My Ghost Encounters

Chapter 1

Last year:

It happened during the *Hungry Ghost Month festival. The Primary fives and sixes have to move to the newly built building (block F which have six stories total) because there was going to be a singled-session. Once I stepped in the building, I had not suspected anything wrong. However, weird and impossible things happened. While my class was walking to the new music room on the six floor as my class is located on the third floor. We were taking and walking at the same time. In front of me is my classmate, Jane. Her purple watch around her left wrist had suddenly came off by itself and had flung off over the railings, dropping six floors down. It might have looked like an accident but it was too weird to be one.

Back at the classroom, while I was having my English lesson, someone had came in my class. She was dressed normally and we all assumed that she was just another teacher, coming in to look for a student or my teacher. My English teacher, young Mr Lee, went to the door and ask her if she needed any assistance. Without saying anything, the mysterious teacher passed Mr Lee a flat-looking parcel and rushed off. Mr Lee glanced at the parcel curiously. He then looked at us and said something that scared us. "Do any of you know that teacher? I have never seen her before." He asked. All of us students shook out heads, saying that we don't know her. We didn't take it seriously until the parcel the teacher gave Mr Lee was opened. Some boys in my class told Mr Lee to open the parcel. Mr Lee, at the teacher's table, carefully tore the wrapper off. To our utmost horror, Mr Lee took out a piece of A4 paper stained with red from the parcel. The red was too deep and realistic to be paint. The worst possible thought came to our minds: blood. Immobilized with shock and fear, Mr Lee stood there, holding the paper. We all stared at the paper, also shocked. Coming to his senses, Mr Lee crushed the paper in his fist while shouting "oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!" He then tossed the paper into the rubbish bin. We never spoke of that incident ever since.

Another incident is when my best friend in school, Cammy, went to the toilet. A mischievous boy in my class had kicked Cammy's pants for a joke, dirtying it. She went to the toilet alone to clean off the dirt. After she had returned, then she told me what had happened while she was inside. She had went in a cubicle and took her pants off. She used her pants and beat the cubicle door repeatedly so that the dirt on her pants would come off. After hitting the door exactly six times, the toilet lights started flickering and she heard someone in the next cubicle crying softly. Scared, Cammy put on her pants and came out. She glanced at the next cubicle, only to see the door open with nobody there. Panicked snaked into her head and she ran out, covered in goosebumps. Without looking back, she ran back to our classroom and told me what happened. The same incident happened with a pair of best friends in my class, Jenny and Jo. They experienced the same thing in the girls' toilet. From then on, the girls went in group of threes to the toilet if any of them need to go.

We were having mathematics lesson, the main door of our classroom was open to let fresh air enter. Suddenly, a black bird came in by the front door. The truly peculiar thing was not the bird but how the bird had came in. The bird had entered the classroom as if someone had thrown it into the classroom. No one dared to approach the bird. The bird itself was injured and it hobbled towards the window. It flew pathetically up and jump over the panes. It dropped off three stories as there was no flooring next to the window. Many of us, including me, rushed to the window. Since the bird was injured and dropping down at such a high point, it would have been impossible for it to have survived. We stared down at bare ground. No bird was found.

I have found out that the other classes were affected. The class next to mine had also have encounters. My friend, Gary from the next class had told me this. Once, it had suddenly started raining inside the classroom for no reason. The amazing thing was the water was coming from the ceiling although there were no cracks! The children were evacuated outside. The teacher instructed some students to help her go in and take out the worksheets so that they would not get wet from the "rain". When they went in, the raining had stopped. Not even any signs of water on the floor could be found. All the students witnessed what happened so imaginating it was impossible. Sometimes, tables and chairs would also start moving by themselves.

My friend was also "possessed" before. I myself had witnessed it. Her name was Rita. She was not from my class. But during Chinese, the class will change so some pupils from my class would go to other classes and vice versa. All the students from other classes and mine were already in my class. Our Chinese teacher was unusually late. Because of mischief and being their naughty self, some boys started banging the wall for a laugh. Rita was quite a hyper child herself and joined the boys, banging the walls. At my seat, i did not mind what they were doing and took out my book to read. A minute passed and heard some girls shriek. I immediately put down my book to see what happened. At the front of the classroom where the kids were banging the wall, Rita had collapsed onto the floor. Some pupils crowded around her as a girl from the same class bravely approached her body and shaked her, trying to see if she was awakes or had lost consciousness. Slowly, Rita opened her eyes. She picked herself up. Sensing that Rita was not herself, the girl who had shaked her retreated back, terrified. Rita turned to the boys who had banged the wall. "No bang wall." Rita ordered. Her voice was not her's. It sounded like a man's voice, deep and raspy. The pupils crowding around her backed away, all shocked and petrified. After a minute of Rita glaring at the boys, she collapsed onto the floor. This time, nobody went to her. Rita woke up again. She spoke normally and act normally. She asked us what happened and why we were looking so pale. Apparently, she had not remembered what happened to her.

We all moved back to the old block after that. The P1 and 2 have not moved into single-session yet so there were vacant classrooms. Nothing happened to us then. However, there were rumors that the school had invited monks to come and do rituals to the new block and give offerings but to only have the offerings mysteriously thrown back at them.

*Hungry Ghost Month festival: Many believe that during the seventh month of the lunar calander, the gates of Hell would open and let the spirits of the dead roam in the motal world for a month.

Author's Note:

This story is dedeciated to a dear friend of mine. I'll upload more ghost stories, I promise. Hope you liked it. ^^ Please read and review.

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