I almost literally ran out of Katherine's new room after she kissed me. But I forced myself to stand my ground, well, sit my ground and try to keep some of my composer.

She'd kissed me. On the mouth. More than once. And there was a spark.

Not just any spark but the spark. It was the one thing that all male and female werewolves had been taught to notice when it came around. It was the most important thing to a werewolf. It was the acknowledgment of a life mate, the person who was made for you and you alone. You were to protect them, love them, care for them and give anything to be with them.

Some of my friends had already found their life mates and they said it was a completely blissful experience to know that they had finally found their other half. It was unlike anything else they had ever imagined. But then again, they had all found their mate within the pack and or werewolf race. None had a vampire princess for a mate. How unlucky was I?

After sitting there for a minute or so inside Katherine's room, debating what to do, I removed myself from her room to tell Henry the horrifying news.

Katherine was mine.

I knocked on Henry's door repeatedly, until it swung open, Henry's un-amused face peering through the door.

"I'm sorry if I woke you sir, but I have news."

Henry growled, "What is it?"

"It's about Katherine."

Henry's face became a hard disguise, "What about her?"

"She's… my mate." I admitted.

He leaned in, appearing not to hear me, "She's what?"

I cleared my throat and then said it again, "My mate."

"Are you sure of this?" He didn't seem surprised at my statement for some reason, I sure was. "Why do you think she's your mate?"

"There was a spark."

"How do you know it was the right one?"

"You taught me to recognize the spark. That was it. I'm sure of it."

"Does she know of this?"

"I haven't told her." I looked down.

"I see. How did the spark come about?"

"She kissed me."

That seemed to make Henry think for a minute. "She kissed you first?"

"Yes," I looked up again to see Henry deep in thought.

"How long ago was this?"

"Just a few minutes ago, I left her in her room pretty much as soon as she let me go." I sighed, "It freaked me out. The whole spark thing. I didn't even kiss her back. She probably feels stupid now, like she's unattractive to me or something." I shook my head, running my hand across the back of my neck.

"Is she attractive to you?"

"Very," I rubbed my temple in remembrance.

"You should have–"

I knew what he was going to say, so I finished his sentence, "Kissed her back, yeah, I know."

"At least you can acknowledge that you did that wrong and you can tell her that for a start, it would put you in her good books most likely. Or just make her feel a little better about herself, start with that and I will speak with you in the morning about your progress."

"I will do that. Goodnight." I backed out of Henry's doorway and started to walk down the hallway.

"Good luck, Sebastian, remember, we only get one mate in our lives, so be careful." He called after me but when I turned back to thank him for the advice his door was closed.

So I swung back around and walked back to my – and now Katherine's – chambers. When I opened the door to her room I saw that she was laid out on top of the bed, sleeping soundly. A grin crossed my lips as I watched her fidget and turn from her side to her back. Involuntarily, I reached out and unlaced her Converse sneakers and slipped her blue sweater over her head until she was just in a pair of blue jeans and a crimson red tank top. I felt myself grinning, How ironic, I thought. Red was a good color for her, her hair was even red too. I guessed that was a little odd, because it didn't look completely natural, but it wasn't dyed. I would have smelt a trace of the dye, but all I could pick up was the smell of her strawberry shampoo.

I pulled Katherine up against me while I pulled at the blankets of the bed until they came loose enough for me to place her under them. The sight of her red hair sprawled across the white pillow sheets made my heart do funny things. She looked gorgeous. I was sure that the mating made me feel drawn to her, but it didn't feel like I was being forced into anything. I didn't feel obligated to like her. But I did anyways. I barely knew her, but I liked her. I mean actually liked her.

I hovered over her, one hand on either side of her face against the pillow, pressing it deeper into the bed. I leaned into her involuntarily, getting as close to her as I possibly could without making contact with her body. Her strawberry smell became that much stronger with the closeness and that more irresistible. I became completely aware of her at that moment. Her smell, the curve of her body, the waves in her hair, the stray freckles on her nose and cheeks, her shining eyes–

I shot up away from her, giving her space. I hadn't realized that she was awake before. I felt blood rush to my cheeks. Blushing for the first time in… how long? Too long would probably be a lot of peoples answers. I stood beside the bed, feeling tall as I stared down at her.

