A heart of stone
A lonely way
All those suitcases of shattered glass
Break my soul again
Trust is a heartbreaker
A phantom of the fallen days
Handed a knife, shall plunge in
All of my doubts, expunge it
Fill my blackened eyes with tears
Send me on my way
Life sees me in charon's boat
And laughs at my wails of pain
Forevermore I will wait
For a hint of light and a
Way, to gain a candle and
Pace the ground again
For a now, and a cure
From fallen ashes
What makes me cry will make me die
Just like all the others who
Trust with no return and no warmth
Ice is stone and stone is the blackness
Enveloping my shattered soul
A misty glare frozen in time
And a tear on a rose is all thats left
Of yesterday's breeze and cheery play
The ghost's whisper of the fallen
the blood has boiled and set
All is complete and destroyed
Asymmetrical agony yet
A numb peace that comes with the grey
Of my life as it was and wont ever be
Naivety and yet no apathy
An avalanche is sure to come, yet
I'm all tied up in my dreams
And all I can find