BEEPBEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP! My alarm clock screams as I groan and roll out of bed. Stumbling, I climb out of bed and hop into the shower and what do you know? I pull the wrong handle. So I end up being drenched in an icy flow that makes sure I'm up. I dry off and toss on a clean set of clothes. "Another stinking day of school today" I mutter to myself. I look in the mirror and I see myself… Destiny Moore, 17 years old, Emerald eyes, Honey gold hair. I'm a senior in high school, a girl who can't wait to get the Heck out of Florida and go somewhere. But that's not going to happen for a while. I slump down the stairs grab my bag, my cell and a strawberry Pop-tart. Then BAM it hits me today Jason gets back from his moms he's coming back to school for the first time in a week. He has to go to his moms because she has partial custody luckily, she forgets it almost EVERY time so he rarely has to go, which is good because… he hates her. I can't wait to see Jason, but not like this. I sprint upstairs put on some extra mascara, some blush and eye shadow. I brush my hair again and toss it into a sassy bun. I look critically in the mirror before changing into a sundress, leather sandals and spraying on perfume. I look again and nod satisfied. I gather up my stuff and slip out the door. I slip on a pair of shades and sing to Katie Perry as I drive down the road. I stop in front of the school and park in the closest spot and hurry inside. I'm hoping to get my books quickly so I can meet Jason before class or else I won't see him till lunch. But, before I can get to my locker a pair of hands go over my face, them over my mouth stops me from yelling out.