The girl's mind, jumbled from the numerous thoughts that were accumulated in her mind, shifted in her dreams, awakening her. The images of what little she remembered from the past week floated aside to show one memory in clarity. In her dream, the girl straightened, intending to get a better look at this memory.

She could just make out a small wooden house, with slanting sides and buckled windows, the paint long peeled off from the heat. It stood alone in a stand of olive trees, all old and gnarly as if they were an old person who had once been beautiful but had decayed into time. The bows of the low trees could not hide the graying sides of the house, or the bright garden that stood in the back, over-flowing with bright flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and herbs.

The girl stepped forward in her mind to look closer at the house in its dilapidated glory. She pushed aside the tilting garden gate, and stepping as carefully as she could on the worn, rough cobblestones that lined the pathway to the front door. Her eyes strayed across the abandoned lot, only briefly resting on the long yellow grass, fallen leaves, drooping branches, and waving wildflowers, in favor of the broken, faded orange door she could just make out in the cloud of her dream.

The girl stepped over a fallen branch and found footing on the creaking, worn stoop that cradled the broken door. The door swung open before she had even laid a thin, pale figure upon it, revealing a darkened entryway, covered in dust from too many years of neglect.

Though she had never stepped foot in such a place, something tugged at the very back of her mind, knotted under her long, sweeping ink black hair. Something pushed her towards the rickety stair case that she somehow knew in the old days had been so pretty and well kept. She could imagine the kind and careful people who had once lived there and sighed.

When she reached the top of the stairs there was only a door which she opened to reveal an empty bedroom, with only a single rocking chair, positioned to look out of a window, occupied the space. The girl stepped forward hesitantly, knowing that something seemed wrong.

There seemed to be something sitting in the chair, just as withered and worn as the rest of the property, but also, it seemed, just as grand in the past. She stepped forward, carefully, wishing the worn boards would not creak under her hard, sturdy brown boots. She wished she had taken them off for a moment, and advanced on the chair in her blue and green stripped stockings, but she scolded herself for acting like such a child. She put out her hand, rocking the swaying chair back to see what was there. A small bundle of cloth swirled around an object. She gasped as it said three words, "Time to wake."

A/N: Hullo, sorry I haven't posted in ages...erm yea. Anyway. Hoped you enjoyed! I was challenging myself to write a piece under 500 words without dialogue because I hate doing both of those things and I've gotten several comments on it, so yea. I might continue this or whatever if I ever need the exercise.