July 21, 2013

(SLASH) There will fortunately be hilarious boy x boy events that cause awkward confusion and sexual tension among the cast members. Please be warned and bring the popcorn. This is my first slash writing, so naturally, I will make it the most ridiculous.


CHAPTER 1: Gay Bar

Complete darkness, and then a strobe of bright, colorful lights shine into my eyes. I squinted, attempting to weave through the crowd to the bar area of the club.

A random, hunched person bumped into my arm simultaneously, and I felt him rub his forearm against my forearm purposefully, holding onto the friction until he was completely past me. I twisted my head to look at him, but he had walked into the deeper parts of the crowd immediately, not letting me see his face.

I turned my head forward with a blank expression. Well, that was basically what girls did to me at the heterosexual club, so nothing really changed.

"Seri!" I shouted loudly into the crowd of the gay bar. Unfortunately, I could not even hear myself think. I stared into the shining darkness of immense, sweaty, and moving people with my sensitive blue eyes and immediately closed them to avoid blinding myself with the strobe lights that circled around the crowd.

God damn, I hate being in this area of any club. I enjoy being in the side seats where I can hear the individual people speaking to me. I could relax and enjoy the music from afar instead of with the overbearing crowd.

However, I was completely unfamiliar with this club, where most of the dance area was taken over by the stage where half-naked men wearing thongs (that meant they were practically naked, right?) were pole-dancing sporadically for money.

I squinted, stopped, and closed my eyes again, trying to avoid the next wave of epileptic pink light. If I had opened them at that moment, I would have noticed people, predominantly the men, were staring at me with still expressions, wondering if they should introduce themselves.

"Damn photophobia." Why do I have to look for someone that invited me?

I traced back to my comfortable apartment an hour and a half ago.

"Seri, are we done yet?" I stared into my semi-closed apartment closet, littered with white and black shirts and pants on the floor with equally unorganized hangings on the side. I had my hands on my hips in a lazy pose- wearing Seri's hand-picked box check button-down shirt, unbuttoned dark-blue dress jacket, slim blue jeans, and a random broken Bulova Marine Star Diamond watch. The collar of the button-down shirt was constricting my neck, and the rest of the clothes were making my groin uncomfortable, and my groin is usually pretty flexible-

"Okay, okay. Hold on! Let's try this one!" Seri, wearing a lacy light-pink dress, excitedly burst out from my closet door holding a thick black-leather jacket that looked like if I even tried carrying it to the gay bar, I would burn to a crisp before I got there.

I looked down at Seri with demeaning eyes as she held the jacket out to me with both arms. I grabbed the jacket and threw it on the side-sofa. "Seri, no. That jacket isn't even mine. Let's go, or I won't be able to finish cleaning up the house in time. You told me this was a quick introduce-myself-to-your-gay-friend day, right? Well, I am doing that, and we are getting the hell out of there."

Seri gave me an innocent look, ignoring my rant about the day she had forcefully planned on me. Girlfriends.

"What? What are you talking about? That jacket is yours! It was in your closet! Now, go and put it on, or you won't attract all the naughty men!" Seri said looking at me mischievously while pointing to the thrown jacket on the sofa.

"Why do I have to spend so much time picking out my clothing for this club? I really am just watching over you and Sara and showing your friend around, right?" Out of all the girls that I have dated, Seri was the first one to ask me to accompany her to a gay bar to flirt with her guy friend for the hell of it.

"Yes, but obviously, you have to look the part to blend in with the crowd or else they will know it is you! The straight you. We can't have that, you know. You want to look interesting and fun to my friend for one night, so I can't have you making all the girls swoon over you." Seri insisted. She stopped and stared at my neck for a bit, and I peered down to watch her button up my shirt all of the way.

"Wait, what are you doing? Guh-!" I was practically choking with the already tight shirt unbuttoned. I felt the shirt's front cloth constrict across my chest and my neck becoming stiff. "I can't breathe with this thing already!"

I reached to grab onto the collar to try to loosen it, but to no avail. My neck was muscular, and I practically felt like an ostrich.

Seri leered at me and slowly rubbed her small hands on my chest with a thin smile. "Don't you know, Alton? If you button this shirt up like this…" Seri intertwined her fingers over several tight buttons. "…you will physically look like you won't be easy to get. If you unbutton it, the fantasy is not there. The fun of covering yourself is to make them wonder what is under it, which is even sexier."