She was smiling when she pushed herself up into sitting position and reached for my shirt. She grasped the top hem of my shirt and pulled my down until we were nose to nose. I watched her cautiously, analyzing the way she was looking at me, at the way her licked her lips and then looked at mine… She wanted me to kiss her. I knew I shouldn't, even though we were fated to be together, fate could always change its course. But still, against my better judgment, I leaned closer until my lips touched hers.

I heard her intake of breath as I pulled away from her. When I was far enough to see the expression on her face I became puzzled. She looked lost, completely out of it. She reached for me again, but this time she grasped the back of my head with one hand and the side of my face with the other, pulling me on top of her aggressively. I was helpless to deny her, unable to resist her. Not just because whenever she touched me my knees felt like they would give out, but mostly because I wanted to kiss her again. So I did.

I fell atop of her, pressing her back onto the bed until she was laying flat with me on top of her. She fit perfectly against me, her curves molding against me, her erratic breaths filling my ears like music and I wasn't even kissing her yet. For a moment I thought I might be squishing her but that thought relinquished from my mind when she tangled one of her hands in my hair and yanked my face to hers. With the slightest touch of our lips together I gave a surprising moan. That seemed to encourage Katherine because she latched onto me and began to sweep her tongue along the inside of my mouth, tasting me. So I did the same. She tasted like honey and ripe berries; I couldn't even find a hint of my blood. And when our tongues touched her breath flooded my mouth as she whimpered as if in distress.

I pulled back to see what the problem was. But all I saw was Katherine with her eyes closed, her breath coming out in ragged pants, her chest rising and falling hectically, her lips parted and moist, waiting to be kissed again. When I didn't kiss her again, she looked up at me and asked in a confused tone, "Aren't you going to kiss me again?"

I seemed to struggle with the answer. On one hand I wanted to kiss her again – mating or not – but on the other hand I didn't want to lead her on too much, make her think I was desperate or something, or get her too deep into something that she might not want to be in. "We have to talk, Katherine."

"I don't want to talk, I want another kiss." She wined as she arched her back impatiently, wanting further contact.

"Katherine, we need to talk."

"Whenever someone says that something bad always comes after, I don't want to know whatever it is. I just want you to kiss me again." She pulled herself up once again, until she was rigid beside me.

"You're my mate, my eternal partner, and we're put together by fate, we don't choose it and it doesn't always work out between mates, even if they hope it will. And I want things to work out between us so I'm not going to lie to you or pretend that this is nothing because it's not. I know you can feel it too. You can feel that spark when we touch and kiss, cant you? You can feel that we're meant to be together."

She just stared at me like I was talking complete gibberish. Until… "So, what you're saying is that I'm yours and you're mine for all eternity – if we live that long that is."

"Basically, yes."

"That's a lot to swallow…" she said while running a hand through her hair.

I nod.

"And I have to agree to this whole mating thing? I have no choice in it?"

"No one has a choice when it happens to them, you can fight it all you want but if you're truly a mated pair then in the end nothing else matters. Just the two of you. You'll do anything to have each other and do anything to keep each other. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but very rarely it turns out like that." I explain it as best as I can to her.

"Why is that?"

"Because a true mated pair is inseparable. They are each other's everything, they are each other's lifeline. And if you take away someone's lifeline… they're dead."

"So if we're separated we'll die?"

"No, but it will feel like that inside."

Katherine became very quiet.

But soon after the silence settled over us she spoke again, "I think I need to get some sleep."

I nod, understanding that what I have just told her is quite a load. Getting up off the bed, I hear the bed creak as I remove with my weight off of it. And start to walk towards the door.

Katherine clears her throat and I turn to see what she needs. "No kiss goodnight?" she blushes as she says that.

So I walk over to her and kiss her goodnight, a sweet kiss and nothing more. And I leave her room with the slightest glimmer of hope for the future.