Lucas was determined to get to that port, get on the port, and make sure that his family was okay because at this point, Lucas didn't know whether they had got on the helicopters or whether they were even alive. But that boat was the only way Lucas could get an answer to any of those questions, so that is where he was heading, and he wasn't prepared to stop for anyone. Or so he thought.

As Lucas limped around the streets, the sound of a baby crying appeared in the distance in front of him, but he couldn't see it. As much as he didn't want to get side tracked he couldn't ignore the cries of a baby, as it may be left alone and the sound would lure in all the infected so that it would become their personal feast.

As he approached further into the direction he could hear the crying from he noticed that there was blood all in the streets but no bodies to be seen, and there were more bullet caps covering the floor than blood.

The crying was coming from behind a sheet of metal which must have been pressed up against a barrel or box for it to stand up, Lucas approached it with caution though due to him having the feeling that he was being watched.

Once finally turning the corner to the crying baby, it turned out to be a babies half eaten carcass with a tape recorder wrapped around it in sellotape while some was wrapped around the play button to keep it continuous. After that a man jumped from behind the barrel the baby body was on top of with a shovel and hit Lucas directly in his face, forcing him onto the floor and becoming almost unconscious.

Due to almost being knocked out but still conscious, Lucas watched as the man dragged him away out of the streets by his legs and took him into one of the buildings nearby. Once they got over, someone else opened the door and let them in.

The man dragged Lucas into an elevator while the girl pressed the button for the floor they were going on, then once they had arrived someone else came over and lifted Lucas up with the other man and placed him sitting up against the wall on top of a table.

"Hello? Hello?" Asked the man over and over again to see whether Lucas was awake. "Sorry about that, I was hoping that you were one of them. Nevertheless, we have as many as we need so let's get everything under way!"

The man who had attempted to knock Lucas out was rather old and wore big round glasses, while the way he spoke suggested that he was either losing his mind or was really excited for something. The girl who had opened the door for them looked considerably younger, especially in comparison with the old man, and seemed nice and calm unlike the others, while the final man that lifted Lucas up with the old man looked strong and that was about it, as well as looking within his twenties.

Once Lucas' vision wasn't blurry anymore and he could identify the room probably he saw that there were three big see-through boxes with one infected in each and as one threw itself into the see-through box, it startled Lucas.

"Don't worry, the boxes are bullet proof, they aren't getting out of them" Said the man who was now standing across the room.
"What is this?" Lucas asked the girl who was standing right by the table he was sitting on.

"Just another one of my uncle's 'experiments'" She replied then aimed her eyes back over to the boxes.

Everyone had begun to go silent as the darkness of the night begun to reign through the city and the only lights that lit up the room where self-lit lanterns placed around the room, and everyone waited patiently while looking at the infected in their boxes.

They all waited while the minutes went past, it was obvious that they did plenty of things like this as none of them looked as bored or confused as Lucas was, until the man said shush, even though everyone already was, then he leaned forward on his chair and waited again.

The infected were standing still and not making a sound, but then while more time went past, the two on the left began to act out. Their bodies were twitching as well as each individual finger as they stood still and started making the groaning and such as they usually did, but with a more anxious and violent tone to them until they were smashing their arms on the boxes, shouting and screaming as they tried to get out.

"You see, you see! I told you!" Shouted the man as he got up out of his chair and walked back over to Lucas. "Come here Lucas, let me show you what I mean".

The old man grabbed Lucas by his arm and pulled him off the table then took him closer to the boxes as the old man started pointing at the infected.

"Now already you should be able to see that there is a difference in their normal attitude right? Well look at their eyes".

The man pointed up to the eyes on the infected while Lucas took a better look and believed that he could see what the man wanted him to see.

"You see it?"

Lucas nodded.

"Their pupils extend as if they were on drugs, when in fact it's adrenaline. Pure adrenaline. I noticed this one time when I was on a supply run.

At night some, but not all of them, get this sense of adrenaline and it... it drives them fucking nuts! The normal infected would just bite you and leave you to turn into one of them, but not these things, these things will tear into you so much that there won't be enough meat on you to become infected. Now look at the speed in their movement, as limited as it is, and look at how fast they are".