Seri looked up while keeping her small fingers on the shirt's middle button and smiled with her soft orange hair over her eyes.

"Seri, you've been reading too many gay magazines." I spit out.

Seri just smiled brighter. I wondered what she was thinking about?

Two weeks from now, and she would be moving. She asked me in the empty classroom hallway last week that she wanted me to be her boyfriend until she leaves. As an old friend, I felt an obligation no matter how ridiculous the request was. Girls have made me do "worse" things. I just did not know where this was going…

So, here I am, at a famous downtown gay bar which is known to attract the most promiscuous homosexual daredevils from all over the state.

I looked up at a lit-up sign on the side of the bar that shone brightly at different intervals: "Firefly." Fireflies light up with bioluminescence to attract the opposite sex for mating.I looked at the male pole dancers on stage from a far distance and noticed a large lamp-like background to their stage and their sparkling glow-in-the-dark jewelry.

I turned my head back to continue surf the crowd. Well, at least they got the context of sexual attraction right.

All of a sudden, a quick, hard, groping motion was forced on my butt, and I instinctively inched my butt forward and raised my hands up for a potential fight…with someone who was obviously sexually frustrated with me.

"This is the fuckin' third time, dude. Quit touching me already!" I turned around aggressively, and the men behind me inched back, surprised. Barely noticeable under their arms was a small, orange-haired girl with a distraught and innocent face.

"Seri? Where have you been?" I glared at her with my head twisted because people from my side started pushing forward to get closer to the stage. "Nevermind that! We need to get out of this crowd" she exclaimed while holding onto my hand, pulling me towards the center of the club area near the stage. She had to scream for me to hear because all of a sudden, a wave of hormonal screams, from both women and men, arose from the crowd.

Was someone getting killed or becoming over-excited?

A shoulder, hand, and face practically hit me in my face, neck, and chest at the same time as I was forcefully pulled by a tiny Seri. How the hell was she not getting hit?

It must be nice to be tiny in a crowd; you can bend and maneuver however well you wanted while the tall and handsome person next to you gets hit by all the limbs of everyone in the bar. In the bright darkness, I noticed we were getting closer and closer to a jumping mesh that was closer to the bar area. Oh, we're going to the bar, I thought.

Seri turned her head around to look at me while still weaving the crowd. From a bystander's point of view, it looked like a tall grown-up guy being guided by his daughter to the "cooler" parts of the club.

"I want you to see something, Alton!" Seri shouted brightly at me while finally sling-shooting me in front of her to a less crowded but highly brightened area. "What?" I shouted at Seri. I squinted to let my eyes figure out where I was, but I figured it out quickly when sweaty and hormonal screams erupted simultaneously at something in front of me.

Shit, I'm right in front of the stage?!

I turned my head frantically to look for Seri in the crowded mesh and found her cleverly smiling at me from a smaller crowd in the back that was isolated by a crowd fence. All. The. Fuckin. Way. Back. There.

"What is this?" I shouted, looking at her from a lighted area that was practically a part of the stage, and new entertainers were quickly coming out from the back.

"You gave me two conditions when you agreed to come here– to not drink anything fishy at the bar or not to flirt with the guys! You said you only had one condition! Thus, go ahead and flirt with some guys while I find my friend Sara!" Seri shouted with both her hands cupped around her mouth. How dare she.

Seri smiled briskly and turned back into the crowd, but she idly stayed a little close to watch what was going to happen.

Oh, I am going to kill her. I am going to lunge her body twenty feet onto the bed, tie her up, and blast all the music she hates in the room.

As I glared in Seri's direction while devising all the annoying ways I can get her back for even putting me in this place, I heard the crowd chanting "Dance! Dance! Dance!" louder and louder at me like a drunken cult. I am not going to- I refuse to- I know how, but I'm not going to-

I turned my head to them nervously to give them the "Sorry, I'm not really a part of the act" smile and head scratch, but I guess my face always look mischievous because a group of hormonal men, both young and old, who noticed me from the bottom bar area and thought I needed help getting on top of the stage, got excited and grabbed onto my arms and hip to lift me on top of the full platform.

I struggled to regain balance, and when I did, a new wave of surprise erupted from the crowd in the form of claps and woo-hoos. Oh look, it's the hot guy we wanted to grind on in the crowd. He is a part of the act!

