Chapter One: Not Afraid

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-Logan's P.O.V.-

I speak loudly, so the man in the drive-thru can hear me. "I'd like a medium fry, a large diet coke, and a-" I am cut short as a loud scream pierces thru my head. "What was that!" I exclaim, shocked, as I turn to my girlfriend in the passenger seat. "Maya, what was that!?" I repeat. "I don't know!" she yells. I glance back, sticking my head out of the window. My eyes widen and I gun the car forward. Maya screams as the car jolts. "Why...?" she asks, shocked. "Shh..." I whisper. "Its spiders. Giant spiders."

Maya's stunned expression deepens. "Spiders? Are you lying, Logan?" she nearly screams. "Quiet!" I remind her. "Look back and see if you don't believe me. We need to get to my parents house. Like the rednecks they are, they have tons of guns and light provisions at their house." Maya looks back at me. Her eyes are brimming with tears. "What about Mark, an- and Rick, and Michael?" I sigh. "Let's go find Michael; he was closest to my parents. Remember? He was hunting." "yeah..." Maya nods. "He said he was hunting by Cold Water peak." Maya said.

"Yeah." I nod. "We can drive to there. He'll get pissed, by that's better than him dying." Maya looks at me and touches my jet black hair. "We'll get out of this okay, right?" I sigh. "I don't know."


After an hour long drive, we arrive at Cold Water peak. I look around for Michael, but I don't see him. What I do see, on the other hand is a dead giant spider and red blood everywhere. The spider is leaking out green blood. So red blood means- "Michael." Maya whispers. "MICHEAL!" She screams. "Maya!" I whisper," The soiders are everywhere, be quiet!" "But-but Michael, he might still be alive..." Maya looks behind me and her eyes widen and she gasps. I turn and see a haggard shape limping towards us; Its Michael. His short blond hair is stained red with blood and there's a huge gash in his leg. I mean, it's huge. It stretches down from his ankle up to his med-thigh.

"Hey guys." He says quietly, holding his hunting rifle in both hands.

"Holy shit Michael, how the hell are you alive?" I exclaim. His skin is unlike its usual tanned appearance, its almost paper white. "I need a doctor, or so freaking medical attention. Lets go." Michael exclaims. His words shock us into moving. Maya and I climb into the cab of our truck and Michael climbs into the flat back of the truck so he can recline. "Go!" He tells me. I decide to drive to my parents house. My father trained to be a doctor once and he can take care of Michael. After a hard, bumpy ride that obviously is paining Michael we arrive at my parent's remote house.

Michael looks up as the truck stop. He pushes himself up and looks out. "Your dad." He says simply. "Yeah." I say. Michael slowly stands up and climbs out of the truck. I help support him as he, Maya, and I walk towards my parent's door. My dad answers as we knock. Seeing the dead spider bodies and the gun he has, he is obviously ready for the apocalypse. "Dad" I stammer. "We need some help" I gesture to Michael.

"Get inside." my dad says gruffly. As soon as we get inside he makes Michael lay down on the couch and he goes off to grab something. Michael tells me to go find some guns with Maya. I listen to him and go.