My Shadow

Chapter 1

I was standing in the living room of my new apartment. The wooden floor creaked whenever I walked on it, the bathroom was tiny and the furniture was plain simple.

I wasn't fond of my house. I didn't explore the rooms, I didn't check whether there were any problems with the toilet pipe, I didn't even unpack my stuff. I just stared at the dusty room in disgust.

I'm going to have to clean it. Every speck of dust and every inch of the room. I hate living like this. But I don't have a choice. My beloved parents are in heaven and I could barely make ends meet.

This was my first step inside this home. And I was going to have to live in it probably for my whole life.

I sighed. Well, I was lucky enough to even survive after the tragic fate three days before. Thursday, was the worst day of my life. Thursday, when all the things I cared about vanished.

Thursday, was the day my parents died.

My eyes were still dewy with tears. Yesterday, I was still in the remains of the burnt house, crying it all out. Now, there was no more water inside me. I couldn't cry anymore.

With a tinge of sadness, I clutched on to my furry, teddy bear, Amber, which was a present from my late mum and dad for my sixth birthday. Even if I was seventeen and too old for little toys, this bear was the only gift from my parents that survived the fire.

But I have to keep on surviving. That was what they wanted me to do. I would not think about how they died or even if they are dead. However, no matter how hard I tried to shake it off, my mother screaming for me to run away from the burning house still etched in my mind. Her screams were of pure terror.

Wait! No, no, no! I must not think of them dying. I must figure out what and how should I do with my life. I'm seventeen; I'm supposed to be independent. Just imagine that dear mum and dad are on an extremely long vacation.

Okay…Well, I had to work out my money problems. Maybe get a job or something. Living in this cramped house wouldn't be a problem too…As for education, my parents have already enrolled me to a school. I lowered my eyes as I thought of my school starting tomorrow.

A new school, new teachers, new classmates. Most probably they wouldn't even have a second glance at me. I'm just a boring, quiet girl who sits in the corner and never want speak to anyone. I felt especially like that after my parents died.

I decided I should just go sleep and get ready for the next day. Cleaning the house was for another day. I was way too lazy to do it now.

I went to the bathroom, brush my teeth and change. I crawled onto my bed and covered myself with the blanket.

Soon enough, sleep washed over me.