Hello, dear readers! First, Let me apologize to you for my long absence. I do intend to finish The Unintentional Time Travelers; it's just that things are a little crazy right now, so I may not get to it as soon as I'd hoped.

So, to tide you over, here are a series of mini-fics that I hope you'll enjoy. I wrote them for the 55-word story contest over on NovelJoy, but never entered them. Let me know what you think!

Blood and Steel.

Incense burned on a low table, sweetening the air. Entering, he knelt, took off his crown, set it carefully in his lap. Waited.

Behind him, rich carpet muffled the intruder's footsteps. He didn't turn.

"So you've come," he said, as the blade slid free. "Is this how it ends, brother?"