A tall man walks into the wide room. His black hat is tilted to his left ear and a pencil is tucked behind his right.

"Well, just follow me. it's only a short walk to my office."

The girl who followed him was uneasy. With her average stature and quiet personality she'd been tricked into shady deals before.

As the man lead her down a long passage way, she got the feeling that she'd never reach his office.

"Pardon me Sir, but didn't you say it would be a short walk?"

The man stops his stride and turns to the older woman. There's a grin on his lips as if he's going to start laughing.

"Yeah, it is a short walk for me."

As the man resumes his walk,the girl wants to complain. All this walking is making her sweat. Her dirty blonde hair turns brown when its wet, and she just spent two hours flat ironing it.

"... "

She moves her lips but words won't come out. Her hands are shaking as she grips her purse.

Is this another sham?

"Do calm down Madame. We've reached our destination."

True to his word the office was right in front of them.

She followed the man into his office and shrieked.

"Susie, what's wrong? Didn't you want to meet here?"

Standing in the office was her fiance, Phillip. He was dressed in the same collared shirt he'd worn this morning before his murder. Susie smiled at Philip.

She wanted to thank the man and began to speak.

"No need to thank me. I'm just doing business. Have a nice day."

The tall man walks out of the wide room. His black hat is tilted to his right ear and a pencil is tucked behind his left.

On the way out of the room he meets another young man. The other male is of the same height, but his presence is large enough to fit the space between them in an instant.

"Well look who it is...Good evening, Alec! "

The man hears the greeting and glares at the other man. The joy in his face and walk quickly disappeared as he noticed the man.

"Farewell Frazier."

The other man is unfazed as if he was used to this reaction. He laughs as he passes the man and enters the building.

"You don't have to treat your partner so coldly! I haven't done anything to you."

Frazier scoffs saying one finally sentence before heading away from the building and his so called "partner".

"Your existence offends me."