A river of time, we need to drink

Boredom and that, needs to unlink

A couple of places, nothing more,

All we want: knock on school's door.

A summer so empty, lazing about,

Should we be happy, or should we pout?

Jokes no more, fun has stopped

A void of nothing, we need to adopt.

A longing to play, to joke with friends

But that needs to wait until summer ends.

The dreary mornings despite the sun,

The sunlight so bright, eyes are stunned.

Sitting and staring for hours on end,

That seems to be our current trend.

We dread the time we need to wait,

Just so we can meet our best mate.

Dragging our legs, that we call walking,

Time jeers at us, what we call mocking,

Summer is long, and freedom flows strong

But nothing we do, 'til school comes along.