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This is exactly what I did not want to do at a gay club.

An early stage host who came out from the stage's lamped background tapped me on the shoulder curiously, looking at me with a "Who are you?" expression.

I attempted to get down, but the stronger strobe lights on the stage paralyzed me for a full three seconds, making me crouch for a bit to let my pupils fully shrink. The current club song remixed and changed to Flo-Rida's "Low" song, and I abruptly felt goosebumps as I felt someone- no, someones - practically naked grind against me from behind.

I stiffened my body and looked back.

A group of muscular and almost Brazilian-looking men in colorful thongs came out dancing viciously to the melodious beat, and as I stared at them in complete paralysis and fear, a soft, hot whisper reached my ear.

"Hey, sweet thing. You're not a part of the act, but I can let you be. I wouldn't mind you as a 'sacrifice.'"

Before I could fully look around, all I could manage was an almost confused interrogational face before the chiseled caramel-colored foreign man in a neon-red strapless bra and Victoria Secret underwear gave me a strong, wet lick on the ear.

"JLKjfaldufdakfh!" I shouted as I slammed my hand over my ear in paranoid self-defense and jolted a meter back from the man, only to awkwardly hit the chest of another Brazilian dancer on the stage, who looked back at me with a doting smile.

"Mr. Chocolate! Mr. Chocolate!" the crowd jumped up and down at the presence of the caramel-colored man who licked my ear. Taking the que, the man grabbed my arm, smiled at me, and started to dance amorously on me. My head was already spinning from the music and light show, and now this dancing man was treating me like a second-class newbie clubber solely there for embarrassment entertainment. Which I was.

Hell no. Hell no. "Okay, enough of this!" I looked at the closest Brazilian man that was doing strange pelvic rotations on me and smiled, ignoring his surprise and immediate arousal. I quickly inched close to him while he stopped dancing and hovered right over his ear, enough for the faintest whisper to be heard over the blaring club music. "Tell me where the exit of the stage is, please."

Before the dancer could give me an answer, "Mr. Chocolate" lightly pulled me by the hip to his large chest. "Sorry, babe. You can't go off until you give me a little peck here." He pointed lightly to his lips. I gaped at him. He smiled down at me with a mischievous and experienced expression- like he knew I wasn't going to do it, and when I've flailed and hesitated with enough embarrassment, he would let me go.

I peered slightly to see Seri in the crowd, laughing and getting closer to the stage to get me. She thought I wasn't going to do it? Confusion for the unknown bar was high, and my new-found tumult from being bombarded with homosexual tension was higher. The crowd, however, cheered louder noticing my apparent embarrassment and unsure actions.

Was it the innocence that attracted them? Was I the side show? God damn it, I'm sick of this!

I grabbed Mr. Chocolate's golden bead necklace and kissed him –hard- enough to call it the "crashing of lips." Ignoring his stunned expression, I persisted, closed my eyes, and concentrated on finishing the job instead of listening to the sheer magnitude of surprised gasps and shouts that erupted from the crowd. I knew how to kiss- with girls and women. I knew what would make them surprised; it was no different with men. I pushed Mr. Chocolate's chest back and smiled at him confidentially, noticing his stopped dancing and unbelieving stare.

I wiped my mouth with my forearm while staring at him nervously. Was he going to show me the exit, or…?

My foot felt a thin edge, and I looked down to avoid staring at the stage strobes lights directly.

There was a little less elevation where I was standing compared to the other parts of the stage. I leaned down, and bigger people on the floor, noticing the que, grasped onto my body and kindly lifted me down, giving me big smiles and pats. I briskly walked by feeling like I just reenacted a rite of passage?

...I have actually done worse in a bar, and I strive under normally socially and sexually embarrassing situations. I breathed in and out and smiled, thinking only of quickly maneuvering around the crowd without offending anyone else and being able to pummel Seri when I get out.

Still, I was embarrassed. Heavily embarrassed, so much that my face was red from being in the proximity of random dancing male-Beyonces for my first gay club, and of all of these male dancers were taking turns testing which variations of pelvic thrusts could make me freak out more. Even for an advent clubber like me, it was nerve-wrenchingly simple that I needed time away from this club as soon as possibl-

"You still haven't met my friend at the bar area." Seri grabbed onto my arm and gave me a sweaty and inquiring look from the side.

I stared at her with the most disbelieving look in the world.

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