A young 16 year old boy woke up in his bed which was hot like metal in the sun and he felt like he was going to stick to it so he got out quickly. Lucas, the young boy, head down the stairs in only his pajama pants and head into the kitchen where he expected to find his family; Mum, Dad and sister, but no one was there.

"Mum! Dad!" Lucas shouted up the stairs awaiting a response but didn't receive one.

Lucas thought nothing of it and expected that they had gone shopping or out with his sister. He got his breakfast as he would any other day, sat down in the front room on the couch and turned on the television. As he sat, eating his cereal, he noticed that the channels he usually watched weren't available. He began to flip through the channels on the television, but no channel was available.

"What the hell? Something must be wrong with the satellite dish" Lucas thought to himself.

"Mum! Dad!" He called out again, wondering whether they were just upstairs in their bedroom.

When Lucas got no response, he head up the stairs and stopped outside of his parents room. He took a deep breathe, as he didn't like waking people up. He opened the door slowly, and peeked his head around the door, and noticed no one was there.

"Hm, they must be out then" He thought to himself, "Now I'll have to wait until they get back".

Someone began knocking at the door downstairs. Lucas head down the stairs and head towards the back door. As he stepped towards the door, the knocking became heavier and groans came from behind the door.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming!" Lucas shouted at the door.

As he began to open the door, the door was smashed down, knocking him over in force and shock.

"What the fuck!" Lucas shouted out, looking at the thing that smashed down the door.

It began to crawl towards him, and he tried to crawl away, "Stay the fuck away from me!" He shouted, kicking it in the face to keep it away from him. He pulled himself up against a wall and ran out of the room. He shut the door and ran to the house phone to dial -999-. Before he had chance to dial the number, the man had already broke through the door and was back after him again. The sound of the door smashing made Lucas drop the phone so he left it and ran up the stairs, with the man following him. Lucas was able to pick up the second house phone in the hall before heading up the stairs. Once at the top he tried to think of the most safe place, and in the end, he pulled on the string to pull down the ladders to the attic and head up there, pulling up the ladders behind him. Lucas was finally safe up in the attic, and up there Lucas dialed the police.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" Lucas shouted to himself, waiting for the police to pick up.

"Sorry. This line is currently unavailable. Please hang up and try again" Was all that came out of the other side of the phone.

"What?" Lucas asked himself, then dialed again, only to receive the same response.

Lucas, sitting in the attic, heard a scream from outside and was curious to find out what it was. Lucas head towards the window in the attic, opened it and climbed out for a better view. Once climbed out, Lucas had his breathe taken away by what he had seen.

Within the streets were people running, being chased, and were being eaten on the floor by many others surrounding. Cars were crashed, windows and doors were smashed, some were even on fire. The streets were filled with screams for help, cars driving and smashing, and sirens form police cars, not always found to be attended.

"What the hell is going on here" Lucas stood, questioning himself, "Nicole!" He shouted.

Lucas realized that if the world went to hell that Nicole might be in trouble, so he quickly ran back inside where he had left the phone, to call Nicole.

He awaited for her to answer but didn't get one, "I'll try her mobile!" Lucas said to himself, then he got a response.

"Lucas? Lucas thank god you've reached me!" Nicole spoke down the phone.

"Nicole! Are you okay?" Lucas asked concerned.

"Kinda. I need help. Somethings going on and there's people outside of my bedroom door, smashing it"

Lucas paused for a moment and remembered what just happened, "Don't open the door no matter what! Find something heavy to put infront of your door, if they get in, climb out the door okay? Just please, keep your phone with you and phone me if you need help, okay?"

"Ok Lucas. Hurry please..." Nicole asked, sounding scared.

"I'll be as fast as I can Nicole, I love you" Lucas replied, waiting a response.

"I love you too" Nicole replied.

Then Lucas put the phone down and began to think how he would be able to get to Nicole.

"I'll need some type of weapon if I want to make it to her safely" Lucas thought to himself, "But what?"

Lucas looked around the attic in search for something that could kill them, but in the end, only found a steel pipe that was loose so he had to pull it out, "Would this be good enough?" Lucas asked himself as he wield the weapon.

Lucas opened the latch to the attic to see if the man was still there, and he was, giving Lucas a little fright, "Maybe it would be best if I took the window out?" Lucas asked himself, looking over to the window.

