Chapter 1

It was dark. I just finished my project I made at a friend's house. I felt a chill went down my back. When I turned my head, I saw a common street cat. It looked beaten and lifeless. I sighed. I turned my head forward and began walking.

I am now running, nearly out-of-breath. I was stabbed at the back. I should've been more careful. I felt my hot blood trickle down my spine and legs. I looked back. The guy holding the knife was still hot o1n my trail. I passed a girl. She was seated at the sidewalk. After thirty seconds of continuous running. I remember the girl. I ran back. I didn't want to see, "16 year-old Girl Raped and Killed by Madman!" on the newspaper tomorrow, because of me. She wasn't anywhere near the sidewalk where she sat before.

I was looking everywhere for her. I was hoping she had enough sense to run away and disappear ones she saw the guy. I heard a screech near an alley way. I think my wishful thinking was therefore answered. I ran to the alley way. It was dirty and dark. She was there. I saw a blur of her being molested. The man who had chased me was roughly six-feet three. He moved to where the moonlight was showing. He had coffee-brown skin and jet black hair. He was wearing a grey hoodie and some blue jeans. The girl was dragged to the same place. She had light brown hair, it was long, wavy, and a little messy. Her eyes where hazel-brown filled with fright. I hardly saw clothes on her.

The man noticed me and I rushed in. He pushed the girl to the side. "Let her go!" I shouted, almost loosing my words.

"Are you ganna make me?" he said getting his knife out of his back pocket.

I couldn't release a single word. I threw my jacket to the girl.

He lunged at me. I couldn't move my shaking legs. I felt cold steel pierce through my chest. I caught a glimpse of the girl running and getting away in her tattered garments, using my jacket to cover up. Then I closed my eyes and saw black. I couldn't feel my body anymore. Then nothing.

I opened my eyes I couldn't move my body. I couldn't see anything. I felt my life fading into this darkness. A man with black eyes stood over me.

"Don't worry young one," he said slowly. "I'm going to revive you into something like me, in truth something that lies dormant in you." His black pupils faded into white.

I tried to respond and ask but I couldn't move my lips.

I woke up in my bed. I touched my chest looking for blood. It wasn't wet so it must've been some dream. I stood up and unbounded the curtains. A sliver of sunlight went in the room. It was only about five in the morning. I went into my bathroom, I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I caught a glimpse of my shirt, it was stained red. It wasn't a dream.

I lay on my bed. My curtains completely open. I really did die then. I took off my shirt to look at my wound. It was scarred with a line at the centre of my chest; the place where the knife went in last night.

I put on a new shirt. I remember seeing my eyes as they where, dark brown. My hair was slightly lighter before but now a deep color of brown that somewhat changed to black sometimes. It was nearly six o' clock. Nearly time for me to change into some proper clothes for school. It all happened fast. I just wish I saved that girl. I should've died though. It would have been easier. My parents wouldn't mind me gone and the bullies will have someone else to pick on. In truth I love my mom, but she died a few years ago. My dad remarried and got a lovely daughter. Same as my dad she was widowed. My dad always showed his love and affection. He was rather sweet, yet he only showed that side to them. I knew the real him. He had beaten me far to many times to see him a someone kind. Tomorrow were going to move too. So why should I bother in going school. Yet I heard the voice of my step-mom, Clarisse. She had accustomed herself to wake me. In-fact she love me. She always showed sad eyes in-front of me.

"A minute!" I yelled. I put on a black shirt with "LIFE" in the middle tinted white. I also put on dark blue jeans and some white snickers. I got my bag and went down stairs. The hall was plastered with pictures of my step-sister, Casey. She was beautiful. Her blonde hair and kaleidoscope eyes complemented her slim physique.

"Lumi?" Clarisse said. "Casey's been waiting."

"Clarisse it's Luminous. I never agreed to that nickname." I said annoyed.

I got to the living room and saw my step-sis. I called her over and she stood up. We darted to the door and got a fresh blast of morning air. She was wearing a grey tank-top, and a red blazer and some mini-shorts.

"Lumi, how's school going?" she asked oddly.

"Well it's fine." I said.

"You know Lumi, a lot of girls think your handsome and cute, yet you stayed away from me. From anyone who's popular. You never really liked standing out but still."