Lucas took another good look like before and though they were trapped in a box it was still noticeable the difference in their body speed and how fast they could repeatedly bash on the box.

"Now compare this to this other one in the box over here which isn't effected by it".

Lucas looked at the other infected and could immediately notice the difference in behavior and appearance. This infected's eyes were still normal like any human beings and it's body movement was slower than the average humans, like all the infected are. It slowly bashed the other arms against the box slower than the average human as well, then a big hit against the box from beside this one made Lucas jump again.

"And there's another thing. Adrenaline would usually make you run faster and for longer and become stronger due to the situation, well that's exactly what happens to these things. Notice the difference in the hits and how different the power of their hits are in comparison, it's crazy".

The old man calmed himself down as he was so caught in the moment he was nearly hopping on the spot, but once he was calm, he took a deep breathe and looked back over to Lucas.

"Sorry I forgot about introductions you just caught me at the wrong time, my name is Clive Dixon".

After introducing himself, he shook Lucas' hand and asked him what his name was and he answered honestly.

"Nice to meet you Lucas, sorry about bad introductions, are you okay?" He asked, concerned for the injury he gave he gave Lucas.

"Just a little light hea-"

"Ellie! Come over here with an ice pack and a flash light" Clive interrupted Lucas as soon as he heard that he was feeling light headed.

Once Ellie, the girl from before, came over with the ice pack and a small flash light, Clive carefully sat Lucas down in a chair he pulled up and told Ellie to give him the light and keep the ice pack on his head.

"Is everything or anything dizzy in your vision? Have you got a minor or severe headache that is causing you discomfort?" Clive began to ask as he shined the light in Lucas' eyes and checking his pupils.

"Um... I'm fine, just a headache and it's only causing me minor pain".

"Ellie keep with him while I go and get the painkillers".

"Oh really that won't be necess-"

And before Lucas could finish his sentence that he was calling out to Clive, he had left the room with Lucas, Ellie and the man over in the corner of the room being the only ones left. Lucas turned his head slightly and saw Ellie's face properly for the first time and noticed her tied up dark ginger hair appearing greasy, telling him that the people here either hadn't washed in a while or that she had been doing activities that were stressing out her body and making her sweaty.

"Stay still" She quickly said before he could admire her face other than her hair.

After a small moment of silence after she had told him to stay still, she slightly titled her head so that Lucas could see her without him having to move his head and asked him what his name was.

"Oh, my name is Lucas" He replied for the second time the past few minutes.

"Nice to meet you Lucas, you already know that my name is Ellie" Ellie replied back. "Sorry about my uncle, ever since this whole thing started he's been really energetic when it comes to things like this. But don't worry, he's not like this all the time, he just needs time to calm down".

"It's fine, don't apologize, I've seen crazier people since this whole things has started".

While they were having their conversation, Lucas was able to analysis the rest of Ellie's face. Analyzing things wasn't something Lucas did because he was interested in someone or something, he did it because it came naturally to him. He felt as if he was supposed to do it, and nowadays he felt like it was for his own survival.

Before the conversation could continue further Clive returned to the room and came over to Lucas with two pills in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.

"Here. Take one, drink, then take the other" He said as he handed over both to him.

Lucas took the both pills in the way that he was told to, then Clive went over to the window at the other side of the room which had been boarded up so that there was only a small gap to look through and he looked through the streets until he quickly turned and told the other man in the room to get in the elevator with him.

Once again, Lucas and Ellie were left alone in the room and Lucas couldn't help but feel awkward with it being just them two, Lucas hated the idea of being with one other person that wasn't a family member of his girlfriend, it was too awkward in his eyes.

"I can hold it there myself you know?" Lucas tried to break the silence.

"No it's fine, it's giving me something to do after all. Tell me if it's getting too cold and I'll bring a warm cloth".

"I'll keep that in mind".

Clive returned with the other guy who went down with him and two other people as well, who were carrying big rucksacks on their backs, and they threw them on the table that Lucas was on before.

