandma: Well it doesn't matter; I'll never forgive her for breaking my beautiful new dress.

Alma: Come; let's go home to get you another dress for the party.

Narrator: Both leave. At night, already at the party, Andrew is chatting with Angel.

Andrew: I can't believe a priest kicked your ass.

Angel: Nuns hit harder. Were you able to take the wine?

Andrew: Nah, we weren't going to do it anyway.

Angel: What?

Andre: I had bet Angelo that you wouldn't last ten minutes with the priest, and if it weren't for one minute, I would have won.

Angel: You son of a…!

Narrator: Censored. Remember kids that this is a children's tale.

Angel: Why the *%#& do I still hang out with you? You're a *-%/*¬{°%=.

Narrator: Angelo arrives then, and hugs Angel by the shoulders.

Angelo: With that mouth you tell me 'I love you'?

Angel: (mad) Take your hands off of me or else…

Angel: That's not what you said the other time…

Narrator: Angel 'delicately' steps on Angelo's foot, making him release her, and getting the out of there as fast as she can.

Andrew: If you like her so much…why do you treat her like that?

Angelo: Because it's fun to see her angry. Besides, even though I like her, I don't she doesn't like me back and that she never will. That's why I prefer to exploit the relationship we have as much as I can, so at least I get to be the center of her attention for some seconds.

Andrew: Whatever your say…

Narrator: In the other side of the place, Angel manages to sneak between the crowds and get out on a balcony, on which Alexander was.

Angel: (nearing the boy) Hey, handsome.

Alexander: (annoyed) Ugh, what I was missing. Listen, you're hair looks fine, leave alone.

Angel: Ok…but I'll say that yours looks even prettier.

Alexander: really?

Angel: Of course, but I'm not sure if I'm seeing fine, because at the very second I saw your eyes, they blind me; and I'm sure that if I see them again, I wouldn't be able to appreciate the beauty of your face.

Alexander: (between flattered and embarrassed) Thank you.

Angel: My name's Angel, but my parents must have made a mistake, because the only angel here is you.

Alexander: (smiling) I'm Alexander.

Angel: It's a pleasure (she stays quiet for a moment) I don't know what else to tell you, I wasn't expecting that name.

Alexander: What's wrong with it?

Angel: Nothing, that's the problem, I was expecting a stranger one. But anyway, do you want a drink?

Alexander: You just said my name's not strange.

Angel: It's a compliment.

Alexander: (thinks for a moment) Ok then.

Narrator: Both get back inside. Meanwhile, Angelo stumbles upon Alma.

Angelo: (sarcastic) Alma! How nice to see you, how's that spoiled brat you take care of doing?

Alma: Fine, how's it going with that rich girl that doesn't gives you the time of day?

Angelo: Also fine, what brings you here?

Alma: Emina invited me; in fact, I'm a guest of honor.

Angelo: I'm not surprise. My aunt can no longer realize between important people and people, well, like you.

Narrator: At that moment Emina arrives, ruler of the place.

Emina: And why would your aunt not be able to realize that?

Angelo: Because in her infinity wisdom, my aunt ignores the differences and is just and equitable with everyone.

Emina: Sure (talking to Alma) Miss. Montez, I thought you have come with the Allison, do you know where they are?

Alma: I'm afraid I haven't seen Alexander in a while, but I was with his grandparents just now. They're over there (pointing to the right)

Emina: Thank you (talking to Angelo) And do you know where the young lady Whitestar is?

Angel: Angy? Last time I saw here, she broke my foot.

Emina: I'm sure you deserved it, where is she?

Angelo: I guess she went out to the back yard.

Alma: Excuse me, could you tell me why do you need to talk to them?

Emina: This afternoon, Missis Allison presented a complaint against Angel Whitestar about destruction of property. I have to check if that's true, in which case I will deliver the necessary punishment.

Narrator: Emina goes to look for the Allison and Angelo goes to find Angel, who was dancing with Alexander.

Angel: If such a thing as a perfect moment existed in the universe, this would be it, in which our hands hold each other to guide us in this dance I wish would never end.

Alexander: You say a lot of stupid things, you know that?

Angel: But you like them, don't you?

Alexander: (smiling) I do.

Angel: In that case, may I dare to steal a kiss from you?

Alexander: Alright…but just one.

Narrator: Just when they were about to kiss, Angelo comes and separates them, turning Angel around to talk to her.

Angelo: What the *%&¬ did you do?

Angel: Nothing! You just interrupted me before I could do it!

Angelo: My aunt is looking for you because the Allison just made a complaint against you.

Alexander: (interrupting them) You were the one who broke my grandma's dress?

Angel: You broke an old lady's dress! And now you're defiling her grandson!

Angel: No! It's all a misunderstanding! ...and he doesn't let me.

Narrator: Emina comes in that moment, accompanied by Andrew, Alma and the Allison.

Grandma: (pointing to Angel) He! He's the vile one who attacked me on the streets and broke my dress!

Andrew: She.

Grandma: Whatever.

Angel: I already said I'm sorry, it was an accident.

Grandpa: You heard it your Excellency, she just confessed to be responsible for the tearing of my wife's new garment.

Emina: I'm afraid, Miss Whitestar, that it's true; no matter if it was an accident, you destroyed some else's property and the fled the scene.

Angel: But it was not my intention, I tried to help, but she looked at me as if she were about to kill me.

Emina: No matter, what's done is done and I should give you the proper punishment.

Narrator: Everyone in the room stays quiet waiting for Emina's sentence.

Everyone: (to the narrator) Shut up and let her talk!

Emina: By the power invested in my, I vanish you, Angel Whitestar, form this lands. You'll lose all your rights as a citizen and the right to all your possessions, and the death penalty shall fall upon your head if you ever step on these lands again.

Angel: What?! (Stunned) Can't I just simply buy her another dress?

Emina: I don't know…Narrator?

Narrator: Now all eyes turns to me, waiting for me to decide which would be the fate of this tale. But I am really tired and I want to sleep, so let's just give the poor girl the chance to pay her debt by buying grandma a new dress, it's not like she doesn't have to money to it.

Angel: (sighing relieved) Thank you.

Alexander: It's so good that you were not vanished.

Angel: (turning around to see her) Yes, because now you can give me that kiss you own me.

Alexander: You've just been exonerated from a trial against my family.

Angel: Did I mention that I have a beach-side house?

Alexander: (thinking for a second) Ok.

Narrator: And that's how Angy and Alex kiss, starting that way an passionate love novel, but that, spectator, is another story.

The End.