Chapter 13

"I was really close with my parents, especially my mum. We do a lot of stuff together as a family. It was loads of fun. Well, at least it was until Sam came in the picture.

"I met Sam in College. He was really good-looking and was good in studies. It was very hard to guess that he was the leader of some kind of gangster association. I-I had a crush on him at that time, along with many other foolish girls.

"I think I caught his eye and for some reason, we hung out more often. He treated me like the whole world and soon, we were dating. He claimed he loved me and acted like he loved me. He was really kind and romantic.

"However, soon, he was asking for my body. I was a good and sensible girl. I refused. I would only give myself after marriage and he didn't look too happy. I should have thought that he "loved" me for only my body but I was naïve then.

"But then, not only once but a few times, I caught him with other girls. It was not like he was chatting with others. I mean like, he was kissing them in public. I was really heartbroken but I loved him so I decided to give him a chance.

"I gave him chances and chances but it was no end. I cried and cried. I don't know how many tears I shed. I never dared confronted him in case it ruined our relationship. I knew I was being a coward but I bared.

"Finally I got tired of it and I decided to break up with him. I went to his house and unlocked his main door since he gave me his keys to his house. I called his name but there was no reply. I assumed he wasn't home.

"I realized his door was closed and I opened it in case he was inside. It was then; I saw the most horrific scene. He was in his bed with another young girl and they were both naked.

"The girl screamed and covered her body with his blanket and Sam kept muttering that he could explain. I was so shocked I couldn't say a word. Then I snapped. I pointed at the girl and called her really bad names. I resisted the urge of pulling her hair. Finally, I slapped him with all my might and called him a cheater.

"Without turning back, I ran out of the house. Back home, I cried non-stop. I could feel my heart breaking. The pain was nothing compared to what I felt when he was flirting with other girls. The next day, I found out he was doing it with many girls. Some were even my friends from my same college. I felt really hurt and betrayed.

"I realized he had been cheating many different girls. He treated them like how he treated me. Nice and caring. The girls were foolish to trust him. I was foolish too.

"Once, he cornered me and threatened me if I told anyone about his relationships, he would make my life miserable. I thought he was lying since he doesn't look like he could hurt anyone physically. I warned girls to watch out for him and I revealed what had happened to others. Some were his girlfriends and, realizing they were tricked, dumped him on the spot.

"I quickly forgotten about his threat and minded my own business. I was sure he knew that I had spread the rumor about him. That day, when my parents and I were relaxing at home, H-He did something I never thought he would. He set my whole house on fire.

"The flames spreaded quickly and I was trapped in my room. I was in the corner cowering. Every second the fire would gnash something. Soon, all the furniture in my room was engulfed in flames. I tried to break open my window but the flames were so violent, they melted the panes. It was way too hot for me to touch them.

"I peered out the window and I saw Sam running away. I knew he was the one who did it. I sobbed on the floor, losing all hope. I knew I was going to die.

"But my mum called for me and jumped above the fire at the door, risking her life. I admired her for that. She grabbed me and told me to shut my eyes. She then guided me out of the fire. I jumped when she told me to, I ran when she did.

"But then, the house started collapsing. It was going to fall on me before my mum pushed me and she…took my place. It fell on her and she was going to be swallowed by the fire. She said my dad died by protecting her from the fire and it was her turn to save me. And then…she told me to run and not to look back.

"I had no choice but to escape first because the house was going to crumble. Silently, I begged for my mum's survival but in my heart, I knew she was not going to make it.

"I managed to escape. I guess someone called the firefighters because they arrived shortly after that. But I knew, there was no chance of my parents surviving anymore.

"For the next few days, I cried my eyes out. I returned to the burned house. Nothing made it-except for Amber, the teddy bear you were mindlessly toying with. Since then, I treasured it a lot. When I hug it, I will feel that my parents are here with me. God, I miss them so much…"

When I was done with my story, I was crying. Again. Lyon offered his shoulder which I gladly accepted. I covered my face with my hands and snuggled further in, leaving some of my tears stained in his shirt.

He caressed my hair gently and kissed the top of my head. "It's okay, Wendy. I'm here." He said softly. I lay on his shoulder and he gave me just enough time for me to calm down.

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