I sign as I put the last batch of muffins in my oven and shut it close, look at the timer and go to my room, which doesn't have a speck of dust any where, I clean a lot. It's decorated by me, yellowish orange walls whit messy spots of red paint scattered, it's a design; furnishings in my room are of black wood. So there is a black wood dressing-table, desk and side tables on two sides of my queen-sized bed. This apartment was my sister's before she moved out and decided to live in her new beach house in LA, and she gives this huge four-bed-roomed apartment to me. She is a singing star, Alexandra Ordonez.

My name is Cassandra Ordonez or Casey; I am twenty-two years old studying the senior year of a phycology in NYU. I work in a book shop at the moment. I live in New York City, alone as you see my sister moved out couple weeks ago.

The timer rings and I go back in to the kitchen, put on my baking gloves and oven the oven. I take the muffin tray out and gently put the hot tray on the kitchen island.

I quickly take a thin knife and run it around the inside edges of the muffins, then turn the tray over on to a cooling rack. They are chocolate muffins, and they look good too.

After decorating them with simple butter cream swirls and sprinkles, I put them into plastic boxes and put them on my kitchen shelf. Few of my friends are coming over and they told me to be ready with my muffins, as usual.

They will be here at eight and I have my shift starting at four. So I go back in to my room ,brush the knots out of my straight dark brown hair and run my blueberry chap stick over my lips. I shrug my beige coat on, grab my bag and shove my feet in my half-knee length boots.

I locked my apartment door and shove the keys in my bag. Once I turn around, I saw my neighbor Jessie's or actually my new neighbor's door wide open.

I saw boxes and bubble wrap scattered all around. The furniture in there, the plush ark brown couch, the sleek dark glass coffee table, the classy shelves looked expensive and masculine.

I didn't even realize that I had walked into the apartment, I quickly turned to leave and-


My head slammed on to some one and

I fell.

I fell on my new neighbor!

I fell on him!

Me on top of him!

Another moment added to my hall of shame.

My blue eyes met his dark brown ones, God they were gorgeous. And damn he smelled of musk.

I quickly got up of him saying, "I'm so sorry, I am sorry, I am so sorry." as I helped him up, all time blushing in embarrassment.

"Don't worry babe, guess the odds were on my side today." He smirked. His voice was flirtatiously boyish. Once he was up, he looked drool-worthy hot. Short dark brown messy hair framed his head, his skin was slightly tanned, he was a good 6 feet tall and his biceps and triceps looked strong with firm muscles, I can easily bet that he has a six-pack hidden under that grey polo shirt.

Wait a sec it, did 'odds in his side' meant me falling on top of him. Boy than that's not good. And then I saw that he was also checking me out, his hands crossed on his chest and a smirk that made me feel more uncomfortable. He could be a pervert or worse a rapist!

"I am really sorry, I didn't mean to barge in-"

He cut in, "its okay babe if you didn't steal any thing." He smirked.

I opened my mouth to retort but he stuck his hand out in a warm way and introduced himself, "by the way, I'm Daniel."

Maybe I'm being judgmental; he could be a nice guy. So I shook his hand warmly and smiled.

"Cassandra, I'm your neighbor and I live there." I pointed at my apartment door throw his wide open one.

"Great then neighbor, guess I'll be seeing a lot of you."

I was getting late and I felt awkward, so, "okay then I should leave." I said awkwardly and walked out of his apartment.

"Bye Cassandra!" he called. My name sounded so good, as it rolled out of his mouth.

But I didn't turn back to look at him just waved and got in to the lift.

Now that was awkward and embarrassing.

Daniels POV…

Finally I could get out of my parents rule and live away from them. Even though now that I am an established and successful talent hunter and owner of my own record label, Blue Heart Records, They still treat me as if I'm a baby. Dad's still a bit mad at me for not joining his software company and mum for not staying near them. But come on I am twenty four!

All my stuff is now in my new apartment. Finally free from dad's scolding and mom's emotional black mails.

When I reach my apartment, I saw a girl standing in my apartment, just few steps away from my door way. She has straight dark brown hair and is tall, maybe 5.9 with slim figure. Her back was to my side, so I couldn't see her face. I slowly walked up to her, so that I was standing few inches away and open my mouth to say something to scare her. But suddenly she turned and her head slammed with my face and we fell. She was on top of me. Fortunately I managed to bend my elbows, so that my head won't painfully hit the marveled floor. Her hair was scattered over my chest and neck, and I could smell soft roses. My eyes met her blue ones that were extremely gorgeous.

She quickly got up of me and started chanting sorry, sorry as she helped me up and after that too.

I couldn't help but get amused at her. She looked very pretty with a creamy white complexion and slight tint of red on her already slight pink cheeks and her rosy lips. Her fragrance did suit her. All together she looked…cute.

I stopped her chanting by say, "Don't worry babe, guess the odds were on my side to day."

She was checking me out; guess the girl isn't that innocent as I thought. So I did the same, checked her out. She was slim not busty and looked decent with all her clothes, her waist was small. She could be a good model.

"I am really sorry, I didn't mean to barge in-"she again started, so I cut her.

"It's okay babe if you didn't steal any thing." She probably was going to say something but I cut in again by sticking my hand out for a hand shake and introduced my self.

"By the way, I'm Daniel."

She looked at it for awhile and then shook it. "Cassandra, I'm your neighbor and I live there." she pointed over my shoulder throw my wide open door at her closed

"Great then neighbor, guess I'll be seeing a lot of you."

She looked like she was still in embarrassment and didn't know what to do, that made her look funny.

"Okay then I should leave." She said awkwardly and walked out of my apartment, towards the lift.

"Bye Cassandra!" I called after her.

She didn't reply just waved her hand with out looking at me and walked in to the lift.

I shrugged and went into my apartment closing the door behind.

Now that was an awkward first meeting.

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