He head over and was able to climb out onto the roof, as the window was on a slant. Lucas went around on the roof to other side of the house where it was easier to get down, then he jumped onto the second level of roofing on the house.

Then he hung off the edge of the roof and lowered himself onto the ground. Immediately, he checked around him, to see if there were anymore of the things, but strangely it was clear. So Lucas began to head down the road, checking all the alley ways he passed and each individual street, to see whether he was in danger from the things, but they were never looking his way.

They were either busy eating someone, bashing on doors or just walking the opposite way. Lucas made it down to the main road, where Lucas thought it to be havoc, and he was right. The main road was filled with crashed cars, and the infected walking around.

"Jesus, I'm gonna have to go straight through that as well" Lucas said to himself, in an annoyed tone.

Lucas began to make his way down the main road, avoiding all of the infected that surrounded the road, something that Lucas couldn't believe was that he didn't come across anyone who wasn't one of these things. By the time he had reached half way down the main road, nothing had noticed him, and it was silent. Until someone saw Lucas and shouted over to him.

"Hey, hey kid! Over here!" The man shouted, "Come over here!"

Lucas looked over at him but stayed silent.

"C'mon, over here! I wont hurt you!" He continued to shout.

After he shouted a second time, Lucas considered going over there, but before he could, he saw the infected head over to him. Lucas tried to use hand signs to tell him that they were coming, as he didn't want to be noticed by them himself. The man didn't notice and began to walk over to Lucas, but as he was walking over, one of the infected ran and took him down. It began to bite at his arm as others surrounded as well and fed on him. Lucas sat, revolted at what he was seeing and used it as a distraction for him to get away.

"That was disgusting! I need to make sure I make the least amount of noise I can" Lucas said to himself quietly.

Lucas continued to move ahead, as silent as he could until he got to the turning that leads off of the main road and heads in the direction of Nicole's house. All the way there he thought about whether she'd be okay when he gets there, or whether she'd be there at all. With these thoughts crowding up his mind, he began to pick up the pace, still being as quiet as before.

Eventually he got through to her street, and made his way over to her house, where she could hear the noises of a door about to be broken down. Lucas head over to the house but before stepping on their property, Nicole began screaming from out of her window.

"Lucas! Lucas please help me, they're getting through!" She cried, hanging herself out the window.

"Don't worry, just jump down, I'll catch you!" Lucas shouted back up, running beneath her window with his arms extended.

Nicole climbed out of her window onto the ledge, but before she jumped, the infected got broke down the door and scared her, making her fall unexpectedly. Lucas caught her but fell over in the process, hurting his back.

"Lucas! Lucas, I am so sorry, are you okay?" Nicole asked, as her heart pounded like a drum.

"Urgh, yeah, just her my back a little" Lucas replied, groaning in pain as he spoke.

Nicole heard one of the infected and turned to see all those outside of her door coming through the front door of her house.

"Lucas, we need to go, they're coming" Nicole told Lucas, trying to pick him up as they were coming closer.

"Lets go!" Lucas shouted as he was carried away with his arm around Nicole.

Lucas and Nicole continued to run and run, out of that street and throughout others, they just couldn't shake them.

"We'll never lose them! We need to find somewhere to stop" Lucas suggested to Nicole, still depending on her to keep him up.

"You're right, we need to find somewhere to stop..." Lucas looked around the neighborhood and noticed that there was a car with the door open, and blood all around it. He saw this as an opportunity, as someone might have been starting up the car then was pulled out, meaning that the keys were still in there. It was a risk he was willing to take.

"Over there!" Lucas shouted and pointed to the car.

"Are you sure?" Nicole asked.

Lucas just nodded and began to go there himself, then Nicole continued to assist him. Once they got over, Lucas leaned over and saw the keys in and smiled as he told Nicole to get in the other seat. He quickly sat in the car and started it up. The infected began to swarm, so he quickly stepped on the accelerator and ran the first few over, he quickly turned out of the drive way and drove down the street.

"Holy shit that was close!" Lucas said to himself.

"Lucas, where are we going? What are those things?" Nicole asked, being worried and tried to grab onto Lucas as he driven away.

"I don't know what they are, but whatever they are, they're out to get us, and we need to avoid them as much as we can".

"But how can we? Look, they're everywhere".

Lucas quickly looked around as he drove down the street, there were more and more infected as they traveled further, and they all tried to follow the car once it went past making so much noise. Lucas carried on driving and could only think about Nicole's safety.

"We need to get out of here, that's a starter".