"Could you place them quieter? Our guest has a headache" Clive said to the others.

"Guest?" One of the men that returned with a rucksack scanned the room until he found Lucas and Ellie sitting across the room. "Who's that and why is he here?"

"Well our trap lured him in and I ended up smacking him over the head, and I couldn't leave him out in the streets to become one of those things, especially at night. So I brought him in and I'm getting Ellie to treat his wound".

"Okay. I hope you're planning on staying the night, it's dangerous out there and we have fresh supplies". He directed to Lucas.

"Um... Sure, if it's okay with you".

"Of course, let me introduce ourselves. I'm Alex, the man who came back with me is Dominic, and I assume you know the rest".

"And I'm Derek, we haven't spoken yet" Said the man who was there in the first place.

"I'm Lucas, nice to meet you all".

"Now c'mon, let's eat!"

Alex and Dominic started getting everything prepared and laid it out on the table for everyone to eat. Everyone gathered around the dining table with Ellie and Lucas sitting next to each other on one side, Alex and Dominic across from them, then Derek on one end of the table and Clive on the other, and Ellie finally let Lucas hold the ice pack himself.

They all ate and it was the best meal Lucas had since back at his Uncle's, which wasn't long ago, but it sure felt like it.

"So why were you wondering the streets alone Lucas?" Clive asked after eating and wiping his mouth.

"Oh I was heading to the harbor, there's a ship there and it'll be taking me to the Isle of Man where there's a safe zone and my dad and sister are there" Lucas replied.

"Why is your family over there and you here?"

"Long story short I got left behind..." Lucas replied, awkwardly slurping some of his soup after saying so.


The room kind of went silent after he had said that for a while, but then the conversations finally started again.

"Why don't we go Uncle?" Ellie asked.

"I don't see why not. If I get there I can tell them all I learned from the infected and help people keep safe" He replied.

"It's a long shot, but it's worth it" Alex agreed.

"Can I just say that there is no garentee?" Lucas interrupted, "I don't want you to come with me expecting it to definitely be there".

"I'm prepared to take that chance, is anyone else?" Asked Clive.

Once everyone agreed it was official, they all decided that once the sun came up they'd be leaving and that it'd be best to get as much sleep as they could. So Alex, Derek and Dominic quickly got the boxes containing the infected and took them down in the elevator to leave downstairs, as they were making too much noise for it to be possible for anyone to get any sleep.

Every night before they went to bed, they blocked up the entrance to the elevator so if someone was to use it, they wouldn't be able to get past, as well as with the stairs but the stairs were always barricaded up. Clive, Alex and Dominic all slept in the other room, spreading themselves around the elevator entrance in their sleeping bags while Ellie, Derek and Lucas slept in the other arm as they weren't as armed as Clive and the others. Though no one there was even aware that Lucas had a blade and a gun on him, since they never checked them.

When they all went to sleep they would leave only one lantern in the middle of the room to light up the room, which Lucas assumed would usually run out by morning, but while everyone else was sleeping or about to fall asleep, Lucas couldn't.

This was the first time that Lucas would have to sleep without Nicole by his side since this entire thing happened, he couldn't believe that he had lost her, especially so early into this apocalypse. No matter what he did, he even found it difficult to close his eyes, unless it was to blink out the tears in his eyes so that they could run down his cheeks instead of blurring his vision.

Ellie, who wasn't sleeping far from Lucas, could hear him crying even though he was trying to be as quiet as he could but couldn't help the sniffling. Ellie knew that he was upset, though not why, so she got out of her sleeping bag and came over to Lucas' bed, which was couch cushions on the ground with a small blanket over him, and climbed in behind him.

Lucas was astonished at first as he didn't know what to do or how to react, but it made him stop his crying for a moment. Once Ellie was properly in, she got herself into a fetal position with Lucas and placed her arm over and around him, just like he would with Nicole. This made Lucas so happy because it made him feel as if Nicole was still there with him, and as it made him cry out the last of his tears, he was finally able to close his eyes and slowly cried himself to sleep, putting a smile on Ellie's face as she knew that she had helped and did the right thing, then fell asleep with him.