"Seriously we're having this talk again? And I told you I never agreed to Lumi." I said.

"Lumi, I'm your best-friend and your step-sister, yet you shun me away. I'm just concerned about you."

I didn't answer. I ran to school and left her there. I quickly went into my first class and readied myself for the torment of today. Nothing good really happened at school today. Honestly I slept through it. I'm now walking in the streets.

"Where do you think you're going Lumi!" A guy snared.

I look back to see John a jock at school who also happens to be the jerk and leader of his gang of jerks.

"For old times sake. I'll beat you and get your money and you would not say word."

I got ready for the incoming punch. I heard a thud and I looked at him. His fist was only inches away from me. He tried to punch again but the same happened. He looked at me and punched again. This time it connected. I felt pain. He looked at me in relief.

"I to-ugh-old you I ne-ve-ver a-gre-greed to tha-at ickname." I coughed.

"You learned to talk back but you still can't make it a bite." He said.

"Big words for a stupid nimrod." I said.

"Watch that mouth Lumi."

He kicked my guts and I puked blood. I stood up and turned around while holding my abdomen. I proceeded to walking to my house. He yelled some curses and insults at me but the pain masked the words. It was getting better. I still felt the pain but it was washed away in the haze of my memory.

I am on the step to my house. Clarisse was waiting for me. It seemed I arrived three hours after Casey. I even looked horrible. I went up ignoring Clarisse's mumbles. I went into my bathroom and took a shower. I washed the blood on my face. I put on a red shirt and some walking shorts. I went down. My dad sat on his couch and began his night of watching. Considering that we where moving tomorrow gives me joy.

The next day. I place my bags into the moving truck while I kept my shoulder bag. I had my phone, some cash, and my laptop in there so I wouldn't want them touching it. Casey and I sat at the middle sits while dad and Clarisse sat up-front. In truth it wasn't a very long ride. It was simply a move from Tennessee to California. Well yeah I did sleep the whole ride listening to Matchbox twenty and some Bruno Mars. We reached our new house. It was bigger and probably comfier than our last home. Tomorrow I'll be starting school again. We unpacked and left the few boxes in the living room.

School day. I readied and went down. As usual Casey's waiting already. The odd thing was her wild grin. We went out and headed our way. It wasn't that different only the look of houses and the breeze. We reached school. We went in and Casey already has two, three guys following her. I on the other hand saw someone I wish to have not seen here. It was the girl from a night ago. I approached her. She noticed me.

"Umm… I helped you the other night. I threw my jacket at you, so can I have it back." I asked with a blank face.

"Umm…" she said. "thank you!" she grew red. "It's a-a-at my house." She said shyly.

"So what, should I go to your house or you'll bring it tomorrow?" I asked her.

"I-I'll bring it to-morrow. I'm Claire by the way." She said.

"Ohh, thanks. I'm Luminous." I told her.

I went towards Casey and her posy. Casey looked at me in awe. She smiled and I knew what she was thinking. "Hey, I never ever thought you'd actually talk to a girl this early. You're listening to me. I am a month older."

"Not really I only talked to her because I knew her. I saved her actually." I told her.

She looked at me. "You saved someone?" she asked me.

"Yeah, her." I told her the detail leaving out the part of me dying. "Well you see. I only wanted my jacket back."

She giggled. "She's really pretty you know."

"I noticed." She nudged me. "Are you alright? You're even more creepy than before."

I left to get my class schedules. I noticed a man look at me. He seemed familiar. Yet I was sure that I hadn't seen him before. I reach the office. The secretary was rather crabby. She gave me my schedule and yelled at me to get out.

I stood in the hall alone. I was sure that it was full of aimless kids before. I here small footsteps. Every move made a sound. It came closer. I felt a presence of higher grade. I ran to the boys washroom. I looked at the mirror. My eyes a complete ball of white. Then I went out. I looked at the place still empty. A few seconds afterwards I flew to the wall. Then I felt like I was being stabbed by thousand knives.

I was in the hall. It was crowded. A few seconds ago I was being killed in this imagination realm. Now I'm annoyed at the place. I went in my first period and started another day of sleeping.